Wednesday 21 December 2016

LiveLines UK - New Services!

We are always looking at ways to evolve and produce high quality services that our customers love and this is exactly what we have planned for 2017. Our technical and design team have been working really hard to produce some highly innovative services that will benefit both our customers and operators alike. In the last few months we have been really busy, we have changed payment providers which has enabled a smoother check out process for our customers and we have set up new SMS check out receipts for our customers so that they always have their PIN numbers available to use. Our technical guys have also found a solution which allows us to divert our live calls to operators within the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland. This was an incredible technical breakthrough because we now have operators from all over the world taking calls for us and speaking to our global base of customers. On the billing side, we have also introduced Pay For It, for our adult customers. With Pay For It, customers can check out using their smart phone, in a smooth and easy process. This has converted a lot of callers and the repeat custom is very high with this billing method.

In early 2017, we will be launching a new SMS service which will allow our existing customers to answer text messages on our adult service. This is an excellent way of earning extra money in between calls and the expected SMS volumes will be very high. Once this service is established we will then be opening this job to people who are looking for texting jobs only, as well. It really is an amazing service, it works very well and we think that our customers will really enjoy using it. Please stay tuned for further information on this job, we will be releasing further details in the New Year.

LiveLines UK - New Services 2017

We do have other new services that will be launched in March / April time in 2017. These are still being developed and they will offer further opportunities for our existing operators and for new people looking for flexible jobs, working from home. We are so excited that the number of services we offer are growing. It is always great to see a new service, flourish and establish its self and which also allows our operators the ability to earn more money. Our management team are constantly banging their heads together and generating new ideas and concepts. We want to grow and become a technically advanced company, offering a range of interactive and revenue making services that benefits everyone who is involved with LiveLines UK.

Once again we would like to thank our very hardworking and enthusiastic operators for their exceptional work over 2016. We know that working from home can be flexible but also challenging and we hope to provide you with even more support in 2017 with the introduction of more office staff and a bigger dedicated recruitment team. We believe that this will benefit all of our operators who call us with queries or questions that they need to ask.

If you are interested in a tarot or psychic job or an adult chatline operator job, you can still apply. We are training new operators all over the Christmas period which happens to be one of our busiest times of the year! These jobs are flexible with great rates of pay and are paid every 2 weeks on a Friday. If you would like to join our team, please apply here. We will book you in for a convenient time for your telephone training and once this has been completed, you can then log on and take your calls.

If you do have any further questions about the services that we offer, please telephone us using the following numbers.

UK: 01604 824290 AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220 (option 3)USA: 347-943-0209 (option 3)CANADA: 647-313-3077 (option 3)FRANCE: 0444 88 0477 (option 3)

Monday 19 December 2016

Why do people call Psychic Lines?

Why do people call Psychic lines? It is a very good question because answering this question gives you the potential to improve your readings and really give every customer an exceptional experience, every time they call. I've often pondered this question myself and over the years I have come to some probable conclusions. So lets dive in and see exactly why I think our customers call psychic lines and why they call back so frequently. Some of the reasons will shock you and some will be the standard, "Ah, yes I thought so."

Every time I look at our live screen and see call after call, knowing that every caller is really receiving a most honest, welcoming and truly personal psychic or tarot reading, it really makes me feel very good. With that said, I always believe that there is room for improvement in every situation and if you do have a psychic tarot job with us now, you can always improve your readings, even after years worth of experience. Having a spiritual gift is one amazing benefit however in order to put that gift to real use, you need to know how to connect to people, how to make them feel at ease and also to give them realistic hope and insight into their current situations.

Why do people call psychic lines?

They are spiritually in tune 
Many psychics and tarot readers cannot read very accurately for themselves. It takes one exceptional reader to read for an another experienced psychic and many of our readers do that on a daily basis. Some of our customers are also well researched about the spiritual side of life and their treat is to fully immerse themselves into a psychic reading with a dedicated and reliable psychic or tarot reader.

Love Issues
I would say by far that this is the most common reason why people call psychic services. Facing a relationship problem especially if the relationship is somewhat toxic, can be really frustrating and a psychic or tarot card reading can really alleviate some of those anxieties that can be created when dealing with a love issue. So many people stay in controlling or "bad" relationships and they sometimes need a friendly person to speak to who can give them some non judgmental guidance. Lots of callers dial our service because they are experiencing confusing love problems, controlling partners, partners that are not faithful or even issues with their ex partners.

Why do people call Psychic Lines?

Social Avoidance
Yes it is true that most people nowadays come home from work, lock the door and do not speak to another soul, unless they live with them. When our social skills break down, we find it harder to explain our feelings and fears and without a way of releasing these pent up emotions we normally end up very depressed. However, if the caller can explain their feelings, even if it is by phone, to a willing and listening psychic then that can take away some of the burden that they may be carrying. If we lived in a society 100 years ago with the same social interactions, then there would be no demand for psychic lines, however we are now more socially avoidant and there is definitely a demand for psychic services because of this.

This goes without saying. To think of people feeling lonely makes me very upset. In this day and age, no one should feel lonely or be alone. However it is unavoidable and some people will suffer this to some degree. At 4am in the morning when callers from the UK are still calling through, they are normally either very lonely or they are calling because they have something troubling them, like a love issue. Love and relationship problems can make us feel very lonely indeed, especially if there is no one you can confide in and tell them all of your fears about a relationship. This is where our psychics and tarot readers really flourish, because providing a lonely person with a sympathetic listening ear can really help to resolve and anxiety or frustration that they may be facing in their lonely hour.

So many people have heard about psychic and medium services yet they are not quite sure what they are all about. As our service is relatively affordable, they tend to give it a go just to see what it is all about and most of the time they have very positive readings which leads them onto a love journey for psychic services! I know of many first time callers that just wanted to see what all the fuss is about and they really enjoy their experience with our readers. Curiosity callers make up a lot of our late night callers and sometimes they call in with their friend on the phone as well.

There are many, many reasons why people call and speak to our readers. Some people are going through such emotional times that they will do anything to speak to a normal, nice, considerate and spiritually enriched person on the phone. We are really providing a service which helps so many people and that is why it is imperative that when you apply for a psychic or tarot job, that your spiritual skills are very genuine and that your personality gives time for people that are really suffering and need someone to listen to their issues.

If you would like to use your skills and become a reader with us, please use our online application form which can be found here.  We are recruiting, experienced readers with a passion for providing professional and caring readings to people from all over the world. We operate an exceptionally busy service with calls 24 hours a day. For more information, please visit our applications website 

Friday 16 December 2016

Being a Tarot & Psychic Reader - Is it Busy Online?

When you become a Tarot and Psychic reader for LiveLines UK you will see how exceptionally busy we really are. We take calls from all over the world, specializing in countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland and of course the UK. Every month our traffic levels increase and we are always innovating and releasing new brands, which our customers really love. We are always asked about our traffic levels and if we are busy by prospective readers and these questions should definitely be asked because without a healthy volume of calls, you will not earn enough money - it doesn't matter what the rate is per minute!

I can honestly say that our Psychic and Tarot service is going from strength to strength. With over 10 years worth of established repeat custom from callers all over the world, we really must be doing something right. We are so passionate about providing our customers with ethical, positive and non judge-mental readings that we continually recruit new and experienced readers to join our friendly team. We know that being a tarot or psychic reader, working from home can be lonely at times, especially when you receive a difficult or hard caller to deal with. We get this and that is why we want to offer support to all of our readers out there that are doing a fantastic job and we are really blown away at your devotion and hardworking ethos.

