Wednesday 3 February 2016

Chatline operator success?

I am asked many times a day if Chatline operators can actually earn money from home and be successful. My answer to this frequent question is a resounding yes. However as always there are conditions to everything and this is no exception.

In order to become a successful Chatline operator you have to focus, focus and of course focus. If an operator only logs on for 5 hours a week then my dear we have a problem. Chatline work takes a serious mind and one that can think of this as a proper job and not a vocation. I'm talking about setting oneself shifts, continually setting goals to better call times and of course promoting themselves in order to attract regular callers.

My formula for becoming a successful Chatline or sex line operator from home is very simple and if you take this formula into account then your revenue will undoubtedly increase.

1. You must log on, simple as it sounds but without logging on frequently you won't take as many calls.
2. Set yourself personal shift times. For example every Tuesday you log on for 4pm-7pm and you stick to this shift weekly. This way your regular callers will know when you are likely to be logged on.
3. Give your PIN number out to every caller that you can. Promoting yourself is the key to turning a normal caller into a regular caller.
4. Do not rush into the sex chat. If you give a caller everything in 2 minutes then that is how long the call will last.
5. Politeness will get you everywhere. Operators with attitudes have bad calls fall stop.
6. Switch it up. If you've been a 24 year old blonde training to be a beautician for 3 years then you may sound a bit bored of this character. Switch up your character, give her a new job and make her more exciting.
7. Lead every call, be confident but not too brass. Allow the caller to feel that he is in charge but you ultimately call the shots.
8. Callers are paying customers. They deserve a good service which is entertaining. Remember you are the entertainer.
9. Sound happy, this experience has to be different for them. One that he can remember so that hopefully he calls you back.
10. No background noise on calls. Callers do not want to hear blaring televisions or barking dogs. This is a personal experience between you and him... Keep it that way!!

Here at LiveLines UK Jobs we are one busy service and you can only earn money if you have calls to answer. We are always recruiting new Chatline operators and it's an easy process to sign up to our team. All work requires some sort of commitment and becoming a Chatline operator is no different. It is an exciting way of earning money from home and is ultimately very flexible and fits around your personal life nicely. That said you do need to learn how the services work and how you can better yourself on each and every call. All calls are revenue making, treat each call as unique and try to turn each caller into a repeat caller that will call you daily or weekly.

If you are an existing operator it's always good to check out this blog for new and interesting tips that can improve even the best phone sex operator's call times. 

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  1. since ive started with livelines as a phone operator its made my lie so much easier i was desperate for more income but im a single mum, working as a operator is flexibile & can work whenever i want and can plus the staff are lovely and helped me every step of the way to build my call times and income