Thursday 25 February 2016

Phone Sex Psychology

One in three men call phone sex lines, this used to be the alarming yet sweetly beautiful statistic that used to float around the industry back in the "good old days." Please do not ask me who or how they came up with this profound statistic however even if the odds were stacked lower and it was 1 in 10 men that call, well we would certainly have a lot of men making good use of their phones within the UK!

My point of this post is that just from experience I know that a lot of men call from all types of backgrounds who are of all ages and who all desire one thing and that is to be completely entertained on their phone by a seductive chat line operator who is able to engage within their fantasy in a professional yet sexy manner.

Phone Sex Psychology

When I first started taking phone sex calls I certainly did not think about Phone Sex Psychology. Just to get through one shift was a blessing for me, however one day I did start to think about the industry as a whole and I wanted to understand what exactly made men call us. Obviously the "obvious" reasons had been ticked off but surely there must have been reasons that I had not even concluded with yet. Also I wanted to know if they actually believed what I was telling them? My phone sex character was obviously a slimmed down (minus 1 stone) version of myself but my character also exuded nymphomaniac qualities which in my real life I am afraid are just absent.

I can gladly tell you that after 20 solid years of phone sex calls that I've finally nailed Phone Sex Psychology on the head and not only has it increased my call duration's but it has helped me with training all of the new chat line operators that join our team.

Below are my Phone Sex Psychology tips that I hope will help all new and existing Chat line Operators working from home.

He does it because he is Lonely
The big L word has many negative aspects surrounding it. No one wants to feel that they have been left on the heap and that society is not concerned with them anymore. When loneliness creeps in most people want to banish that feeling as soon as possible and what better way to do that than to pick up the phone and speak to a sexy lady on the other end. Time and time again I've spoken to men who have just divorced or have left a long term relationship and their first words uttered are that they are doing nothing and wanted some company.

He does it because of his Fantasy
OK so he loves cucumbers inserted into his rectum or he wants to be dressed in stockings and suspenders whilst whipped in front of a mirror. Or he even loves the thought of giving another man oral sex. All of these things are pretty hard to bring up with his wife or long term partner let alone his new fancy piece who he has only known for 3 months. This is where the anonymous chat line operator comes into play. Suzie will tell him how she will get a massive 3 inch (width!) cucumber and shove it where the sun doesn't shine over and over again. They will even discuss which supermarket they will purchase the intended weapon. Suzie is a good chat line operator and will never judge John and his anal cucumber fetish.

He does it because he is Drunk
Yes Friday and Saturday nights are full of tipsy men calling us Chat Line girls and telling us how wonderfully "manly" they really are and that even a 2 o'clock bird wouldn't do for him because he is so good in bed. Drunk / Tipsy men are excellent callers, the calls are long, they normally do all of the talking and they can be quite amusing.

He does it because he is Young
Young lads (18+) have a habit of having enormous sex drives. Testosterone is pumping through their veins and sweating our of their pores and yet they sometimes lack the confidence to actually pull a bird. These callers can be testing because they are normally over and done with in 3 minutes which leaves you high and dry so to speak (in minutes terms here!) Normally they grow out of it once they have secured a relationship but can return upon relationship breakup.

He does it because it is his Hobby
I love these callers because they are my bread and butter. They love sex lines and call daily. We give them a perfect service and they are satisfied until they want their next "phone fix" and no we are not exploiting them, if they can afford the service and want to call well there is no problem. Hobby callers tend to suffer from one of the 5 reasons above.

So as you can see Phone Sex Psychology is something quite complex and many callers move between all 5 reasons throughout the years. It takes time and calls to categorize each caller but if I'm honest when you start doing this it helps your call duration's and gives the caller a much better experience. My final tip is that as a chat line or phone sex operator you need patience and understanding about men and their behavior in order to be successful. Without these skills you will miss out on key information and thus your entertainment period will be short! So put your "I love men" head on whilst taking calls and give each and every caller the very best phone sex service they could ever receive.

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Friday 19 February 2016

Difficult Tarot and Psychic Callers

Any Tarot and Psychic reader working from home will tell you about their fair share of difficult callers and unfortunately these type of callers come with the job. However as a new phone reader they can be quite off putting and you begin to question your spiritual abilities which can really lower your confidence. I am here to tell you not to let difficult callers affect your spiritual energy. We attract all sorts of callers, most are absolutely lovely and it really is a pleasure to read for them however a small percentage can be really difficult and it is always best to know in advance how to deal with them.

Here are my 5 different types of difficult tarot and psychic callers:

The Angry Caller: It doesn't matter what you say or how you say it, the caller responds in an angry way, sometimes they even start the call in an angry manner and they are just basically mad at the world. You will not a give a successful reading with this type of caller so it is best to perhaps listen to their gripes until they are worn out or if it is zapping your energy you can terminate the call. Angry callers are very rarely angry at you, it’s normally because they are facing huge issues within their life that they cannot cope with. However as readers we deserve to be treated with respect and should expect a calm and non aggressive caller on the end of the phone.

Difficult Psychic and Tarot Callers

The Testing Caller: These types of callers will not even tell you their name and are really there just to test you. Many people do not realize that we cannot guess lottery numbers, their full name etc.. We are given a gift which most people possess but do not tune into. Our gift is of future, past visions and what our spirit guides want to tell us. We can pick up on accurate information but only what the universe wants us to know. We are just a vessel for spiritual messages and insight. Testing callers can be quite hard to deal with however if you explain to them the above they should be able to realize that we are not guessing machines!

