Tuesday 26 April 2016

Your Phone Sex Character

Whilst training new ladies I always ask, "What name are you going to use on-line?" The ladies who have taken the time to think about this inevitability show how much thought they have put into becoming a successful Chat Line Operator. Without a brilliant imaginative character, your phone sex calls are going to be dull. Yes, we want real women but we also want to spice them up somewhat as this is also an entertainment service as well! Your phone sex character is of utmost importance and unless you have truly thought about your phone sex character I wouldn't even log on!

If you are anything like me, my real life only really consists of work, kids and pets. Everything else goes out of the window and the 1 hour bit of peace I get every night does not lend me enough time to become a fully fledged sex bomb whilst also completing the ironing at the same time. So when it comes to taking sex calls, you really have to put your heart and soul into transforming your make believe character into something very special.

Your Phone Sex Character

Remember, if he wants boring he will call his wife at lunch. You (or your character) are something completely different. So here is what you have to do ..........

No, we do not want Lush Lips. It sounds tacky and is not realistic. We want ordinary names like Chloe, Jayne, Laura, Haley etc.. Your name may be ordinary but your story certainly will not be. Also chose a name you can remember, there is nothing worse than getting your name wrong at the beginning of a call.

At all times we want to accommodate the callers "fantasy woman" however you need to have your looks thought of so that if the caller does ask, there is not an embarrassing pause as you try to remember if your blonde or brunette. Some ladies keep their looks as close to themselves as possible so that they can remember them.

Having a career in place adds volumes to your call minutes. In fact I've spent an hour before explaining about the various vintage cars that I sold through the very upmarket car sales garage that I "used" to work for. Of course adding insult to injury, I couldn't even remember the car makes and could only muster up memories of the dirty sex I had in the back of one old vintage beauty with a very promising and rich customer.

Without a list of exciting hobbies or bucket lists you've missed out on minutes worth of talk time which could ultimately increase your calls times. Currently I am learning to bake in a nearby college on a Saturday and although the bread and cakes are delicious, I find the teacher much more enjoyable. In fact last week we spent near on 15 minutes in the pantry exploring our bodies with our very flour covered fingers.

Holidays always provoke a happy side to us. It's the feel good factor. It's what makes people happy! So currently I am travelling to the Big Apple in August (I wish!) with my very best friend Lisa who is also a sex maniac and the two of us are going to cause havoc with the male residents of that city!! Sounds absurd and of course this is so far fetched from my real life that it feels depressing. However for the sake of phone sex it gives us a perfect opportunity to talk about our wild experiences and our sun kissed adventures.

Without offering my personal views here, news and politics are great conversations for Chat Line calls. It is also extremely interesting to view other people's opinions that you do not know. I've had hour long conversations with many people about the current good and bad news being aired that day.

All of the above makes up your phone sex character. It is such an important element to taking really successful Chat Line calls. Being a phone sex operator is not just about the sexual part of the conversation and as soon as you delve into your make believe persona the sooner your calls will improve and your repeat caller ratio will increase.

Monday 25 April 2016

Am I too Old to become a Phone Sex Operator?

New and Potential operators ask me this question all the time, “Am I too old to be a Phone Sex Operator?” I am here to tell you today that no female is too old to become a Phone Sex Operator. In fact we have specialized lines that cater for older more mature ladies and this was done purely because callers wanted to speak to older ladies, so the demand is DEFINITELY there! As long as you are over 18 when applying you can become a Chat Line Operator, most ladies can do it with a little confidence and it can be an exceptionally lucrative way to earn money. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too old to do anything and Phone Sex is no exception. If you love chatting on the phone, if you have a bubbly personality and if you have that sensual side then you can take calls.

Did you know?

In 2005 we set up a Granny and Mature phone sex service to cater for the growing demand of callers that wanted to speak to a more mature lady. To date this sex service is one of the most popular lines and one with the highest hold time.

The oldest Chat Line operator on our phone sex line has just reached her 86th Birthday. Her name is Brenda and she has been taking calls for over 8 years. She absolutely loves delving into her persona and offering her services to all of our male callers. Brenda is absolute proof that any woman, no matter what her age is can partake in phone sex calls. 