So in a nutshell, yes when you have a psychic or tarot job with LiveLines UK, you are going to be inundated with calls and quality calls. Callers that want to speak to you personally for an up to date reading, without any rush and they can do this because the rate we charge them is very low in comparison to most other companies. The only way that you can ever earn any money with these types of services is by generating minutes of talk time on the phone and you can only do that with generous amounts of calls.

Tarot Psychic Jobs UK

When you apply for a tarot and psychic job with us you will be surprised at the amount of calls that you actually receive. As I am writing this, our readers are waiting approximately 1-2 minutes between calls which is very good for a Friday afternoon. During the early hours of the morning this wait time decreases even more. When our readers are kept busy, they are happy readers! No one likes logging on and not receiving any calls because ultimately it dampens your morale and your ability to provide high quality readings, which is what all of our callers expect and want.

We are always looking for experienced, compassionate and naturally gifted readers to join our team, here at LiveLines. Not only do we look at this as a service but as a way of providing normal people with a spiritual reading that will really enrich their life. We are totally passionate about our psychic and tarot service and coupled with exciting new ideas and innovating billing methods, we are always growing and improving in every area that we can.

Applying for a psychic and tarot job with us is a easy process, it is straight forward. We need quality readers and you expect lots of calls and to be paid on time and that is exactly what we have to offer. Even though it is nearing the Christmas period, we are working right up to Christmas and our service is open 365 days a year, so why not apply today and put your spiritual abilities to the best test possible? You will be interacting with people from all over the world on a personal 121 basis, offering them comfort and hope in their times of need.

To apply and become a psychic and tarot reader working from home, please click here.  If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team in the office, who will do their best to assist you in any way that they can. Let's read for as many people as we can so that everyone has the chance of experiencing the positives of receiving spiritual counsel within their lives. 

Thursday 15 December 2016

How to make a Phone Sex Job fit around your life

Applying to become a Phone Sex Operator is a fantastic way to earn money from home. OK, so you have to speak dirty on the phone but it is only words and we only allow legal content on the service, so sounds good right? Well actually yes, it is a good job to take working from home. It is amazingly flexible and does fit around your life if you want it to. The key is having the dedication to make it into a job whereby you put in the log on hours that you want to whilst also keeping up with all the other hundreds of jobs that us ladies also have to do.

When I started my first phone sex job, I was completely unprepared for what awaited me. My child was a tiny baby and I was also working full time, so putting in hours on an adult chat line was like torture to me. I really had to give myself a good talking to one day because I soon realized that working from home was totally beneficial for me, also the money was good as well. So I had to arrange a plan for myself, a personal plan so that my phone sex job would fit around my life. All that I needed was there, the calls were thick and fast, the rates were good and the calls were coming in 24 hours a day. So what was my problem? Well, I did not organize myself. I left it to the last minute to log on and I was so tired that I actually fell asleep (the shame!) on some of my calls. This of course is totally unacceptable and as I always like to do every job to my very best ability, something needed to change. So, I sat myself down with a note pad and wrote down my personal shift times. These would be the times that I definitely had to log on, it didn't matter what else was happening as those times were my "work" times. All my washing, ironing, cleaning, food shopping and every other annoying job had to be done before each shift. That way, I could dedicate my personal allocated times 100% to each caller. It took me around a week, to fully settle into my working pattern and it worked amazingly well. My call times improved, my regular callers increased and the best bit of all? My money doubled. I was having a great time and I actually felt like this working from home job could actually serve me well.

Phone Sex Operator Jobs

I am sure that  a lot of our new phone sex operator ladies have children and commitments, as did I. However, if you want to make good money then you really do have to treat an adult chat line job as a profession. It is a job that you do working from home. So to only give it 3 hours of your attention per week, will not allow you to achieve any good results. What you put in, really is what you get out of this type of job. So what are you waiting for? I am sure like me, you have a million bills to pay, kids to buy things for continuously and a wish that maybe you might have just a little bit left over so that you can buy that top you really like! Apply today, it is quick and easy.

Below are great ideas on how to make a Phone Sex Job fit around your life!

Set yourself Shifts
Working, requires real work. There is no such thing as easy money unless it is illegal or you win the lottery. Both of those are not great for our mental health so focus on something that will make you money whilst working from home. When I first started my shifts included 7-10pm most week days and also 4am-7am most weekdays, until the kids got up for breakfast. I usually then took a 1-2 hour nap whilst they were at school so that I could recharge myself.

Be Realistic
If you think that you are going to be able to work 12 hour shifts, think again! You will lose your voice and your energy. Log on times are better to be done between 3-4 hour stints. You have to be realistic about how many log on hours you can actually do and when you can do them.

Find your own personal working space
It is no good taking calls whilst your family are running havoc in the next room. You have to find your own personal space to take calls that is quite, relaxed and is not overheard. If you can't find this space in your house then set your log on times to a time when everyone is asleep. This way you will get some peace whilst you take your calls!

Keep track of what you are doing
It's great that everything is now automated and computers track our calls etc.. However keeping your own personal call stats and log on hours can give you inspiration to keep pushing yourself. I regularly kept notepads showing how many calls I took in a day, how many log on hours I did and also the money that I had made. It made me feel good about myself and often I wanted to better my previous record.

Making a phone sex job fit around your life is easy as long as you put effort into organizing your life so that you can easily fit the job within your "spare" hours of the day. An adult chat line job does and can fit around your life in a flexible way as long as you put your heart and soul into every call when you do log on. It is a fantastic job if you need extra money or if you have kids and childcare is too expensive.

Even though we are near Christmas, it is never too late to apply! We are training new ladies to take calls over Christmas and thereafter. It is an exceptionally busy time and if you would like to apply, please visit 

Tuesday 13 December 2016

Lonely Callers at Christmas time

OK, so when you take on an adult chat line operator job you do not think about the emotional side of the job. You think about what type of callers you will receive, if you can actually take the calls and of course how much money you can make. Those are the basic questions that ran through my head when I joined. However what we do not think about is all those callers that you speak to that are calling because they are painfully lonely. Every year around Christmas time we receive a massive amount of callers that are very lonely and depressed and when they speak to a lady on the end of the phone that will listen to them and show them compassion, it really does make them feel better.

We are providing a crucial service to customers all over the UK that hugely benefit from speaking to women on the phone. Sometimes just a friendly hello or the ability to listen to their problems can really make a difference. We know that lots of callers use our service over the Christmas period as our calls increase greatly. Even on Christmas Eve, Christmas Night and New Year's Eve, our call volumes are exceptionally high and this is solely down to people calling us because they are lonely, depressed or bored. I am not saying that we are a counselling service, however we do offer a service which allows us to speak to people with dignity, respect and give them something special to think about.

Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs at Christmas

The Christmas period does not always go to plan for everyone! We always think of Christmas as an amazing time spent with lots of friends and family, consuming loads of food and drink! However we have to remember that some people do not always benefit from these enjoyments and they can turn to us in their time of loneliness. So if you are taking calls this Christmas period, firstly we would like to thank you because it is going to be very busy and secondly please keep in mind that not every caller you will speak to wants to dive straight into sex. Some callers will want to talk and they will want a sympathetic ear, someone to listen to them compassionately and give them the respect that they deserve.

We know that taking calls at Christmas can be hard because of family and friends visiting and that is why we have increased the rate for your talk time over the festive period. For more information, please log on and listen to the message on the log on line, which will give you more details are about the festive rates.

