Monday 18 July 2016

Secrets of the Phone Sex Industry?

We recruit new operators every single day and we have to do this for two reasons, firstly because the traffic levels are always increasing and secondly because operators come and go due to personal reasons. These issues require us to advertise consistently for new operators. With new operators we undoubtedly receive the cautious approach when applying to become a Chat Line operator which is often a good approach to take because there are some "rogue" companies out there that can exploit operators.

I am here to answers and dispel some "Secrets of the Phone Sex Industry." Lord knows I've been in it long enough to actually help new operators quell their fears and answer their questions. Of course if you are applying to work with us and you have any more specific questions to ask then please do telephone or email us and we can answer them on a personal level.

Secret 1:
Companies do not make millions every year as everyone thinks:
Back in the good old days where £1.50 per minute was charged for using a service, this may have been half true! However this has totally been over turned by the cheaper rates of 35p per minute in the present day. If you can imagine out of that 35p per minute, operator wages, technical equipment, overheads and network fee's have to be taken into account for. What you are left with is a very low amount per minute to work with. So I can conclude that yes the demand for services are there however the profit margin has decreased somewhat.

Secret 2:
You only make money with Phone Sex if you work hard:
This is definitely true! If you log on for a mere 5 hours a week then you will not fulfill the amount of minutes required in order to make a "decent revenue amount." The calls are there to answer, it really is down to you to log on and make sure that you take the calls.  Hardworking equates to high earning.

Secret 3:
Premium Rate Companies are highly regulated:
Any company that operates Premium Rate Services has to be regulated by the regulator Phone Pay Plus. This regulator ensures that certain standards are met whilst operating and advertising premium rate services. Alongside Phone Pay Plus the ASA takes a proactive interest within this industry and pays close attention to our advertising, ensuring that we are not misleading any callers. With these regulations in place it tends to weed out the "bad guys" or shortens their reign within the industry.

Phone Sex Secrets

Secret 4:
We do not target Vulnerable customers:
There is a misconception surrounding this industry and that is that we prey on vulnerable customers. Firstly that is technically impossible. We only have billing mechanisms that work when the customer makes the decision to use the service. Before any caller uses the service they are informed of all the costs associated with using the service. We advertise on all media streams and our advertising is not targeted at any group that is considered vulnerable.

Secret 5:
Phone Sex services are exceptionally expensive - NOT!!
Our highest price tariff for Premium Rate Phone Sex is 35p per minute which equates to £21 per hour and that is only if the caller chooses to stay on the phone for an hour. All callers have the freedom to choose how long they would like the call to last. We believe that 35p per minute is a very fair and affordable price.

Secret 6:
Phone Sex is not a Seedy way to make money.
We have all different types of ladies working on our service and they come from all walks of life. We have law students, nurses, career women, single mothers, young ladies looking for extra money and of course older ladies who are topping up their pensions. The variety of phone sex operators is huge and this shows you that not everyone thinks of this job as a seedy way to make money. In fact it is a much safer way than some other areas that women venture into.

Secret 7:
It's not all about the Sex Chat.
A lot of callers prefer to build up to the sex chat, they like to form a bond before venturing into hardcore phone sex. The best way to make money from sex chat is to keep the call clean for as long as you can. With this in mind, not every call starts off with the adult chat straight away, in fact a lot of callers just like to talk because they are lonely or bored.

Secret 8:
It's all Confidential.
Your details are kept confidential. Caller do not know your telephone number, address or your real name. All of your personal details are kept completely confidential. When you start taking calls you will use a made up character with a different name to yours.

Secret 9:
YES, we pay on time!
We have been operating phone sex services for nearly 20 years and I can happily let you know that every pay run has been completed on time. When you are looking at companies to work for, ask them about how many years they have been trading to ensure that you are going with a company that can guarantee your revenue payments are made on time.

Secret 10:
You CAN make money becoming a Phone Sex Operator.
Lots of ladies make a nice amount of money whilst taking chat calls. Weekly averages of earning are between £170 - £200. Remember this is a weekly average as some operators earn more because they log on for more hours and some operators earn less because they do not do as many hours. If you think of this as a serious job and put your hours in then your weekly amounts can be quite healthy.

As always we are recruiting new phone sex / chat line operators. We are a busy service, servicing men from all over the UK, Australia and the Caribbean. We absolutely love what we do and we always take great pleasure when a new operator starts with us and takes fabulous calls. To apply with us please visit You will receive full training and support before you start.