We receive more requests for mature ladies than any other type of woman on line. Gentlemen from all age ranges want to speak to mature ladies as this fulfills their need / fantasy. 

Mature Phone Sex Operators

I don't like the sound of my voice !

Unless you have a fantastic "voice over" voice, I doubt that anyone likes the sound of their voice and that's coming from someone who has used their voice for many years to make money. There is not one particular type of voice that turns a man on. Every man likes something a bit different and that could be the sound of your voice. 

Why do men want to speak to Mature ladies? 

There are lots of reasons for this and what sex chat has taught me is that men are not just interested in your average 24 year old. Lots of men find older ladies more exciting as they have more life experience. They tend to be slightly more knowledgeable about life and they lose their sexual inhibitions. That combo mixed together can lead to some very tantalizing sex calls (from the caller's perspective!) A lot of older gentlemen call into the phone sex service and they want to speak to women of their generation. They may have just lost their wife and or they are lonely and want to speak to a lady on their level. The reasons are quite endless and that is what makes mature phone sex operators such wonderful additions to our services overall. 

So can I really be a Phone Sex Operator at 53?
You can be a phone sex operator at 63 if you want to! There are no limitations to age (apart from the fact that you must be 18+) and the demand for a more maturer lady is definitely there. Why not tap into some of that industry demand and put your voice to good use today! 

How to apply to become a phone sex operator
Signing up to LiveLines UK is very easy with our on-line application. All new operators receive telephone training which is not a test but a session of us telling you how to get the best out of your calls and also the regulations as well. To apply please visit this link. 

Monday 4 April 2016

What type of ladies are Phone Sex Operators?

The media loves to portray phone sex operators as "desperate" women (normally single mothers) who will do anything for a bit of cash. They also love to go to the other extreme and site them as old women at home knitting whilst their old man snores away in the back ground. Whilst these lovely portrayals of phone sex operators are ingrained in everyone's mind, I am here to tell you that this type of media orchestrating is nothing short of being completely incorrect!

What type of ladies are Phone Sex Operators?
From my last check it was every type of lady conceivable and that is exactly what makes each phone sex service so unique and tantalizingly wonderful for every caller. Becoming a phone sex operator doesn't just attract single mums who are bringing up a brood of children whilst desperately trying to find a job because the government decides to shut the schools for nearly half the year for term holidays. No, being a phone sex operator attracts all sorts of ladies from young to old and from students, single mothers and even ladies working full time in professional jobs.

Why do some women become Phone Sex Operators?
Well my friends the simple answer is money! I have only come across a few ladies that actually love doing it because they like speaking to different men (sorry to burst your bubble to all the men reading this!) Earning extra money is the number one reason why ladies become chat line operators and it is a fantastic way to do so.

What do Phone Sex Operators tell their families?
Nearly all of the ladies that are working for us now have told their better halves what they are doing and I would always encourage them to do so because the "partner" always finds out in the end. Some ladies live on their own and they find no need in telling anyone and nearly all mothers conceal this type of job to their grown up children. Of course it is always a personal decision of who to tell but I think society is becoming more tolerant and understand that being a phone sex operator is totally different from being an escort.

Is being a Phone Sex Operator confidential?
With LiveLines UK, becoming a Phone Sex Operator is totally confidential. The callers only know your voice and your details are never given to any 3rd parties for commercial reasons.

Why did I become a Phone Sex Operator?
MONEY. I needed it and fast. However I always put 110% in everything I do and I wanted to make the most out of every call that I took. So I decided to research into phone sex psychology and I decided to try methods that actually made my calls longer which in turn made me earn more money!

How to become a Phone Sex Operator
With LiveLines UK it is really easy. When you apply we will go through a telephone session with me or another supervisor which will take around 20 minutes to complete. The training includes how you log on and off and also the regulations which you need to fully understand. We are not testing you on your training session and we do not believe in testing you on how to speak "sexually", this will come naturally when you start taking calls.

To sign up, use the link here!