Monday 28 November 2016

LiveLines UK - Becoming a Supervising Team Leader

Here at LiveLines UK, we have a great team of Supervisors who all do an excellent job at monitoring our services on their selected shifts. Becoming a Team Leader really strengthens your skills at customer service, organisation, reliability and your ability to maintain and staff your shifts. We have some great Team Leader opportunities available at selected times throughout the week and we are looking for dedicated and reliable people to apply and show their passion for ensuring that our services are running as smoothly as possible.

Shifts Currently Available - to apply, please email

Saturday 10am-3pm
Wednesday 10am-3pm

What is a Supervising Team Leader Position?

Supervising Team Leading is a very fast paced job that does require a lot of attention. As a supervisor you will be monitoring both of our services on your shift and this will require your dedication and professionalism.

Supervising includes the following:

1) Ensuring that there is enough operator cover on your shift (for both tarot / psychic and adult chat)

2) Ensuring that operators are not missing calls, hanging up on callers or if they are experiencing any technical issue on their phone lines.

3) Running reports on operators call stats to ensure that operators are running on the correct average.

4) Ensuring that operators are on the correct priority for their calls.

5) Answering the supervisors line (this will be transferred to your landline whilst you are on shift)

6) Watching the SMS service to ensure that the texts are being answered promptly and correctly.

LiveLines Supervising

How much does Supervising pay?

Supervising is paid every 2 weeks alongside your call revenues. Day shifts are paid at £8 per hour and night shifts are paid at £8.50 per hour. There is also a staffing allowance which is paid depending on the number of hours you do per week.

What are the Supervising Requirements?

· You will need a landline or mobile that gives you free minutes to UK landlines as you will be      telephoning a lot of operators to see if they can do your shift (s).

· You need to work from a reliable computer or laptop (no tablets unfortunately!)

· You need to have good computer skills.

· You need to have demonstrated that you have done your log on hours weekly.

· You will need a reliable broadband connection.

The Shifts

Our shifts are broken down as follows:


We will discuss with you which shift times will suit you and that are available.

Other Information

You will need to staff you shift before the shift starts. Some supervisors do this on their previous shift but at times you will need to call around before your shift starts. We do pay a staffing allowance dependent on the number of hours you supervise each week.

Supervising is done from home and this is not an employed position.

Your Training

Before you become a Supervisor you will need to be trained so that you know how the services work. Training is done over the phone. Initially you will be watching a shift with another supervisor, to see what she / he does. Then you will do your own shift whilst watched by another supervisor. If everything is working well, you will then continue with the shifts on your own.

What happens next

If you are interested in Supervising the office will send you a contract to sign and once they have received this, they will provide you with the live screens, followed by your training session.

Please show your interest by emailing with a short summary describing why you would be a good addition to our Supervising team.

If you do have any questions, please telephone our team on 01604824290 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

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