Monday 16 January 2017

Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs - Burnout

As with any job, there comes a time when you think ... I just cannot go on! Unless you work with your favourite animal or you are doing your dream job (like reviewing 5 star hotels in the Caribbean), there may be times when doing your "job" can get very tiring. With Adult Chat Line operator jobs you really have to pace yourself, if you don't then you will burn out within a few weeks! When you burn out, your call quality declines quite dramatically. Your callers can tell that you are tired of saying the same thing over and over again and that your connection with them is not as authentic as it should be. This can happen when you take call after call and you do not give yourself a break. You do need to take a break, so that you can replenish your "phone actress" abilities and increase your call minutes.

When you first started my Adult Chat Line Operator job, after settling into my personal shift pattern, I really did push myself beyond my limits and I soon found myself sounding very bored on the calls. It wasn't until a very experienced supervisor told me that I had to slow myself down and the reason why, I then actually took notice and decided to change things slightly. I wanted to do as many hours as possible because I desperately needed the money, but I also wanted my calls to be good so that I made as much money as possible. I decided to hatch another plan, I would keep the same hours but I wouldn't stay on for as long and I would do shorter "stints" of log on hours so that my stamina would be kept in check.

Adult Chat Line Job - Burnout

So, if you are an existing operator or you've just started your Adult Chat Line Operator Job, please take into consideration the following so that you do not experience Burn Out whilst logged on. It really is in your benefit to keep yourself paced so that your calls will be long in duration because it is all about generating minutes on the phone, this is the way to make money!

Burnout is very common with new adult chat line operators, they want to do their best and get in as many hours as possible but it can also be detrimental to their call times. So always take your time and set yourself realistic log on times and patterns that suit you, around your life. It is always easy to get carried away in the first few weeks of logging on and this is great but it is exceptionally hard to keep this up and that is why we always advise to pace yourself so that you do not experience burn out and quit altogether.

Adult Chat Line Jobs are a fantastic way to earn extra money from home. Using your voice to make money can be very lucrative and the good news is that we have lots of calls to ensure that you generate as many talk minutes as you can. Most of the office staff (minus the men!) have been where you are now, taking phone sex calls from home. We know the pitfalls, we know the tricks and we know how to make as much money as possible, Its great to be able to log on line, when you want to, knowing that you can make money when you want to. If you do want to sign up with us today and start your PSO adventure, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the knowledge to make your journey as successful as possible. Apply for your Adult Chat Line Operator jobs here.

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