Tuesday 18 October 2016

Tarot & Psychic Readings - What Callers Want ...

When it comes to Tarot & Psychic readings, callers do know exactly what they want. You may have this wonderful spiritual ability but without having a knowledge of delivering your insight and messages, your callers will be totally lost! We have callers dialing our psychic and tarot service from all over the world and they basically all want the same thing. They want their questions answered in an accurate and professional manner, without any sugar coating and of course in the most sympathetic way that you can deliver them. Without these key ingredients, it does not matter how much spiritual ability you posses, your callers will find themselves lost within your reading together. When it comes to having a psychic or tarot job, you really need to factor in the following points when conducting your readings as this will leave your callers very happy indeed.

Do not use complex "Spiritual Talk."
Most people calling a psychic or tarot line do not know the spiritual lingo. All they require is their questions to be answered or their future insights to be given. Try to keep things simple, accurate and to the point. Be friendly, open and definitely do not go in deep with spiritual terms that you've learnt during circle! Callers like it when they fully understand how their reading is developing or what they are going to receive, so keep it simple and clear.

Do not go into a lengthy chat about your Spiritual Abilities
Less than a minute speaking about how you will conduct the reading and find the answers is quite adequate. When you spend five minutes chatting about your awakening at 8 years old, this can put the caller off, especially as they are paying per minute for the reading. The readings are all about the callers, their needs and their questions. Unless specifically asked, do not spend too much time talking about yourself.

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The persona of a reader is very important. Too abrupt and you will be seen as too rude. Too slow and you will be seen as not having an accurate ability. Above all and most crucial is that you are 100% polite to every caller, even if they are coming across slightly agitated. When you speak to a polite and professional reader it truly is a breath of fresh air and the reading normally goes perfect thereafter.

Do Not Sugar Coat!
There is nothing worse than receiving a Psychic reading and the reader sugar coats over every issue brought up. Callers are not children and they can handle reality. Of course we do not want to scare callers or give them false information but if we see something then we must let them know (within the regulations) because ultimately this is what they are paying for.

Accurate Readings
Yes! Callers do want accurate readings. If your spiritual ability is not up to scratch then do not apply for a tarot or psychic job. Callers can tell instantly if they are being given the run around and it is totally unfair and definitely not ethical. Make sure you practice before you start taking calls in a professional sense. The more accurate you are with your readings, the more repeat callers you will receive, which is crucial when reading for telephone psychic and tarot lines.

Do not Judge or give Advice when not requested
We all judge so easily but when it comes to a tarot or psychic job, you really do have to push that trait to the back of your mind. Callers do not want to be judged on their issues and problems, the same as we do not want to be judged too harshly on our readings. Also giving advice when not asked is utterly irritating and can be seen as a way of detracting from the actual reading. Try to keep these two traits out of your readings, unless you have been specifically asked by the caller to do so.

If you are a professional reader then you probably take the above points in your stride. You know what your reading style is and if this has served you well then please do continue. However if you are a new reader or you have just got your first tarot or psychic job then you should really ensure that the above tips are taken into consideration. Nearly every human on earth is suffering from one problem or another and sometimes psychic lines can be used as a last resort or a way of releasing pent up emotion that often cannot come out elsewhere. Respect each caller because we never know when we may face the same problem or require the same sensitive care that we should be providing to each caller.

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