Tuesday 9 February 2016

Top 10 qualities of a Psychic Tarot reader

 Performing a reading for someone is like giving them a mini therapy session and no I'm not suggesting that we are all counsellors! However in order to successfully give psychic and tarot readings all readers require that inept set of qualities that compliment their readings. Here are my proposed top 10:

1) A non-judgemental attitude: Psychic & Tarot readers have to be non-judgemental within their readings. To judge someone's issues which are being told to you in confidence would be completely unethical and although we all naturally judge this must not be shown within any reading. 

2) Compassion: All psychic and tarot readers must have compassion. When a customer is telling you heartfelt feelings you must understand and offer compassion to their situation. If you act cold towards the caller then the caller will end the call.

3) Patience: Some callers cannot explain how they are feeling or even explain their problem or issue clearly. As a reader you need patience and allow the caller to have the space they require in order to open up to you. 

4) Friendliness: Without sounding obvious callers want to connect to a friendly and happy reader. They do not want a reading from someone who got out of the wrong side of the bed! All readers must sound happy and alert whilst conducting readings. 

5) Calmness: If you speak ten to the dozen then you need to slow this down and allow your calming side to shine through. Callers want calming reassurance with their readings.

7) Politeness: Callers are paying customers and they deserve respect at all times. Readers with attitudes do not get repeat callers or good hold times!

8) A Focused Mentality: If you are conducting a reading but you are thinking about your gas bill then this will ultimately decrease you focus & ability to read accurately and will hugely disappoint the caller!

9) A stable Personality: If you've just split up with your boyfriend then do not log on. Customers are normally experiencing hardship themselves and they need you to be mentally stable as you read for them.

10) Good Communication skills: It's great that you receive messages from spirit but now you need to convey them to your callers in a clear, sensible and logical manner. Good communication skills are essential for smooth and in-depth readings. 

Of course at any one moment you can strive to improve the above skills as no one is perfect. However practice, evolving and refining your skill sets will really aid you with any type of readings you perform. So even if you are already conducting readings it is always good to check on your method of reading and ensure that all of the above skills are taken into consideration. 

Becoming a psychic and tarot operator working from home is a great way to put your spiritual gifts to good use. When you join our team you will be reading for people all over the world, most with issues and problems that they require your help with. If you would like to apply to become a reader then please apply at: www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply 

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