Thursday 20 October 2016

Information for International Operators

Recently we have started recruiting Operators from outside of the UK as we know that there is some amazing talent out there and we are so excited that we can now accept operators from the USA, Canada and Australia. We understand that working for an international company does take some getting used to! We all do things differently from perhaps what you are used to and that is why we decided to write this blog post to help our new international recruits and to ensure that everything is fully explained. Of course if you do have any further questions, you can always email me at and I will be most happy to help.

Here are our top International Operator questions!

How do you guys work?
We give you a PIN and a PASS number which will allow you to log on and off our service through your phone. Logging on and off takes approx 30 seconds and you will be given a local telephone number to call, so there are no international rates to worry about!

International Psychic reader jobs

How do you pay us?
We have two options, we can pay you by PayPal or Direct Deposit. We would not recommend PayPal as they take a fee out of your revenue amount, we would however recommend direct deposit because we absorb the fee to transfer the money to you, so it will not cost you. During your telephone training, we will ask you how you would like to be paid and take down your details.

Do you pay us in our currency?
When you log on to see your revenue statement, you will see that the total amount is in £'s. To convert the amount to your currency, please use: When we make payments to you, the amount will be converted into your currency.

When are your pay dates?
Our pay dates are every 2 weeks on a Friday. When you are trained, the supervisor will tell you when your first pay date is. Your revenue statement is uploaded every two weeks (onto your log on section) on a Wednesday. Please note that your call times are listed as UK times, not your local times. We find this time converter link very handy!

Can I use a Cell phone? 
UK, Australian and Canadian operators must use a landline in order to take the calls. Operators in the US can take calls on their cell phones. All phones must be clear of voicemail and call waiting. This is imperative as you will miss calls with these services on your phone.

Do you take on operators in any other countries?
If you live in another country, in order to take calls you will need to use Voip or Skype. You will have to telephone us first so we can test the call quality. Please call us on +44 1604824290.

Below is our rate converter (correct as of 20.10.2016) for each job that we offer:
Please note that exchange rates do fluctuate, so to receive a definite figure please use: and compare your currency with the UK currency rate below.

Tarot / Psychic Operators

UK = £0.16 - £0.21 per minute
USA = $0.21-$0.28 per minute (USD Currency)
CANADA = $0.27 - $0.35 per minute (CAD Currency)
AUSTRALIA = $0.27 - $0.35 per minute (AUD Currency)

Adult Chat Operators

UK = £0.14 per minute
USA = $0.17 per minute (USD Currency)
CANADA = $0.22 per minute (CAD Currency)
AUSTRALIA = $0.22 per minute (AUD Currency)

Other Companies pay higher rates, why don't you?
Our business model follows a simple strategy. We offer our services to our customers at a very low rate per minute. This is the reason why we are so busy, because customers love the fact that we are affordable. As we are not charging high amounts we cannot pay top prices to our operators, although we absolutely would love to. In any case it doesn't matter what rate you are being paid per minute, if you do not have any calls or enough calls, you will not enough money. Our operators are averaging at a wait time of 1-2 minutes between each call. So although our rates are slightly lower, your call volumes with be amazingly higher!

I'm worried about working for an International company, will you pay me?
LiveLines UK has been in operation since 2001. We are a registered company within the UK and we are regulated by the governing body for premium rate services within the UK. Without our hard working operators, our calls would not be answered, so we ensure that we pay everyone correctly and on time.

Where can I view my call stats & revenue statement?
Your call stats and log on hours are automatically updated in real time. Your revenue statement is uploaded every 2 weeks on a Wednesday. You can view your statement by visiting:
If you do not remember your login details, please email with your full name.

Will my accent affect my calls?
Absolutely not! We have callers ringing our services from all over the world  and you will probably find that you are speaking to callers from your own country. As long as you are professional, calming and friendly then your accent will not affect your call times. All of our services are targeted to English speaking countries, so your English must be excellent.

I am really interested in applying, how do I?
Applying is really easy, go to  once we have received your forms, we will book you in for a telephone training session which usually lasts around 20 minutes.

How can I contact you?
Please use the following telephone numbers. Option 3 puts you through to the office. The office is open 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday GMT. Option 2 puts you through to the 24 hour supervisors line.

AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220
USA: 347-943-0209
CANADA: 647-313-3077

You can also email Jo and myself, we look after all of the operators that work for LiveLines UK: &

Are there any other opportunities?
Our brilliant Supervisors work really hard and ensure that the services are running smoothly 24 hours a day. At times we do have Supervising positions that become available and we will announce those on the log on line message and also the website login section. 

If you do have any further questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are a friendly bunch that will try our best to answer all of your questions. 

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