Depressed Callers: I speak to many wonderful callers who may be suffering from depression and no I am not a doctor so I do not diagnose! You can tell that life is really getting to them and they are seeking an outlet with us. With most depressed callers we can give hopeful messages and reassure them of the best and they leave us feeling much more positive than before. However there are a few Depressed callers that can really bring our energy levels crashing down. They almost persecute us because of the way they are feeling and although this is their stress release it is not helpful for us as readers. I always explain with this type of caller that I emphasise with what they are experiencing but I cannot help unless they try to relax themselves because spirit will not give me anything with this amount of negative energy.  

Moaning Callers: These types of callers moan about everything! From the cost of the service to the type of reading they are offered. Sometimes you just cannot please everyone and if I have a caller like this on the phone I politely remind them that we are the cheapest service in the UK and that all readers perform their readings differently and if they would like to choose another reader then they are more than welcome to do so. Moaning callers can really bring your spirit down because you feel that you are not doing your best for them, however 9 times out of 10 your reading offered is perfect it is just not what they were expecting!

Didn't like what they were told: These type of callers are fine with the reading except the part when you tell them what spirit is telling you. For example Amy wants to know if John is returning to her even though he is settled with a new family. I definitely will not lie to the caller and if my spirit guides are showing me clear cut visions of no this is not going to happen then I have to let Amy know. Of course I always tell her in a gentle way and inform her that of course she does have her own free will but ultimately I can only tell her what Spirit is telling me. This obviously then makes Amy unhappy because she wants to hear that wedding bells will be ringing very soon and unfortunately I just cannot lie to her. These types of callers can also zap your energy because you have to explain to them and validate why you said what you said, It is the correct and ethical way to let someone know what you can see (as long as it is not too detrimental to their mental well being).

I decided to write this post because I know that Difficult Tarot and Psychic callers are not addressed often enough and although we mostly have amazing callers there are a few that do try to make things quite hard. As long as you are doing your absolute best and treating each caller with respect then as a reader you cannot do any wrong. As spiritual messengers we are only there to tell people what we receive, we do not make things up and we definitely cannot lie and I think that as long as we stick to those 3 basic principles then we are on the road to pleasing as many callers as we can.

If you are interested in putting your spiritual abilities to good use, why not become a reader with our fantastic team? Apply here

Thursday 18 February 2016

Chat Line Operator Tips

I've been fortunate enough to work for a superb phone sex company that is always evolving and most importantly is always busy. Equally I've been blessed to be given the trusted role of training all of our lovely new operators.

I want everyone to be able to maximize their calls so that they can earn as much money as possible because let's face it we do not want to talk dirty for free! We all do it for the money so we might as well do it properly. If you are a chat line operator and you feel that you need some more tips then please read on, it can really do wonders for your calls and can also increase your confidence at the same time.  

The best Chat Line Operator Tips:

Choose your character wisely:
If you are in your 40's please do not put your character at age 19, it will sound totally unconvincing and unrealistic! Choose a natural character that fits in with your real life and one that you can remember. There is nothing worse than trying to remember if you have huge melons or if you are flat as a pancake. Also choose a name that is natural, things like "luscious lips" should definitely be off limits as the callers know that this is not a real name. Names like Sally, Lisa, Pam are all good names to choose from. You also have to know your character inside out as your regular callers will remember what you have told them! So if you say you are from London you cannot then switch this to Manchester. Your character is supposed to be as real as possible so the caller can make a proper connection.  

The Best Chat Line Operator Tips

Set working hours that fit around your family life:
If you have 3 kids and 4 dogs you are unlikely to log on in the daytime during school holidays! Set yourself realistic hours where you have peace and so that you can relax and really focus on your calls. There is no point in taking calls when you are stressed as the caller will definitely pick up on this! He doesn’t want a stressed lady to speak to, he wants a sexy nympho that is up for anything (I can only remember being like this is my early 20’s pre children!) so you have to really get this “sexy” head back on.

Research, Research!!
Research is the key to great call durations. If you do not know what you are talking about then your calls will be short which means making less money! Take a look at some of our websites so that you can view what the caller is seeing before he calls. Incorporate some of the ideas into your character and become familiar with the words we use to describe the phone sex service. Below are a few of our websites but there are plenty more out there on the big world wide web!

Don’t rush into the Sex Chat
The callers will love it if you give them sex within the first 2 minutes however this will not make you money and will probably not produce regular callers either. It is very easy to ask them if they are feeling horny and then dive in at the deep end but we have to navigate around this little dilemma and ask them other questions first. For example I always open my calls with, “Hi I am Sarah, thanks for calling, would you like to know a bit about me?” This then lets me do all of the talking for the first 1 -2 minutes without him saying a word! Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard you try the caller is always at the stage of no return and these little tips will not make a difference (every chat line operator has these types of calls) however most calls can be saved and be transformed into a 15+ minute call instead of a 2 minute wonder!

Don’t Panic
A lot of new operators panic and get really nervous on their first few sex calls. Granted this is a natural response however you really do need to calm those nerves because a nervous chat line operator does not take successful calls! You have to remember that the only aspect the caller knows about you is the sound of your voice. He doesn't know what you look like, where you live or your telephone number. So to put it in a nutshell you can be anyone you want to be! I use my own character on line minus 2 stone and that suits me fine. If I ever feel anxious I stop and remind myself that girl you are a brilliant chat line operator with bags of confidence and that caller is going to be successfully entertained by you! Take some deep breaths, think of the money and then start chatting!