If you are interested in becoming an adult chatline operator, we are taking on ladies right up to the 23rd December. Even if you would like to apply after this date, we will contact you to book you in for your telephone training as soon as we can. It is great to work over Christmas because you have such a variety of callers, the rates are higher and it is very busy so we welcome any new ladies that would like a phone sex operator job with us! To apply, please visit

Benefits of an Adult Chatline Job with LiveLines UK
* Paid every 2 weeks on a Friday
* Great rates of Pay
* Very busy services, calls every few minutes
* Real time statistics
* Apply from the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA
* Full training & support
* Quick & easy apply process 


Tuesday 6 December 2016

Chat Line Operator Jobs at Christmas

Having a Chat Line Operator Job at Christmas is an excellent way to earn extra money. If you are anything like me, Christmas always drains me financially and it is always nice to get that extra amount in the bank to tide me over. Of course the phone sex service is open 365 days a year and even at Christmas we do not stop! There are so many callers at Christmas and during the New Year period that I would have to say, it is definitely one of our busiest times of year. 

We are always looking for motivated and hard working ladies that want to become phone sex operators, earning money from home at their own flexible pace. There are no minimum hours per week and you can log on at times that suit you.

Benefits of having a Chat Line Operator Job at Christmas

Lots of Callers
Not everyone has a fairy tale Christmas and there are a lot of lonely people who rely on our service so that they can at least speak to someone over the festive period. Our call volumes do increase over Christmas and New Year and this means that we need dedicated operators to take our calls and really give a positive service during this time.

Rate increase
We know that taking calls over Christmas can be hard, especially if you have family around and this is why we pay more per minute if you log on during these times. For the operators that are already working for us, we will post the Christmas and New Year rates on your log on section and they will also be listed on the log on line message.

Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs

Pays the Bills!
Everyone is tight on money when January hits. All of our hard earned money has normally been splashed out on presents and food and by the time January comes, reality hits us like a brick. The wondrous time of Xmas has come and gone and now the bills need to be paid. If you work over the Christmas period, that extra money can really come in handy when the festivities have ended and earning potential is high as the call volumes are off the scale!

Kills the Boredom!
OK, we all love Christmas but once Boxing day is out of the way, I am itching to be productive in some form or another. Taking calls and setting myself personal targets is like therapy for me. Call me sad but after the rush of Christmas, I like to get back into the norm straight away and the best way for me is to work my socks off.

This is a 24/7 industry and it never ever stops. Someone, somewhere, always wants to speak to a lady anonymously. Its food for thought because I am really glad that our phone sex services provides emotional comfort for so many people during this period, however it does make me upset to think that there are so many people who are not spending Christmas or New Year with loved ones and are in fact spending it on their own. Loneliness is horrible and if we (us girls) can alleviate that for just one person then I think that we are doing a wonderful job.

So in a nut shell, our adult chat line service will be open for business as usual, call volumes will be high and rates will be increased. It is really positive all around and I can't wait to see all of our dedicated and hard working operators really producing some excellent minutes on the phone. If you do take calls over Christmas, I would like to thank you for all of your support and hard work. Christmas really is such a family orientated time that even a few hours log on time really does show your help and our appreciation.

If you would like to apply with us, we are still accepting new and existing operators to come on board. We can accept ladies from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. If you live in another country, please get in touch with us and we will see if we can route calls to your country. You can contact us on +44 01604824290, our recruitment team are available from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm GMT. Alternatively, you can apply using this link and we will get you on board asap.

Perhaps you would like a new venture in 2017? Becoming an adult chat line operator may be easier than you think. It is discreet, flexible and you work from the privacy of your own home. Applying and set up times are quick and easy. It would be great to have you on board with us. APPLY HERE.

Monday 28 November 2016

LiveLines UK - Becoming a Supervising Team Leader

Here at LiveLines UK, we have a great team of Supervisors who all do an excellent job at monitoring our services on their selected shifts. Becoming a Team Leader really strengthens your skills at customer service, organisation, reliability and your ability to maintain and staff your shifts. We have some great Team Leader opportunities available at selected times throughout the week and we are looking for dedicated and reliable people to apply and show their passion for ensuring that our services are running as smoothly as possible.

Shifts Currently Available - to apply, please email

Saturday 10am-3pm
Wednesday 10am-3pm

What is a Supervising Team Leader Position?

Supervising Team Leading is a very fast paced job that does require a lot of attention. As a supervisor you will be monitoring both of our services on your shift and this will require your dedication and professionalism.

Supervising includes the following:

1) Ensuring that there is enough operator cover on your shift (for both tarot / psychic and adult chat)

2) Ensuring that operators are not missing calls, hanging up on callers or if they are experiencing any technical issue on their phone lines.

3) Running reports on operators call stats to ensure that operators are running on the correct average.

4) Ensuring that operators are on the correct priority for their calls.

5) Answering the supervisors line (this will be transferred to your landline whilst you are on shift)

6) Watching the SMS service to ensure that the texts are being answered promptly and correctly.

LiveLines Supervising

How much does Supervising pay?

Supervising is paid every 2 weeks alongside your call revenues. Day shifts are paid at £8 per hour and night shifts are paid at £8.50 per hour. There is also a staffing allowance which is paid depending on the number of hours you do per week.

What are the Supervising Requirements?

· You will need a landline or mobile that gives you free minutes to UK landlines as you will be      telephoning a lot of operators to see if they can do your shift (s).

· You need to work from a reliable computer or laptop (no tablets unfortunately!)

· You need to have good computer skills.

· You need to have demonstrated that you have done your log on hours weekly.

· You will need a reliable broadband connection.

The Shifts

Our shifts are broken down as follows:


We will discuss with you which shift times will suit you and that are available.

Other Information

You will need to staff you shift before the shift starts. Some supervisors do this on their previous shift but at times you will need to call around before your shift starts. We do pay a staffing allowance dependent on the number of hours you supervise each week.

Supervising is done from home and this is not an employed position.

Your Training

Before you become a Supervisor you will need to be trained so that you know how the services work. Training is done over the phone. Initially you will be watching a shift with another supervisor, to see what she / he does. Then you will do your own shift whilst watched by another supervisor. If everything is working well, you will then continue with the shifts on your own.

What happens next

If you are interested in Supervising the office will send you a contract to sign and once they have received this, they will provide you with the live screens, followed by your training session.

Please show your interest by emailing with a short summary describing why you would be a good addition to our Supervising team.

If you do have any questions, please telephone our team on 01604824290 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Psychic Tarot Jobs - How Ethical are they?

Psychic Tarot Jobs - how ethical are they? I know that this question plays on the minds of lots of readers that apply for a job with us and of course when you have a natural ability, it makes sense that it is used in the wisest and most ethical way possible. Some spiritual abilities are so strong that lots of readers are blown away with them themselves. They know what is about to happen, they see the future and can tell you the past. Their intricate, intuitive nature gives them great insight into ones issues and problems.  With these types of phenomenal abilities, it is paramount to know that when you use them within your job, that your job is definitely ethical.

You never really know how ethical a company is until you have actually experienced their working ethos. If it is all about the money and no thought is put into the reader of customer's feelings, then perhaps their ethical stance is not as strong as it should be. The great news is that LiveLines has built their psychic and tarot service based on providing a low cost, affordable and quality psychic service that has stood the test of time. Without a shadow of doubt, their readers are treated with the utmost respect and their needs are catered for. With this in mind, having a psychic tarot job can most definitely be ethical if you are working for the correct company.

