Wednesday 21 June 2017

Phone Sex Jobs - Help!

When I first started looking for phone sex jobs from home, I was utterly confused at how the industry worked and what I should actually look for within a company. Not only was I scared of what the callers would actually say but I certainly did not want to be ripped off and not paid for the hard work that I had put in - this in fact was my biggest fear. After I did my intensive and sometimes very boring research, I found that LiveLines appealed to me in a big way. Firstly, when I called the office, they actually picked up the phone and secondly, their friendly nature and experience of taking calls put me at ease straight away. Obviously, you can say that now I am very biased! However at the time I was not and I just desperately needed to earn money, just to pay for the basics of life.

I always love to point out to new operators what they should definitely look for when it comes to applying for a phone sex operator job within the UK. There are some crucial basics that every PSO operator should know before they start taking calls for a phone sex company and I have listed them below. Make sure that your work is safe, there is nothing more upsetting and deflating than working exceptionally hard and not receiving payment for all of the calls you took.

Make sure the Company is reputable:
I'm not saying that every NEW company is dubious but to work for an established company can give you that level of security that a new company cannot. You can always check out the longevity of a company by looking them up on the Companies House website. A company with a long trading history shows that the directors in charge ensure that their duties are always carried out and this normally equates to their clients and operators being paid correctly and on time.

Do your research
There are quite a few phone sex companies within the UK, each have their own unique working way when it comes to their Operators. Dissatisfied Operators normally voice their opinions and if a company has too many of these "opinions." It could mean that there is trouble brewing in the background. However with that said, every single company has an Operator or Operators that are unhappy with the job and they can translate this into a problem with the company. So although reviews are great, I would approach with caution and an open mind.

Does the Company have clear terms?
We always ensure that there are clear terms laid out for every Operator that applies with us. With regards to terms, we mean what is expected of you as an Operator, the pay details and the working hours. Also, it is good to note the companies regulations when it comes to taking calls. Without clear, written terms and lots of information about your phone sex operator job, how will you know what you are letting yourself in for? It is also good business practice to always give your operators clear terms because then everyone knows where they stand and pay rates cannot be confused. It is always really important to know the rates of pay, these should be available to you before you apply for the job.

Is the Company busy?
Normally you can get a good feel of this by doing your research. Operators will gladly tell you if a line is busy or not. If the line is not busy then your earning potential will be greatly affected. I am glad to report that here at LiveLines, we are exceptionally busy and we continue to show growth which is somewhere that we definitely want to be. The people that work in the office are always excited when we hit a new record in terms of calls and minutes and this is often celebrated as it is very hard work to continually grow your business.

Can you speak to members of the team?
There is nothing worse than calling a company and you cannot speak to anyone. It is scary enough to apply for a sex chat job, but when you cannot speak to a real human that anxiety can intensify. Our offices are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and we do have a 24 hour Supervisors line that Operators can use. It is so important for us to keep in contact with our Operators so that they can voice any concerns to us or ask any important questions.

Does the company offer you training?
Every job requires some sort of training even if it is very brief. Our training is automated and done over the telephone. It covers everything that an operator needs to know from the regulations to how you log on and off the service. I would be very surprised if a company did not offer an operator training before they log on for the first time.

Does the company hold a licence?
All Premium Rate providers needs to hold a licence or be registered with the Phone Paid Services authority in order to operator premium rate services within the UK. If an company does not hold a licence it is a massive red flag and I would not take any calls for this type of company. Although the licence is not a guarantee for you the operator, it does show that the company you work for is compliant and in line with the regulations.

When working from home and not coming to a place of work, it can always be a gamble at choosing the right company to work for. We are very passionate with our business and we have been here for over 20 years providing a good service to both our callers and operators. If you would like to apply for a adult chat line job please visit