As always there are plenty of other tips and if you find what works for you the best then that is great. There is only 2 main aims in phone sex, a) The caller has to be entertained in a quality manner and b) The operator has to make money. Without these crucial aspects the service will collapse! So we have all of the callers that you need so that you can earn your money, now it is your turn to take those calls and put them to good use i.e.. making them into long durations. Chat Line Operator tips are essential for improving your calls but also to remind you that you can do things different, you can try new tactics and you do not have to stay with the same old conversations you do every day!

If you are interested in becoming a Chat Line operator but you are not yet 100% sure, why not give us a quick call and we will talk you through things omitting any unrealistic information so that you know exactly what you are going to get with this type of job. Our telephone number is: 01604824290 and we are open Monday - Friday (9am-5pm)

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Wednesday 17 February 2016

Making Money from Phone Sex?

It's the age old saying, "sex always sells." And it truly does time and time again. This is not a man hating post in any sense by the way, in fact I love men and their quirky ways and I respect every caller that I speak to. This post is about exploring phone sex as an alternative way to making money from home. As with every revenue making stream there are the good ways to do it and unfortunately the bad ways too. I want you to read these tips because I want you to be successful at phone sex. It's a flexible job with no childcare issues and no office politics to deal with. It sounds perfect right? It can be if you do it correctly and I'm here to tell you the best ways to do it:

Self promotion: Your PIN number is like gold. You need to give this to every caller possible whilst also informing them of when you will next be logged on. Repeat callers earn you tons of money. I would even write notes on each repeat caller you have so that you do not forget their fantasies or what they have told you to date, this then makes the connection between you and him solid. The repeat caller wants to feel valued and they definitely will if you remember their favourite football team!

Make money from Phone Sex

Logging on: Without logging on you will not receive calls! When working from home you need that self discipline to set your own working hours - that you need to stick to. It’s no good logging on here and there as your repeat callers will never be able to get back to you! Set yourself shifts and set the shifts that work in harmony around your family life. You cannot expect to earn good money if you only log on for 5 hours a week!  

It's like Telesales: As with selling on the phone you too are also selling your voice. You need to set yourself personal targets so that you stay focused with each call as each call is a money making revenue stream for you. Try to beat your hold time, your revenues or even your log on hours. Keep focused on every caller and monitor your call durations closely. All telesales agents have targets they need to achieve, set your own targets and watch your revenue increase.

Your voice: Do you sound bored on the phone? Tired, miserable or stressed? If you do then your calls will be considerably shorter than they should be. Any man can speak to a miserable woman and they definitely want something different when calling a phone sex line. If you've been taking calls for a while then you may need to spruce up your character, opening lines and your tone of voice. These are positive changes for your calls and are well worth checking every now and again. Each time I log on I have a different story, for example this weekend I am visiting The British Museum because I adore history and London. Keep it fresh at all times.  

Gelling with the caller: Even though we are chat line operators our first point of call is to make the caller feel relaxed and to let him know that we understand him. It sounds like new age rubbish but when your mirror the caller he will definitely start to appreciate your efforts. You cannot get on with everyone but if we try our very best we may just be able to connect with each caller, thus extending our call durations. Some callers can be slightly annoying but you have to remember that they are a paying customer and deserve our respect and patience at all times.

If you are a new Chat Line Operator from home you need to realize that it may take time for you to produce really outstanding calls. Your nerves may get the better of you and you are still learning the tricks of the trade. After about 3 weeks you should take these calls in your stride and start to look at ways of extending all of your call durations because this makes you more money. When I first started taking phone sex calls I didn't understand the psychology of sex chat, this is something I want you to take on board because it is the most important element of taking calls. If you don’t understand the caller, the way the service works or how to increase your call durations then unfortunately you will not make as much money as you should. If you are an operator with us and you need any more help then please do give us a call on 01604824290 (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm)

If you feel ready to become a Chat Line Operator from home, the speedy sign up link is here.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Top 5 Phone Sex Fantasies

I absolutely love discussing the phone sex fantasies that I have role played with callers over the years. Some of the fantasies are so out there that they are almost unbelievable however in a curious way they are all enthralling and keep us chat line operators on our toes! A phone sex fantasy is normally only explored if the kink is very extreme, the caller cannot tell anyone about it or the fantasy is taking a real hold on the callers life and he needs a desperate release which is where phone sex lines really come into play.

Below are my top 5 phone sex fantasies:

Lesbian Sex
OK we know that most men love the thought of interjecting their love juices into a lesbian sandwich. However they also like the idea of adding their wife / partner into the equation. Many a man has asked me to role play the idea of me sucking on his wife's love bud whilst he penetrates his rod into my backside. Whilst of course we both adore his almost caveman like efforts. Lesbian Phone Sex is a huge fantasy and I normally receive at least 10 calls a day for this type of fantasy.  

Domination / Sissy Submissive
Judges, policemen and solicitors are the main culprits of my domination phone sex calls. They are easily lead into a false power struggle with me as their mistress who orally abuses them. Normally they already have their instrument of choice (normally a cucumber for beginners) inserted deep in their arse well before the start of our call. As a mistress I'm pretty darn cruel yet their whimpering pleas do nothing to stop my impending torment. I adore domination and fetish calls because they are so varied and the calls tend to last quite a long time. For new chat line operators these types of calls seem quite daunting but after a while they really do become a pleasure to take.