Psychic Tarot Jobs

Ethical points about a reader job with LiveLines UK :
> You are helping lots of people with your spiritual ability, even if you only provide insight or clarification.
> You are providing a service which most people would find very hard to do. It takes exceptional strength to listen to peoples problems, day in, day out.
> You are using natural abilities and divination tools that allows the universe to converse with you. You are not making information up, the information you tell is what is provided to you.
> LiveLines UK charges the lowest rates to their customers. This is a satisfying thought for all readers who take calls on our service.
> LiveLines UK always tries to ensure that there are enough readers on the service so that every customer who calls, can always speak to a reader.
> We are always innovating our services and ensuring that every customer receives the very best experience possible when they call us.

Lots of readers apply with us for job and most have never read over the telephone in order to make money. Most have read for family and friends, in spiritual shops or in spiritual churches and to take this leap of faith into the unknown of paid readings can be very scary indeed. This is why we want to assure every new reader joining us that we ultimately do all we can to ensure that both our service is operated in a fair and ethical manner, hopefully providing you with the comfort of knowing that your readings are really doing good for the customers that call us.

We are a very busy team with a driving force behind us, always trying to give the very best that we can. We know how difficult it can be to turn your spiritual good into a paid job, but believe me you are reaching out to so many people that really benefit from your help and insight. Applying for a psychic tarot job with us is very easy and is an ethical option if you want to be paid for your spiritual gift. If you would like to apply with us, please visit our online application form. 

Monday 14 November 2016

How easy is it to become a Phone Sex Operator?

It is very easy to become a Phone Sex Operator with LiveLines UK. We have a dedicated team of ladies that look after all of our Operator and make becoming a Phone Sex Operator as seamless as possible! When applying for a PSO Job, there is lots to think about, however with a dedicated company to help you along the way, the process is very easy indeed. I have added below some questions that our recruitment team get asked a lot! These questions and answers should help you with your decision on whether you would like to become a PSO operator with LiveLines UK. We are professionals within this industry and we know exactly what it takes to keep operators busy on the phone and also happy at the same time!

How Quickly can I become a PSO Operator?
Very quickly! We have an easy online application form which provides you with lots of information about the positions we have available. To apply online, please visit 

How do I view the Information Handbook?
To read all about our Adult Chat / Phone Sex operator jobs, please visit: 

What happens after I apply?
Once we have received your application form, we will telephone you to book you in for your telephone training session. The training is not a test of any kind and we will not make you talk sexual on the phone! The training will take around 20-30 minutes and we will tell you how to log on and off and also the regulations as well.

Phone Sex Operator Jobs

When will my first payment go through?
It all depends on what date you have started during the pay run. During your telephone training, we will inform you of your first payment date. You are paid every 2 weeks on a Friday.

Can I view my Call Stats online?
Yes! You have access to your call stats which are updated live 24 hours a day. Your revenue statements are uploaded once every two weeks on your pay date.

Can I log on and off whenever I like?
Definitely! This job is completely flexible! There are calls 24 hours a day and you can log yourself on and off whenever you want to take calls. The more log on times you do, the more calls you will receive which means you will earn more money!

Do the callers know my telephone number?
A big resounding NO! Callers do not know any of your personal information including your telephone number. All details are kept strictly confidential. 

Can you actually earn money from being a PSO?
100% yes! Lots of our ladies make very healthy revenues and lots of operators do this as their full time job. As long as you log on and really make an effort with your calls, you can earn a nice amount each week. This is a job that requires focus and self discipline because if you do not log on, then you will not receive any calls.

Do you accept International Operators?
Yes! We accept operators from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. Even if you live outside of these countries, you can accept calls on Skype.

How do I apply for a Phone Sex Operator job?
Applying is very easy. You can apply here or alternatively we can post you the forms. Please telephone the office on 01604 824290 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) and we will post you the handbook and application form.

Becoming a phone sex operator for LiveLines UK is easy and quick. We make it as simple as possible so that you can start earning money as quickly as possible! If you do have any questions, please use the following contact numbers as our friendly team will be able to help in any way that they can.

UK: 01604 824290
AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220 (option 3)
USA: 347-943-0209 (option 3)

CANADA: 647-313-3077 (option 3)

Thursday 27 October 2016

PSO Jobs with LiveLines UK - Crucial FAQ's

Everyday we have lots of lovely ladies applying for PSO Jobs with us, which is great because our fantastic callers have an amazing array of operators to speak to. There however some questions that we are always asked when ladies apply with us and I've put the most common ones below, to help you with your journey into the world of phone sex! Becoming a PSO is an amazing way to earn money from home whilst having that flexibility to fit the job around your life. Here at LiveLines UK, we run a very busy service with calls coming into the service 24 hours a day, so you can be assured that you will always be busy whenever you log on.

Crucial PSO Job FAQ's 

Do the Callers know my details?
Absolutely not! All of your details are confidential and we do not sell your details to any 3rd parties. We send you calls when you are logged on and the caller cannot trace your number through this method. Also if you look at it another way, if the callers knew your telephone number, how would we make any money! So we can assure you that callers do not know your personal details.

Why can I only take calls on a landline?
Currently (apart from USA Operators) all operators have to take calls on a landline, as transferring the calls to a mobile costs too much per minute. If you are an operator in the US, then you can take calls on your cell phone as the cost is the same to transfer the call.

Phone Sex Operator Jobs

Does it cost me to log on to the service?
To log on, we give you a local telephone number to call. They are not premium rate or national rate. The same applies for our international operators. To log on and off takes less than 30 seconds and if you have free minutes on your mobile, you can log on and off through your mobile however the calls will always come through to your landline.

Can I work whenever I like?
Yes! There are calls coming into the service 24 hours a day. We take a lot of international traffic, so even at 3 am in the morning, you will be receiving lots of calls (if you are logged on!) We do ask all operators to log on for a minimum of 20 hours per week, just because we are very busy. If you cannot do 20 hours per week but you can do 15-16 hours per week, please telephone our team in the office before you apply.

Do you talk about illegal stuff?
No No No!! We only allow our operators to talk about legal content. If a caller does mention anything illegal, you are trained on how to terminate the call. Illegal content on the service is quite rare, as every caller knows that the calls are recorded.

Do you record all of my calls?
Yes. We are regulated in the UK and all of our calls that come into the phone sex service are recorded. Due to the regulations, we have to record all of our calls. We sometimes listen to calls for call quality and to ensure that operators are abiding by the regulations.

When are the busiest times?
Whenever you log on, you will receive calls. However the real hot spots are weekends (all day), dinner time from 4pm and anything after 9pm in the evening. Day times are really busy as well, especially during the lunch period. These are just the hot spots that we see, when ever you log on, your call volume will be healthy.

How do you Pay me?
For UK PSO Operators we can pay by either bank transfer or cheque. For International Operators we can pay by either PayPal or Direct Deposit. We pay every 2 weeks on a Friday. LiveLines UK will show on your bank statement.

What do I do if I want to stop my PSO Job?
All you have to do is call or email us and we will remove your details from the service.

Do I have to send in a photo of myself?
Definitely not. All we need is your voice.

How long has LiveLines UK been operating?
We have been operating since 2000 and since then our service has grown and grown. We are regulated by Phone Pay Plus and since 2000 we have ventured into different areas of Premium Rate Services alongside adult chat services.

There may be many more questions that you would probably like to answer, that may not be listed above. Our PSO Job handbook goes into great depth about the job. The link for the handbook is here:  

You can also contact our friendly PSO team in the office and we will be able to help you with any questions that you may have. To apply for a PSO Job with us, please use this link: 

Saturday 22 October 2016

PSO Jobs - What types of calls will I receive?

