Saturday 22 October 2016

PSO Jobs - What types of calls will I receive?

When taking on a phone sex operator job or PSO job (PSO is just the shortened version!) you will probably have a million and one questions that you would like to ask. Of course all of our crucial information is located in our handbook, which can be found here; however there may be some further questions like, "What types of callers will I receive?" That require a more in depth response! First and foremost, all new operators are provided with telephone training before they start taking calls and this ensures that each new operator fully understands the regulations. We insist that all content on our phone sex services are legal and that any caller that tries to talk about illegal content is terminated from the service. The good news is that all of the callers know that the calls are recorded so the "nasty callers" as we like to call them, very rarely try to speak about illegal content on our service.

When applying to be a phone sex operator, I am sure your first thought will be, "What type of calls will I actually receive?" This is totally a normal question and one that I asked myself a hundred times before I actually applied. I am here to tell you about some of the types of calls that I have received over the years. You will probably receive a selection of these calls, if not all of them! Remember, we are always here if you would like to speak about any of the calls that you've had. We know that working from home with this type of job, does require communication with our team. Not only does this take away the loneliness of working from home, but also gives you reassurance that you are actually doing a wonderful job and that your hold time is fine.

PSO Jobs - What types of calls will I receive?

The Quickie Wankers
Yes ladies, these can be the most frustrating  type of caller. The men that call us and they are already half way there, can really affect call hold times. Within a minute of just hearing your voice, makes them explode and then they put down the phone. Great, eh? Not really, these types of calls can be really frustrating and there is nothing that you can really do about them. Thankfully, most callers actually want to speak to you properly before progressing to some sexy action on the phone.

The Shy, Quiet Men
These type of callers are perfect. They are shy and yet so desperately want to speak to us. Phone Sex lines are normally their outlet, a way of speaking to real women on the phone. Be patient with these guys, treat them with lots of respect and gently try to dig around to see what it is that they actually want to talk about. The shy man, will usually become a loyal regular caller and will thoroughly enjoy their conversations with you.

The Very Horny Men
As you can tell from the title, these men are very horny and want to explore their fantasy with you. There may be some friendly chat at the beginning of the call but ultimately they want you to get down and dirty with them. They will normally spend quite some time on the actual sex chat and the call can end up quite long. These types of men like you to be adventurous, open minded and have some basic knowledge of all the normal fantasies like, anal, 69, doggy style etc..

The Fetish Lovers
I love these types of callers. They are so easy to keep on the phone and they also break the normal pattern of vanilla wankers. Fetish callers love to talk about golden showers, domination, submission, cock control and everything else in between. They may also have a love of dressing up in lingerie or female clothes. Take these callers in your stride, they can make you laugh and if you've had a really bad day then you can really take it out on them (if they like domination!) For more information regarding domination sex calls, please visit our other blog post:

The Lonely Men
OK we have to be realistic here. There are lots of lonely men out there and not all of them call adult chat lines, however a lot do. I've spoken to widowed men, men who are too shy to speak to women face to face and even men who are married but feel intense loneliness within their marriage. Sometimes the call takes on an adult theme, however most of the time the callers just want to talk to you normally and let you know how their day has been. These calls are wonderful as you really do get a sense that you are making a difference to their life.

The Men that want to date you
Although these callers are not very frequent, there will be a few callers that will relentlessly call you and continually ask you to date them, to meet them and or want you to give them your phone number. After a while this can be quite annoying, but please remember they are still giving you minutes on the phone so you always have to be courteous. Due to the regulations, we are not allowed to meet any men or give them our personal details and this is what I say to every caller who asks.

Everyone Else
You will probably come across a lot of callers that do not fit into any category above and that is great because at least you are getting some diversity! Although phone sex is an adult service, mostly it is all about adult connection. Society is such that even speaking to your next door neighbour has become a strained and complex process! With this type of communicative isolation happening, is it any wonder that some men like to pick up the phone and speak to a willing lady? I think phone sex is excellent and every new caller is a challenge and an exciting way to earn money from home.

If you are ready to apply for your PSO job, we have spaces available for you! With great rates, a busy service and full support, you can be assured a successful start to your phone sex operator job. Apply here: 

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