Top 5 Phone Sex Fantasies

 Outside Sex:
Yes boys we love nothing more than getting muddy hands as you do us doggy style in the woods! However as much as we plea for a bed, outside sex seems to awaken the wild instinct in a man and really does turn him on. They love it anywhere and everywhere, the kinkier the better. For example I've role played, graveyards, woods, car parks, industrial estates and of course football pitches (in their dreams!) The outside phone sex fantasy is really picking up speed and I am finding more and more men want to experience this “out there!” fantasy.  

Gay Sex
Some men like the idea of being "forced" to take a penis in their mouths but they definitely proclaim that they are not gay. In fact they are normally far from it with wives and girlfriends in tow. This is just their special phone sex fantasy. They love me telling them about how big bad Johnny is going to make him suck on that thing for hours whilst his hands are firmly tied behind his back. One step better is that he is forced to have anal sex against his will as his willing sweetheart wife looks on in total pleasure. This phone sex fantasy has lots of twists and turns and it is always good to get a clear picture of what the caller’s actual kink is.

Cross Dressing
This is a huge one ladies and one that we should take note of. Hoards of callers like wearing knickers, suspenders and bras whilst also getting off. It's their very special phone sex secret however they love to share it with us. I've had many callers phone me from department stores so that we can discuss their lingerie offerings. When Roy from Barnsley calls in his wife's black silk knickers at lunch time you know that he is ready to unload within 10 minutes but there are ways and means of extending the call. For example you can go into great detail regarding your huge stock pile of knickers and suspenders. You can mention when you like to wear them and what ones make you feel the sexiest. This type of fantasy is really good for you in terms of call durations if you explore it fully with the caller.

There are of course hundreds of different phone sex fantasies which chat line operators are presented with and each should be dissected to obtain the full effect for the caller. Very rarely are fantasies the same and if they are remotely similar then they normally have an added kink to it. A caller wants to get something different each time he calls a sex line. He may not be vanilla and that is why he is specifically calling so it's good to get your fantasy head on and really immerse yourself in his kink. If you are not too sure which angle he is coming from with regards to his fantasy then you can always ask and inform him that you want to get it just right for him because you think he sounds super sexy. Stroking a man’s ego is also another excellent way to excel your call durations.

If you are ready to become a Chat line operator from home and would like the speedy way of joining up, that link is here.

Monday 15 February 2016

Why do men call Phone Sex Lines?

Why do men call phone sex lines is an age old question that has been put to me time and time again and I wish that I had a definitive answer. Of the thousands of sex calls I've taken I do have my top 5 reasons and ones which you should probably take note if you are a new or existing chat line operator! Knowing why a man is calling you can really help you with your calls whilst also pleasing the man because you "get him!"

On another note being non judgemental is the key to having really great sex calls. We are entertainers on the phone and if we cross our personal likes/dislikes with a caller it can really affect your call durations and also upset the caller. It’s great to be non judgemental, adventurous and quite different from how you would act within your normal everyday life.  

OK so here is my top 5 reasons for why men call phone sex lines:

Loneliness: A lot of men, all ages, call because they feel lonely. Their wife may have died or they have just split up with their partner and they require some female attention. Companionship is a basic human need and I feel very happy once I have orally satisfied a caller who is feeling low because he is on his own. Many of these types of callers end up becoming repeat customers so give them enormous amounts of time and respect.  

Why do men call Phone Sex Lines?

A Weird Kink/Fetish: Lots of men with partners and who are single call because of this reason. They can't talk about a particular fetish to anyone else yet it is burning a hole within them. This is where the anonymous phone sex operator really comes into play. You see we don't mind talking about penetrating their bottoms with a strap on because they have been a naughty boy, whereby their wife might find this troubling! Never be judge mental with these types of callers otherwise you will lose the call.

The Horny Man: obvious right? Yes obvious but crucial knowledge for your calls. Tons of callers dial because they need that extra bit of stimulation from us to help them to unload. You normally hear porn playing in the background and he is already very excited. These calls tend to be shorter than most calls but can in fact be long calls if you really immerse yourself into their fantasy or even discuss the porn that they are watching. If you give this type of caller a good “wank” session they will probably call you back.

Shy Callers: There are thousands of men out there who are painfully shy in front of women and this is where the anonymous chat line operator comes into play again. Be gentle with these type of callers whilst also giving them a fantastic sex session. If they enjoy, they will call you time again as their confidence with you grows. These types of callers tend to dial into the service for months/years as they enjoy making a bond with you.

The Jokers: Oh how I love these types of callers and the calls are normally quite long. Being sarcastic on these calls is really your only option. For example, a tipsy man dials and calls you a slag. My response. "Yes I've been the biggest slag in my town since I was 18." Classic shut down, caller knows you don't get upset by his comments and he stays on the phone for more. My favourite put down from a caller? "You are nothing more than a fat slag." Now even though he has never seen me my response is priceless, "I'm so glad you know that I'm a fat slag, you now know that you will have to pick up my 2 tonne stomach so your tiny 3 inch cock can fit into my hole. My lovely, I've got fat hanging off every inch of my body and it was only yesterday that I got stuck in my fat chair." Response: utter silence. Yet he holds the call open waiting for my next shocking statement.