When taking on a phone sex operator job or PSO job (PSO is just the shortened version!) you will probably have a million and one questions that you would like to ask. Of course all of our crucial information is located in our handbook, which can be found here; however there may be some further questions like, "What types of callers will I receive?" That require a more in depth response! First and foremost, all new operators are provided with telephone training before they start taking calls and this ensures that each new operator fully understands the regulations. We insist that all content on our phone sex services are legal and that any caller that tries to talk about illegal content is terminated from the service. The good news is that all of the callers know that the calls are recorded so the "nasty callers" as we like to call them, very rarely try to speak about illegal content on our service.

When applying to be a phone sex operator, I am sure your first thought will be, "What type of calls will I actually receive?" This is totally a normal question and one that I asked myself a hundred times before I actually applied. I am here to tell you about some of the types of calls that I have received over the years. You will probably receive a selection of these calls, if not all of them! Remember, we are always here if you would like to speak about any of the calls that you've had. We know that working from home with this type of job, does require communication with our team. Not only does this take away the loneliness of working from home, but also gives you reassurance that you are actually doing a wonderful job and that your hold time is fine.

PSO Jobs - What types of calls will I receive?

The Quickie Wankers
Yes ladies, these can be the most frustrating  type of caller. The men that call us and they are already half way there, can really affect call hold times. Within a minute of just hearing your voice, makes them explode and then they put down the phone. Great, eh? Not really, these types of calls can be really frustrating and there is nothing that you can really do about them. Thankfully, most callers actually want to speak to you properly before progressing to some sexy action on the phone.

The Shy, Quiet Men
These type of callers are perfect. They are shy and yet so desperately want to speak to us. Phone Sex lines are normally their outlet, a way of speaking to real women on the phone. Be patient with these guys, treat them with lots of respect and gently try to dig around to see what it is that they actually want to talk about. The shy man, will usually become a loyal regular caller and will thoroughly enjoy their conversations with you.

The Very Horny Men
As you can tell from the title, these men are very horny and want to explore their fantasy with you. There may be some friendly chat at the beginning of the call but ultimately they want you to get down and dirty with them. They will normally spend quite some time on the actual sex chat and the call can end up quite long. These types of men like you to be adventurous, open minded and have some basic knowledge of all the normal fantasies like, anal, 69, doggy style etc..

The Fetish Lovers
I love these types of callers. They are so easy to keep on the phone and they also break the normal pattern of vanilla wankers. Fetish callers love to talk about golden showers, domination, submission, cock control and everything else in between. They may also have a love of dressing up in lingerie or female clothes. Take these callers in your stride, they can make you laugh and if you've had a really bad day then you can really take it out on them (if they like domination!) For more information regarding domination sex calls, please visit our other blog post:

The Lonely Men
OK we have to be realistic here. There are lots of lonely men out there and not all of them call adult chat lines, however a lot do. I've spoken to widowed men, men who are too shy to speak to women face to face and even men who are married but feel intense loneliness within their marriage. Sometimes the call takes on an adult theme, however most of the time the callers just want to talk to you normally and let you know how their day has been. These calls are wonderful as you really do get a sense that you are making a difference to their life.

The Men that want to date you
Although these callers are not very frequent, there will be a few callers that will relentlessly call you and continually ask you to date them, to meet them and or want you to give them your phone number. After a while this can be quite annoying, but please remember they are still giving you minutes on the phone so you always have to be courteous. Due to the regulations, we are not allowed to meet any men or give them our personal details and this is what I say to every caller who asks.

Everyone Else
You will probably come across a lot of callers that do not fit into any category above and that is great because at least you are getting some diversity! Although phone sex is an adult service, mostly it is all about adult connection. Society is such that even speaking to your next door neighbour has become a strained and complex process! With this type of communicative isolation happening, is it any wonder that some men like to pick up the phone and speak to a willing lady? I think phone sex is excellent and every new caller is a challenge and an exciting way to earn money from home.

If you are ready to apply for your PSO job, we have spaces available for you! With great rates, a busy service and full support, you can be assured a successful start to your phone sex operator job. Apply here: 

Thursday 20 October 2016

Information for International Operators

Recently we have started recruiting Operators from outside of the UK as we know that there is some amazing talent out there and we are so excited that we can now accept operators from the USA, Canada and Australia. We understand that working for an international company does take some getting used to! We all do things differently from perhaps what you are used to and that is why we decided to write this blog post to help our new international recruits and to ensure that everything is fully explained. Of course if you do have any further questions, you can always email me at and I will be most happy to help.

Here are our top International Operator questions!

How do you guys work?
We give you a PIN and a PASS number which will allow you to log on and off our service through your phone. Logging on and off takes approx 30 seconds and you will be given a local telephone number to call, so there are no international rates to worry about!

International Psychic reader jobs

How do you pay us?
We have two options, we can pay you by PayPal or Direct Deposit. We would not recommend PayPal as they take a fee out of your revenue amount, we would however recommend direct deposit because we absorb the fee to transfer the money to you, so it will not cost you. During your telephone training, we will ask you how you would like to be paid and take down your details.

Do you pay us in our currency?
When you log on to see your revenue statement, you will see that the total amount is in £'s. To convert the amount to your currency, please use: When we make payments to you, the amount will be converted into your currency.

When are your pay dates?
Our pay dates are every 2 weeks on a Friday. When you are trained, the supervisor will tell you when your first pay date is. Your revenue statement is uploaded every two weeks (onto your log on section) on a Wednesday. Please note that your call times are listed as UK times, not your local times. We find this time converter link very handy!

Can I use a Cell phone? 
UK, Australian and Canadian operators must use a landline in order to take the calls. Operators in the US can take calls on their cell phones. All phones must be clear of voicemail and call waiting. This is imperative as you will miss calls with these services on your phone.

Do you take on operators in any other countries?
If you live in another country, in order to take calls you will need to use Voip or Skype. You will have to telephone us first so we can test the call quality. Please call us on +44 1604824290.

Below is our rate converter (correct as of 20.10.2016) for each job that we offer:
Please note that exchange rates do fluctuate, so to receive a definite figure please use: and compare your currency with the UK currency rate below.

Tarot / Psychic Operators

UK = £0.16 - £0.21 per minute
USA = $0.21-$0.28 per minute (USD Currency)
CANADA = $0.27 - $0.35 per minute (CAD Currency)
AUSTRALIA = $0.27 - $0.35 per minute (AUD Currency)

Adult Chat Operators

UK = £0.14 per minute
USA = $0.17 per minute (USD Currency)
CANADA = $0.22 per minute (CAD Currency)
AUSTRALIA = $0.22 per minute (AUD Currency)

Other Companies pay higher rates, why don't you?
Our business model follows a simple strategy. We offer our services to our customers at a very low rate per minute. This is the reason why we are so busy, because customers love the fact that we are affordable. As we are not charging high amounts we cannot pay top prices to our operators, although we absolutely would love to. In any case it doesn't matter what rate you are being paid per minute, if you do not have any calls or enough calls, you will not enough money. Our operators are averaging at a wait time of 1-2 minutes between each call. So although our rates are slightly lower, your call volumes with be amazingly higher!

I'm worried about working for an International company, will you pay me?
LiveLines UK has been in operation since 2001. We are a registered company within the UK and we are regulated by the governing body for premium rate services within the UK. Without our hard working operators, our calls would not be answered, so we ensure that we pay everyone correctly and on time.

Where can I view my call stats & revenue statement?
Your call stats and log on hours are automatically updated in real time. Your revenue statement is uploaded every 2 weeks on a Wednesday. You can view your statement by visiting:
If you do not remember your login details, please email with your full name.