It's calls like that that really make me chuckle and I think that's why I love being a chat line operator so much because you can be whoever you want to be whilst also being highly entertaining on each phone sex call.

So to conclude there are lots of reasons why men call phone sex lines. Nearly all are genuine and as an operator we are here to help them, give them the best experience ever and make them to want more of us. It is always mutually beneficial as long as the caller is given a sex service that he will not forget tomorrow and that he is always treated with respect and friendliness. Why don’t you take notes on your calls and see if you can add any categories to my 5 above?

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Thursday 11 February 2016

Psychic and Tarot readings: No Connection Made

If you've ever experienced that heart thundering moment of absolutely no connection within a psychic / tarot reading then you know exactly how it feels to give that awful statement of, "sorry I am not making a connection with you."

This is the pivotal moment when you double question your skills and wonder if you've really got what it takes to do these wonderful readings. Let me inform you now that if any reader tells you that they always make a connection with every caller, then they are simply not telling you the truth. No one human being can translate with every customer / caller that is sent in their direction, it is impossible.

So this little post is to inform all of our amazing psychic, medium and tarot readers not to give themselves a hard time if they get one of those "blank moments." It is impossible to escape and you wouldn't be human if you made a firm connection with every single caller.

Psychic and Tarot Readings, No Connection Made

 Below are my top 5 reasons why we sometimes cannot make a connection:

Bad energy: If the customer is anxious, upset, angry or agitated then this can affect their vibrational energy which in turn can make it quite hard for you to read for them. Sometimes it can be difficult for a customer to minimize their frustrations with the world. To help with this you can ask them to spend a minute or two to really focus on the issue at hand and perhaps some deep breathing may help also to calm their emotionally energy.

Customer in a hurry: Nothing is worse than giving a reading to a customer in a hurry. It really is off putting and although the customer doesn't realize it, it is probably placing an energy block within the reading that is making it hard for you to pick up on his/her issues. If I receive a customer like this I like to explain that good and accurate readings need time and positive energy and of course I do this in a polite and courteous manner.

Reader Focus: If you've had a bad day, the kids were late for school, the council tax is late being paid or you've just had an argument with your better half then you know that your spiritual alignment will be slightly off. Stress can really interrupt our reading and connection abilities and sometimes the best thing to do is not log on, relax for an hour (even meditate) and then go back on line fresh as a daisy. Stressed readers do not make good connections.

Emotionally Cold Customers: Some customers do like to test us, they call me and say, "Hi I would like a reading please." I ask for their name and their response is, "You should know that." Unfortunately I am not God and thus I cannot just tell him/her their name. Being Psychic is about seeing and feeling future and past events. Being a Medium is about connecting to spirit and reading the tarot cards is receiving guidance from the universe through the cards. None of these equate to guessing people's name, the lottery numbers or what they have just had to eat!

Complex Customer Issues: Sometimes a caller can have a really difficult and complex situation that is hard to get to grips with. Within the reading the customer is stating around 10 different names and adding them into the equation and darting from story to story. Sometimes with this type of complex reading you energy is just being used up trying to grasp what the issue actually is. Sometimes the best way to deal with this situation is to just offer psychic advice instead of a full reading.

There are of course other reasons why we cannot make a connection, sometimes we just cannot and there is no further explanation as to why. However my main point is that even if you do get two or three of these types of calls, do not let it affect your confidence within your readings. Politely inform the customer as soon as you can that you cannot make a connection. This way you are being ethical to the caller and to yourself. With this said it is never too late to keep your spiritual abilities finely tuned and if you feel that you are telling lots of customers that there are no connections being made then you should really practice on family and friends before you do this type of work in a professional sense.

If you do have a genuine spiritual ability and would like to join our team of readers, please apply here and we will contact you to arrange a telephone training session. 

Phone Sex Domination: Maximize your Calls

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Wednesday 10 February 2016

5 Biggest Phone Sex Operator Mistakes

If you have ever taken phone sex calls then I guarantee that you have made one of my top 5 mistakes which can severely limit your call durations! As we know longer calls equate to more wonga so it is imperative that you squeeze every minute out of every call (of course whilst being totally immersed within the caller and still acting your sexy self!) Omitting these crucial mistakes from your phone sex calls can really improve your call durations, increase your confidence and even make the caller feel much happier with the service given!

OK so here goes:

You ask the caller if he has a wife/girlfriend. My friends unless the caller has specifically told you he has a wife/girlfriend (normally part of his fantasy) DO NOT ASK! It adds nothing to the call and in fact starts to make him feel guilty and this will eventually end in a hang-up. You are there to entertain the caller and you really have no place to ask him about personal life, it really is off putting! The same applies for children, do not ask him if he has any children unless he offers you this information!

You tell the caller that you are a size 20 when he wants a size 8. Yes ladies we all know that curves are sexy but when it comes to phone sex it is what is said that matters. If this caller tells you that he likes hot blondes, size 8 with small tits then you definitely do not tell him that you are a size 20, brunette with huge melons! It’s not what the caller is looking for and ultimately he may hang up the phone. Try to gauge what he likes and then miraculously turn into his favourite sweetheart! 
Phone Sex Operator Mistakes
      If he lives in Scotland, don’t say you live in Portsmouth! The caller wants a connection with you if only briefly. He wants to feel that somehow and some way you two can actually meet up (believe me this is just fantasy play here) so when you tell him you live in Portsmouth and he lives at the other end of a different country - the connection will feel weak. Tell him that yes you do visit Scotland and that your best friend has just moved there and you often visit. You love the scenery and then quickly look up a Scottish town and tell him you go there every other month. You are looking for the suspense factor, keep it exciting for him.

You are very abrupt with the caller. Unless you are taking a domination call, abruptness should not be present in a normal sex call. If he wants an abrupt and moody woman he will either go to his wife or mother. He is paying to be entertained by you and yes that means you have to have a friendly persona that is alive and bubbly. So no abruptness should ever be present on a normal phone sex call....EVER!

You do not engage in his fantasy. The caller has chosen you because he likes the sound of you! Do not let him down by not having any imagination about his fantasy. He probably can’t talk about this to anyone else and you are the last resort so make sure you put some effort into it. If he loves to wear silk knickers then please without fail tell him about the hundreds of silk knickers you possess! Tell him about your amazing shopping trips to the large department stores and how you could spend hours gazing at all of the lingerie. Whatever you do don’t just say “That’s nice!” It’s not what he is looking for. Research, engage and entertain that man!!

There are other mistakes phone sex operators can make however I am not making the list above to make anyone feel anxious I am just informing operators that if you are doing the above mistakes ... STOP IT NOW! After you've taken a million calls your drive can decrease (no not sex drive!) your focus can be off and sometimes you end up saying the same thing over and over again. It’s always good to take some time and to visualize what you are saying and how it will make the caller feel. There are plenty of things you can do to change the outcome of your calls including their durations.

As always if you are an operator with LiveLines UK and you would like some further tips you can always call us and we will help. If you are thinking about taking that plunge and becoming a phone sex operator from home I would always research and check out this blog so you can become accustomed with sex chat before you start taking the calls. Any woman on the planet that can speak can become a phone sex operator, you can too! Apply here. 

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Top 10 qualities of a Psychic Tarot reader

 Performing a reading for someone is like giving them a mini therapy session and no I'm not suggesting that we are all counsellors! However in order to successfully give psychic and tarot readings all readers require that inept set of qualities that compliment their readings. Here are my proposed top 10:

1) A non-judgemental attitude: Psychic & Tarot readers have to be non-judgemental within their readings. To judge someone's issues which are being told to you in confidence would be completely unethical and although we all naturally judge this must not be shown within any reading. 

2) Compassion: All psychic and tarot readers must have compassion. When a customer is telling you heartfelt feelings you must understand and offer compassion to their situation. If you act cold towards the caller then the caller will end the call.

3) Patience: Some callers cannot explain how they are feeling or even explain their problem or issue clearly. As a reader you need patience and allow the caller to have the space they require in order to open up to you. 

4) Friendliness: Without sounding obvious callers want to connect to a friendly and happy reader. They do not want a reading from someone who got out of the wrong side of the bed! All readers must sound happy and alert whilst conducting readings. 

5) Calmness: If you speak ten to the dozen then you need to slow this down and allow your calming side to shine through. Callers want calming reassurance with their readings.

7) Politeness: Callers are paying customers and they deserve respect at all times. Readers with attitudes do not get repeat callers or good hold times!

8) A Focused Mentality: If you are conducting a reading but you are thinking about your gas bill then this will ultimately decrease you focus & ability to read accurately and will hugely disappoint the caller!

9) A stable Personality: If you've just split up with your boyfriend then do not log on. Customers are normally experiencing hardship themselves and they need you to be mentally stable as you read for them.

10) Good Communication skills: It's great that you receive messages from spirit but now you need to convey them to your callers in a clear, sensible and logical manner. Good communication skills are essential for smooth and in-depth readings. 

Of course at any one moment you can strive to improve the above skills as no one is perfect. However practice, evolving and refining your skill sets will really aid you with any type of readings you perform. So even if you are already conducting readings it is always good to check on your method of reading and ensure that all of the above skills are taken into consideration. 

Becoming a psychic and tarot operator working from home is a great way to put your spiritual gifts to good use. When you join our team you will be reading for people all over the world, most with issues and problems that they require your help with. If you would like to apply to become a reader then please apply at: 

Monday 8 February 2016

My partner does not know I am a Phone Sex Operator

Being a Phone Sex can be exhilarating but hiding it from others especially the people most important to you can be a right royal pain in the arse! This post does not address the "morals" of what you should / shouldn't do within a relationship, this is merely discussing the fact of what to do if your partner does not know if you are doing a sex chat job. 

Firstly let me tell you that your partner will probably most likely find out. I have trained hundreds of operators and the ones that tell me that their other half doesn't know normally call me within the week of taking calls informing me that they have to leave because their partner has "just found out." In fact now I will not train any new operators if they tell me that their partner doesn't know. Judgmental? Perhaps but it can get tiresome when all these fantastic operators have to leave because their partners have just been dropped a bombshell and they find out that their lovely wives and girlfriends are taking sex calls behind their back. 

A partner will find out. Companies call their operators to see if they can log on (we do), they call to see how they are finding the calls and there are other ways of communication. Secondly and maybe more personally they may just want to know where your extra money is coming from!

From my standpoint I would always discuss this job with your partner. Explain that you are definitely not meeting the caller (heaven forbid) and that there are hundreds of ladies doing phone sex and that their partners seem to be fine with this. Explain that you can make extra money from home without any upfront costs and that the working time is flexible. You could also throw in that the only aspect the caller knows about you is the sound of your voice!