Will my accent affect my calls?
Absolutely not! We have callers ringing our services from all over the world  and you will probably find that you are speaking to callers from your own country. As long as you are professional, calming and friendly then your accent will not affect your call times. All of our services are targeted to English speaking countries, so your English must be excellent.

I am really interested in applying, how do I?
Applying is really easy, go to  once we have received your forms, we will book you in for a telephone training session which usually lasts around 20 minutes.

How can I contact you?
Please use the following telephone numbers. Option 3 puts you through to the office. The office is open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday GMT. Option 2 puts you through to the 24 hour supervisors line.

AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220
USA: 347-943-0209
CANADA: 647-313-3077

You can also email Jo and myself, we look after all of the operators that work for LiveLines UK: &

Are there any other opportunities?
Our brilliant Supervisors work really hard and ensure that the services are running smoothly 24 hours a day. At times we do have Supervising positions that become available and we will announce those on the log on line message and also the website login section. 

If you do have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a friendly bunch that will try our best to answer all of your questions. 

Wednesday 19 October 2016

My 5 Strangest Phone Sex Callers

Ladies when you venture into the world of hardcore phone sex, you had better be prepared for some mystifying fantasies and weird and wonderful characters! Not every man is your run of the mill, wham bam thank you mam! You have callers with such intense and freaky fantasies that it actually leaves you feeling quite ... vanilla! When you take on a phone sex job, you need to know what you are letting yourself in for and although most callers have the usual blow job, dirty shag fantasy, there are some that just like to go that little step further and indulge themselves into the world of utter muck! Below are my all time Strangest Phone Sex callers, don't let these guys put you off because let me tell you, after taking 20 normal "wankers." To get something a little different is a certain plus.

George and his Vacuum
George in his late 40's absolutely loved to play around with his Vacuum. Obviously I cannot name the brand here, but let me tell you that he definitely went all out when it came to purchasing his favorite friend. George had a massive "thing" about sticking his ding dong up the hoover whilst it was on full blast. He was not very well endowed (of course!) however he superbly enjoyed being sucked up by his favorite vacuum of which he had many. In fact it got to the point whereby every night he used to call me and each time he would use a different vacuum, even asking me for my advice on which one to purchase next. Whilst his sucking experience was in full force, he also liked me to call him Georgie Boy and tell him that he was now explicitly clean.

Nick and his Shrinking Fetish
Nick was in his early 20's, a very shy man with an extraordinary fetish. When he was being naughty, as in he was not doing what his teacher told him to do, he liked to be shrunk to the size of a rubber. Depending on how naughty he was was also dependent on the size that me, the teacher, would shrink him to. Nick was a placid, laid back guy but got extremely excited when he was at his 2 inch stature. Of course as soon as I used my magic and shrunk him to his desired 2 inches, he came and hung up the phone. This continued for 3 years!

Strange Phone Sex Callers

Philip and Urine 
I know it sounds like a bad one but Philip was an excellent caller. He was thoughtful, he listened and he was actually very funny on the phone. Once the pleasantries were completed, we then moved onto his real fantasy and one that he could not share with his wife. He loved drinking urine and not any old urine, it was urine direct from the bladder, nice and warm and preferably from the first wee of the day! The fantasy normally evolved with me weeing over him whilst he took my gift, like the submissive sissy he knew he ultimately was!

Rodger and his Dogging Hobby 
OK, Rodger really pushed me to my limits and there were times where I had to decline his inclinations as they were against regulations, however when he kept to his Dogging fantasy, he was again another great repeat caller. The only thing with Rodger was that, he used to telephone me when he was at his Dogging site, actually Dogging!! I have heard him having sex with at least one lovely sounding lady whilst being on the phone with me. Strange and utterly fascinating, all at the same time. He eventually got married and stopped calling the lines and I did wonder if his new wife knew of his past antics.

Sangit and his Singing
Sangit was a rare caller and I mean rare. This is because he did not want to talk about sex. He did however have a massive passion for singing on the phone. Every week he would call me and sing me a song, in an effort to woo me. He was forever singing, "I will always love you." To say it was nauseous was an understatement, but his intentions were sincere and he became a very established regular caller of mine. He liked to focus on the number 1 song of the week in the charts and often accompanied his songs with made up voices of the artists he was trying to impersonate. A wonderful caller and an example of a lonely man using adult chat lines to fill up his time.

What I have learnt through being a chat line operator from home is that you will speak to men from all walks of life. Sometimes they call because their nagging fantasy cannot be discussed with their girlfriend or wife. Perhaps they are lonely and they need female companionship or even that calling us is their treat and why should they deny themselves their weekly pleasure? Of course the above callers have called me over my years of taking calls and I did not get them all on my first day, but they were there and as long as you treat each caller with respect and an open mind, you too could turn your callers into wonderful repeat callers that call you time and time again.

If you would like to venture into the world of phone sex and make money from home, we have positions available for new phone sex operators to come on board. All of the information can be found here: 

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Tarot & Psychic Readings - What Callers Want ...

When it comes to Tarot & Psychic readings, callers do know exactly what they want. You may have this wonderful spiritual ability but without having a knowledge of delivering your insight and messages, your callers will be totally lost! We have callers dialing our psychic and tarot service from all over the world and they basically all want the same thing. They want their questions answered in an accurate and professional manner, without any sugar coating and of course in the most sympathetic way that you can deliver them. Without these key ingredients, it does not matter how much spiritual ability you posses, your callers will find themselves lost within your reading together. When it comes to having a psychic or tarot job, you really need to factor in the following points when conducting your readings as this will leave your callers very happy indeed.

Do not use complex "Spiritual Talk."
Most people calling a psychic or tarot line do not know the spiritual lingo. All they require is their questions to be answered or their future insights to be given. Try to keep things simple, accurate and to the point. Be friendly, open and definitely do not go in deep with spiritual terms that you've learnt during circle! Callers like it when they fully understand how their reading is developing or what they are going to receive, so keep it simple and clear.

Do not go into a lengthy chat about your Spiritual Abilities
Less than a minute speaking about how you will conduct the reading and find the answers is quite adequate. When you spend five minutes chatting about your awakening at 8 years old, this can put the caller off, especially as they are paying per minute for the reading. The readings are all about the callers, their needs and their questions. Unless specifically asked, do not spend too much time talking about yourself.

Psychic and Tarot Jobs

The persona of a reader is very important. Too abrupt and you will be seen as too rude. Too slow and you will be seen as not having an accurate ability. Above all and most crucial is that you are 100% polite to every caller, even if they are coming across slightly agitated. When you speak to a polite and professional reader it truly is a breath of fresh air and the reading normally goes perfect thereafter.

Do Not Sugar Coat!
There is nothing worse than receiving a Psychic reading and the reader sugar coats over every issue brought up. Callers are not children and they can handle reality. Of course we do not want to scare callers or give them false information but if we see something then we must let them know (within the regulations) because ultimately this is what they are paying for.

Accurate Readings
Yes! Callers do want accurate readings. If your spiritual ability is not up to scratch then do not apply for a tarot or psychic job. Callers can tell instantly if they are being given the run around and it is totally unfair and definitely not ethical. Make sure you practice before you start taking calls in a professional sense. The more accurate you are with your readings, the more repeat callers you will receive, which is crucial when reading for telephone psychic and tarot lines.

Do not Judge or give Advice when not requested
We all judge so easily but when it comes to a tarot or psychic job, you really do have to push that trait to the back of your mind. Callers do not want to be judged on their issues and problems, the same as we do not want to be judged too harshly on our readings. Also giving advice when not asked is utterly irritating and can be seen as a way of detracting from the actual reading. Try to keep these two traits out of your readings, unless you have been specifically asked by the caller to do so.