If your partner really doesn't like you becoming a phone sex operator then I would probably leave this career alone. You'll feel terrible for doing it and you will always be walking around on egg shells wondering if your partner can "hear" your calls. If your partner is fine with this type of work then I would definitely go for it. It's a great way to make money from home and well maybe your partner would even like to hear you take some of the calls! (Perhaps time to spice things up a bit!) 

Please note my personal way of thinking is that a woman can do what ever she wants to do with or without her partners input or approval. However sometimes when your other half knows about the choices you make it can make things 100% easier for you and when this relates to a career choice it can give you breathing space to really focus on your new found job. 

As always, apply here or give us a bell on 01604824290 and we'll talk you through the rest. 

The Weirdest Phone Sex Calls

I think if you speak to any experienced phone sex operator they will tell you about their fair share of weirdest sex calls or even their top 10 most memorable calls. Most are amusing, some downright weird and a little just tip the scales! Every operator has had them and I think if we are honest it's what keeps us on our toes.

With my 20+ experience in this colourful and delectable phone sex industry I've learnt never to judge a book by its cover (or more correctly it's voice) what can seem like a middle class wank fest can turn into an extreme kink that not even oneself has thought about. Sometimes you can think about the call days or even weeks afterwards and start to wonder where that caller even concocted such a fantasy.

As always all calls have to be legal. If you think that we are discussing illegal content then my friends you are sorely mistaken. I'm more referring to kinky fetishes that most would not consider let alone act out. However in this sublime world of phone wank sessions we've heard it all and I really do believe these are the calls which keep us stimulated.

My top 5 weirdest phone sex calls:
(Names have been changed for caller confidentiality!)

1. John loved being shrunk by yours truly. He wanted to be the size of a spider so that I could chase him up his very long wooden hallway with my extremely powerful vacuum. He wanted me to suck him up into the see through dust chamber so I could watch him scramble around pleading for me to let him out.

2. Mike adored ladies underwear and couldn't resist a silky thong, it had to be black silk by the way. One Saturday he called me whilst he was in a big department store and casually informed me that he was in the lingerie department and he wanted help in choosing his weekend treat. Unbeknownst to me he had checked out, gone to the changing rooms and had slipped on his so needed silk lingerie. He then proceeded to his office incidentally across the road and had enjoyed a very thorough jerk off session with me in his boss's toilet.

3. Andrew & Tina. These were two very sexually orientated people and Tina was one of 4 only female callers I've ever spoken to. Andrew loved it when Tina penetrated his arse with a cucumber. They had many delectable conversations with me about which supermarket they though would sell the greenest and firmest cucumber. Once purchased I head the joyful screams of Andrew as Tina started her assent in cucumber heaven.

4. Rodger was a beautiful old soul but he also had a mischievous side about him that would definitely surface within our phone sex calls together. Having been a taxi driver for most of his working life he had a fond ship of cars but more particularly cars with the taxi sign on them. After a few calls he eventually admitted to me that he actually makes love to his numerous car collection and often orders taxi's so that he could fantasize as he was being drove about in them. He was also very interested in my car and on one occasion he let me hear him "making love" to his very personal and special favourite, his Ford Focus 98 plate. 

5. Liam was a younger caller in his early twenties that called quite consistently. His fantasy was one that was harmless enough but one that was especially tiresome for me! Liam used to give me a song to sing and I would have to sign it to him down the phone whilst he "got off". I wouldn't have minded so much but it did take him around 10 minutes to unload (this could have been the result of my awful singing voice) I remember one particular Friday night whereby I sang "I will always love you" in a very and I mean very terrible manner for over 10 minutes before he reached his sweet spot. That was excruciatingly painful for both me and my neighbours!

Of course the above are my most weirdest and most memorable phone sex calls that I have taken. All are intrinsically different but yet all have that one weird kink that us vanilla types find strange yet curious at the same time.

Being a Phone Sex Operator can make you laugh, cry, hyperventilate and sad all at the same time but if I'm fair I think the same can be said about all jobs (unless you work in a library). Perhaps you too want to take that plunge and immerse yourself into the very different world of sex chat whilst also earning yourself money at the same time? If you do then you can apply on-line or do it the old fashion way and telephone 01604824290 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm)

Thursday 4 February 2016

Can anyone be a Psychic or Tarot Reader?

I believe that we all posses spiritual abilities. We've all had that 6th sense moment or that déjà vu experience that has stopped and made us think. However I also believe that it takes a talented person dedicated to a spiritual way of life to be able to deliver us messages from spirit or to see future predictions.

I've listened to thousands of psychic and tarot calls (we have to monitor calls) and there are good psychic and tarot readers and also outstanding readers. Each have their own method and spiritual ability which enables them to deliver answers and messages in a compassionate way that the customer understands. If you asked Joe Bloggs to do this he will probably fail miserably.

Being a psychic reader from home needs dedication, compassion, a genuine spiritual ability and an understanding of human feelings and emotions. This is a huge skill set and one that many people do actually have but do not tap into. Most readers realise their gift from their early teens. However some repress their abilities and only realise them after an awakening or a tragic event. If you believe that you have a spiritual ability, maybe it's time for you to tap into that energy and start unravelling you true psychic self?