If you are a professional reader then you probably take the above points in your stride. You know what your reading style is and if this has served you well then please do continue. However if you are a new reader or you have just got your first tarot or psychic job then you should really ensure that the above tips are taken into consideration. Nearly every human on earth is suffering from one problem or another and sometimes psychic lines can be used as a last resort or a way of releasing pent up emotion that often cannot come out elsewhere. Respect each caller because we never know when we may face the same problem or require the same sensitive care that we should be providing to each caller.

If you are ready to take that leap and become a psychic, tarot or medium reader and you have experience and are confident with your ability, why not join our team at LiveLines UK and start reading for people from all over the world? Applying is easy and there are no upfront fees to pay. 

We are now accepting international readers from the USA, Canada and Australia.

LiveLines UK Jobs

Wednesday 12 October 2016

How to make the most out of your Chat Line Job

Most work from home jobs are paid quite badly, however I am happy to say that a chat line job at home can really pay well. Making the most out of your chat line job is essential if you want to earn those pounds. Why not maximize your earning potential? Lord knows, no one else is going to pick up your electric bill!! If you are deciding to become a phone sex operator, or you are already doing this job, you may want to read the below tips so that you can really get the most out of this job. You can really earn well if you put in 100%. You won't ever reach your potential unless you push yourself and this blog dedicates itself to that cause.

How to make the most out of your Chat Line Job;

See it as a proper job that can make you a decent living:
If you become a chat line operator on a whim and you just see it as a bit of fun, then my friends you will not really get what you want out of the job. The ladies that earn the most money are dedicated, focused and are always evolving their conversation and character. You need to make sure that you have time to fit this job within your life and if so, you need to set yourself personal shift times. Plan when you can realistically log on and stick to those times the best that you can.

Do your Log on Hours:
Without logging on, you will not make money! I know it sounds absurdly simple however lots of ladies think that if they log on for 5 hours a week then they will achieve high earnings, this really is not the case. How can you build up your regular callers if they can never get back through to you? Earning money by being a phone sex operator is all about building up your talk minutes, building up your regular callers and logging on at set times that fit around your life.

Chat Line Operator Jobs

Plan Your Phone Sex character:
I train a lot of ladies at the start of their chat line job and a lot have not even thought about their phone sex character. Your character is so important!! It cannot empathize this enough. Your character is the core of your conversation, without a great thought out character, what will you talk about? You need to think about what your character looks like, where she lives, her hobbies, her job etc... Lots of callers do not want to speak about themselves, they are however paying to listen about your fantasy character.

Get your Regular Callers:
Getting regular callers will really increase your call revenues. If you do not promote yourself to callers, you will be missing out on some healthy revenue making opportunities. Some chat line operators log on and only take their repeat callers, because they have so many! You also want to be in this position also, it is a great feeling.

Your Drive
Ultimately to get the most out of your chat line job, you need to make sure that you are totally committed to this type of job. Yes, sometimes you will be so tired that the thought of taking another call really annoys you, however you need to see this job almost like a sales job. You are selling your lovely voice, bubbly persona and phone sex character. You need to be 100% committed, you need to be alert and enthusiastic and above all you need to drive yourself. Set yourself goals, try to beat them weekly. Goals can include beating your average hold time, beating your log on hours and of course increasing your revenue. It can give you a buzz, especially if you are professional and constantly on your game, so to speak!

To get the most out of your Chat Line job, not only does it boil down to the company that you take calls for but it is also how much you put in. Being short of cash is a dreadful stress within itself and we know that we have the available calls so that you can make the money that you want to. With that said, you need to do your part so that you can positively say that you are trying your very best.

LiveLines UK is recruiting chat line operators to work from home. With great rates, constant support and payment every 2 weeks, they are a good choice if you want to work for a reliable company that provides you with lots of calls. You can apply here, it is quick, easy and secure. 

Monday 10 October 2016

Tarot Jobs - No experienced Required?

We have lots of people calling into the office asking if we have tarot jobs where no experience is required. Unfortunately to all of those lovely souls, you definitely do need experience in order to start taking calls on a telephone psychic and tarot service. Customers that dial these services can tell immediately if a reader does not have a genuine ability and to try and outwit these customers would be totally unethical, also you would not be be very successful!

If you are looking for a tarot job but you do not have any experience, do not despair as you can teach yourself how to read. The secret is that you must practice and I do not mean one or two readings on your friends, I mean hours of endless practice until you really understand your cards and what the universe is trying to tell you.

Can only special people "do" tarot reading jobs?
Every human walking this planet has an innate 6th sense, we either listen to it or chose to ignore it. The tarot cards allow you to connect with the universe, to see messages and are also used as a tool to help with any other spiritual abilities that you may have, such as psychic awareness. If you learn how to read the cards, learn how to provide professional readings and really tap into your spiritual awareness then everyone technically can do a tarot reading job.

Psychic Jobs within the UK, apply today

Why do I need to practice?
Practice makes perfect and without practice and a sense of your spiritual world, you cannot become a tarot card reader, well not professionally anyway. All of our readers have had extensive experience before they read on our service. This includes reading for family and friends, going to their local spiritualist church and also doing professional readings for their own customers. Without this experience, you could not provide your caller with a genuine and insightful reading.

How do I learn to do tarot readings?
If you would really like a tarot job, you of course need to learn how to read the tarot cards. These cards are beautifully intricate and provide lots of detailed information when you read them correctly. To start with you need to buy some cards, these cost around £14.99 from Amazon and I would always use the Ryder Waite deck. Then your training starts! There is a fantastic website called which is free and really helpful. I also love a book by Skye Alexander called "The Only Tarot book you'll ever need." It is an amazing book and I would highly recommend this. You may also want to join a spiritualist church as they have very experienced readers, psychics and mediums that can help you on this fantastic journey.

Tarot Jobs UK

Where can I get a tarot job?
There are a few companies within the UK that can offer you a tarot job, as long as you have experience. Call levels do vary from each company, however I am happy to say that LiveLines UK have a good amount of calls and you are never waiting a long time to receive a call, which is very good news! To apply, please visit this link.  We will set you up in no time at all, you will receive telephone training and of course all of our support along the way.

It really is never too late to put your spiritual ability to good use. I've spoken to so many people from all over the world, offering them a psychic or tarot reading and providing them with some good support. A Tarot Job could be the way to really reaching your potential whilst earning money from home. As long as your ability is genuine, there is nothing stopping you from joining this amazing movement which is gaining momentum every day.

To APPLY with LiveLines UK and start your Tarot Job, please submit your application form here. 

Saturday 8 October 2016

Psychic Jobs - Are they worth it?

Isn't it wonderful when you realise your actual potential? When you realise that you have this wonderful Psychic gift that can help so many people, you normally want to put it to good use. With this said, are Psychic jobs actually worth it? Do they provide you with a sense of security that you so rightfully deserve and do they give you that potential to help as many people as you think? Let's explore this question and see if psychic and tarot jobs are actually worth it.

Telephone Psychic Work
When reading for a telephone service you are able to reach out and connect with lots of people, far more than if you were reading face to face in your local area. This means that more customers are benefiting from your spiritual ability which can only be good. This in itself is one of the major positives of providing telephone readings. Our readers speak to people from the US, Australia, Canada and even Trinidad and Tobago!

Psychic Jobs UK

Earning Potential 
With Psychic Jobs the earning potential can be quite high, this is because the readings tend to be quite long, the rates per minute are higher than other telephone services and the ratio of returning customers is very good. If you work for an established psychic reading company you should also have the benefit of job security. Established companies have lots of calls to be answered and they need their readers in order to operate their services.

When you help a Caller 
I've spoken to many customers who have telephoned the office, especially for me to pass on thanks to a particular reader because the reading they received had really helped them with their current situation. Every single day, our readers are helping customers and are really making a difference within their lives and this can be one amazing benefit to having a Psychic job.

Your Safety
I've heard many a horror story of readers who have quit face to face readings because of the issues of strangers coming to their house for a reading. They have often felt uneasy with strangers in the house and this made them limit the amount of readings that they could actually do. With telephone psychic readings, your safety is not compromised at any moment and you can do as many reading as you wish, whenever you want to.

Advertising Budget
LiveLines UK spends well over £300,000 a month on it's advertising budget and with this type of spend you need a very good cash flow to back this up. Advertising is one of the major costs of running a Psychic service and if you are independent, advertising will be an issue for you too. With a Psychic job the advertising issue wouldn't be something you would have to think about as the company you work for advertise for the callers on your behalf.

In my opinion I really do think that telephone Psychic Jobs are worth it. If you work for a good company, your revenues should be high and consistent. You should have regular customers that call you back regularly and you should never be waiting ages for calls. Psychic Jobs are an excellent way to earn extra money from home, there is no outlay and you can often start straight away. Not only are the earnings quite good but you will be helping so many people with your psychic and spiritual abilities and this for me in the best plus of all.

Livelines UK are offering Psychic Jobs, for more information please visit our recruiting website. 

PSO Jobs UK - The Low Down

Has anyone ever told you that you have one hell of an amazing voice? Are you able to speak to people on the phone with ease? Are you confident and bubbly with a slight mysterious side? If so a PSO Job may just well be for you. Firstly let me dispel some myths about this wondrous job from home and then you can decide yourself if this venture may well suit you and your life, it is very flexible and you can make it work around your family and other commitments, this is exactly what I did!

1. Callers do not know your telephone number. 
If  you think about it, if we gave callers your phone number, we would never make any money! Not only that but we would have quite a big issue with breaking every data protection guideline going. So no, we do not give your phone numbers to callers!

2. We do not talk about illegal content
With LiveLines UK we do not allow our operators to converse about anything illegal on the service. We do not even give the caller a second chance, if he even so much as mentions anything illegal - we terminate the call. All operators are trained on this procedure however I must stress that these types of calls are quite rare as every caller knows that the calls are recorded.

3. You are not being exploited
A few weeks ago an irate twitter user bizarrely posted that this job exploited women. She did this without first even looking into how we worked and without ever doing it herself, of course. I did want to thank her for advertising the job to her 2,000+ followers but I decided against it, she had done enough already! The point is, lots of people have judgement about phone sex operators and yet they have never done it themselves or even attempted to read the basics into the job. We do not force women to talk dirty on the phone, it is a job that is available and if a lady would like to take this job on, we offer them full support and training. You can only exploit someone if the other person is being forced to do a job that they do not want to do! Not only that, but this job offers lots of women financial stability and thus independence.

PSO Jobs UK - Apply to be a Phone Sex Operator

4. Your next door neighbour doesn't need to know
I delayed becoming  Chatline Operator purely because I thought that my neighbours would find out and god forbid then gossiping Mum's at the school gates would be laughing at me after my first call. Little did I realize that it was my decision to become a PSO Operator and it was completely confidential. I could take calls when I wanted to and no one else had to know. It was great!

5. You are not doing anything wrong
Men will always be horny (hopefully!) they will always looks for stimulating experiences to fulfill their needs and if our phone sex service does this then that is a wonderful thing. In the UK, our service is regulated and there are lots of rules and regulations that we have to put into place so that the caller is not mislead in any way. When becoming a PSO operator from home, you are purely providing your voice for entertainment on the phone!

PSO Jobs in the UK are a great way to earn extra money, with some ladies making this their full time job, providing them with financial independence and security. Without amazing operators, this type of service would not be possible and lots of men would miss out on an easy way to get female companionship over the phone.

If you have any more questions about becoming a PSO Operator, please do telephone us and our friendly office team will answer any questions that you may have. The perfect part is that all of our management team have been online themselves, they know exactly what it is like to take phone sex calls and there is nothing better than asking the professionals, so to speak!

We are always recruiting new PSO operators and our traffic levels are thankfully always increasing. If you think that this job would suit you, why not apply here 

Monday 3 October 2016

How to Open a Phone Sex Call

You know what they say, the first 30 seconds of every "meeting" is exceptionally important. This is also true when it comes to opening your phone sex calls. In fact the first 30-60 seconds are so important that if you do not get it right, your calls will be very short indeed! When I first started taking sex calls at home, I was never taught this most valuable piece of information and on many calls, I started them incorrectly which did lead to some slightly embarrassingly short calls. So if you are a chat line operator working from home and you feel that you would like to improve on your call openings, why not take a peek below and see if these tips can help you with your phone sex calls.

The Right Environment 
If you answer your chat line calls and you have screaming kids, barking dogs or your other half shouting in the background, I can guarantee that the caller will hang up within 30 seconds. Do not take your calls when you have background noise, you may as well not log on! We hear it time and time again and if the background is not silent, your caller will hang up on you.

Your Voice
Even when you take adult chat calls at 3 am in the morning, you need to sound awake and alert. If you sound like you've just awoken from a slumber, or you sound dead tired, then your caller will not be impressed. He is calling to speak to you, wide awake and believe me, he does not care what time it is, This is what he expects and you had better deliver!

This is so important. Obviously, sometimes we do not want to take calls but we have to because the rent is due next week. We get this, however if you answer the phone cranky with a bitchy attitude, not only are you going to get complaints but your call duration's will be terrible. Your sassy attitude has to remain out of your sex calls, unless of course your call is a domination one!

This one goes hand in hand with "Your Voice." and "Attitude." If I had the stamina to take chat line calls 24/7 I would. However we all need a break and if we do not get quality rest, our effort put into taking calls will dwindle. If the caller doesn't feel that you are putting in effort, he will disconnect the call.

My Opening Lines
I always vary my opening lines, because basically I get bored with what I am saying and I like to switch it up a bit. Also before I log on, I have a story planned. For example today, I went lingerie shopping with my best friend and I brought myself a black, lacy bra and knickers set. In fact I have them on as I am speaking to the caller - how wonderful! My opening line at the moment is, "Hello I'm Sarah, thank you for calling me. Would you like to know a bit about me?" Of course he always says yes and then I carry on the conversation, all about my amazing character who is so sweet, innocent, yet highly adventurous!

The Sex Chat
Ok, if we let the caller direct the call, you would be talking about his cock within 10 seconds. This must not happen if you want long calls. If you rush into the sex chat and ask him how he is feeling, he will always say that he is feeling horny. You need to have a planned story, a diversion, lots of things to talk about and then you can move onto the adult chat. Without this process in place, your calls are going to last 3-4 minutes maximum.

If you take 30+ calls a day, you will HAVE TO change what you are saying otherwise it will become predictably boring to both you and the caller. This is where your effort really needs to come into play. You are selling your voice, your talent and character so make sure that each and every call counts. You are the actress and director, keep it that way!

I hope that you have found this blog about "how to open a phone sex call." Interesting. It is never too late to change what you are saying and put some kink into your calls. You can change every call that you take and really make some men feel happy, especially when you give them a quality phone sex service. If you would like to apply to become a Chatline operator, just click this link and we will make sure that you start earning money ASAP.