I do not believe that everyone can be a professional reader however I do believe that more people have a spiritual ability that is being suppressed which is stopping them from fulfilling their true universal potential. If you think that you have a gift then you really need to practice your readings on friends and family before you offer your services in a professional way. Customers seeking psychic, tarot and medium readings are expecting a smooth, professional and empathic service and you can only really offer this if you've practised and even if you have a natural spiritual ability you still need to be able to convey your received messages and visions clearly to each customer.

We have a great team of psychic, tarot and medium readers working from home. Their passion is inexorable and their gifts are truly beautiful. Becoming a reader is perhaps easier than you think, our readers are no different from you and I however what they have done is tap into their universal gift and put it into good use. They have practised and have nurtured their true abilities so that they are able to help as many people as possible. You too can attune your universal gift and read for people worldwide.

To apply and become a tarot reader or psychic reader within our team, apply here and let's get you onto your spiritual path. Our readers help people 24 hours a day with all sorts of issues and now you too could put your spiritual abilities to good use. Tarot and psychic jobs are available now, from the comfort of your home you can read for hundreds of people all over the world, to apply click here.

Please note in order to apply you do need to have a spiritual ability with previous experience (e.g. reading for friends and family and or in a professional sense) 

Wednesday 3 February 2016

Chatline operator success?

I am asked many times a day if Chatline operators can actually earn money from home and be successful. My answer to this frequent question is a resounding yes. However as always there are conditions to everything and this is no exception.

In order to become a successful Chatline operator you have to focus, focus and of course focus. If an operator only logs on for 5 hours a week then my dear we have a problem. Chatline work takes a serious mind and one that can think of this as a proper job and not a vocation. I'm talking about setting oneself shifts, continually setting goals to better call times and of course promoting themselves in order to attract regular callers.

My formula for becoming a successful Chatline or sex line operator from home is very simple and if you take this formula into account then your revenue will undoubtedly increase.

1. You must log on, simple as it sounds but without logging on frequently you won't take as many calls.
2. Set yourself personal shift times. For example every Tuesday you log on for 4pm-7pm and you stick to this shift weekly. This way your regular callers will know when you are likely to be logged on.
3. Give your PIN number out to every caller that you can. Promoting yourself is the key to turning a normal caller into a regular caller.
4. Do not rush into the sex chat. If you give a caller everything in 2 minutes then that is how long the call will last.
5. Politeness will get you everywhere. Operators with attitudes have bad calls fall stop.
6. Switch it up. If you've been a 24 year old blonde training to be a beautician for 3 years then you may sound a bit bored of this character. Switch up your character, give her a new job and make her more exciting.
7. Lead every call, be confident but not too brass. Allow the caller to feel that he is in charge but you ultimately call the shots.
8. Callers are paying customers. They deserve a good service which is entertaining. Remember you are the entertainer.
9. Sound happy, this experience has to be different for them. One that he can remember so that hopefully he calls you back.
10. No background noise on calls. Callers do not want to hear blaring televisions or barking dogs. This is a personal experience between you and him... Keep it that way!!

Here at LiveLines UK Jobs we are one busy service and you can only earn money if you have calls to answer. We are always recruiting new Chatline operators and it's an easy process to sign up to our team. All work requires some sort of commitment and becoming a Chatline operator is no different. It is an exciting way of earning money from home and is ultimately very flexible and fits around your personal life nicely. That said you do need to learn how the services work and how you can better yourself on each and every call. All calls are revenue making, treat each call as unique and try to turn each caller into a repeat caller that will call you daily or weekly.

If you are an existing operator it's always good to check out this blog for new and interesting tips that can improve even the best phone sex operator's call times. 

If you would like to join our team please apply on line 

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Work from home jobs - the benefits?

Work from home jobs - the benefits?

With soaring childcare costs and increased congestion on the roads it is no wonder why more people prefer and are choosing the sanctuary of working from home. For example the complex hierarchy of office politics, or the endless spite of the factory gossip is well and truly washed away with the beautiful possibility of working from home. With all that said what are the real benefits of work from home jobs?

I'll list them below so we can get a more defined view:

1. Commuting or travelling to work is a thing of the past.
2. Childcare issues are resolved
3. Overtime possibilities are easier to achieve
4. Flexibility is always on the cards
5. Perfect for introverted people
6. Easier to organise work/family time
7. Other commitments can easily be achieved
8. No office politics
9. Clean & comfortable surroundings
10. Catching up on work is bliss
11. Drinking your own brand of coffee!

So with just a few benefits of working from home above you can see that working from home has quite a few perfect benefits that should be exploited!

A lot of people do not know how to find work that pays well from home. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when taking a work from home job, such as your job security and pay reliability. If you can ensure all these things are ticked then taking that dive and staying home to work is quite a good option.

Here at LiveLines UK Jobs we are experts at home working recruitment. Currently we have over 400 men and women working from home within the UK. They are all paid on time and they are given consistent work which enables them to earn realistic revenues.

Below are some of the benefits of working from home with LiveLines UK:

1.       Paid on time every two weeks on a Friday
2.       Busy service (s) so there is always work to do
3.       Flexible working hours to suit your personal life
4.       Friendly team of supervisors that are always ready to help
5.       Full telephone training always given
6.       Bonuses during the Christmas period
7.       Real time statistics
8.       Calls 24 hours a day – you work when you want to

If you are interested in any of our operator positions then please do apply here and if you do have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 824290 (Monday / Friday 9am-5pm)