Monday 10 October 2016

Tarot Jobs - No experienced Required?

We have lots of people calling into the office asking if we have tarot jobs where no experience is required. Unfortunately to all of those lovely souls, you definitely do need experience in order to start taking calls on a telephone psychic and tarot service. Customers that dial these services can tell immediately if a reader does not have a genuine ability and to try and outwit these customers would be totally unethical, also you would not be be very successful!

If you are looking for a tarot job but you do not have any experience, do not despair as you can teach yourself how to read. The secret is that you must practice and I do not mean one or two readings on your friends, I mean hours of endless practice until you really understand your cards and what the universe is trying to tell you.

Can only special people "do" tarot reading jobs?
Every human walking this planet has an innate 6th sense, we either listen to it or chose to ignore it. The tarot cards allow you to connect with the universe, to see messages and are also used as a tool to help with any other spiritual abilities that you may have, such as psychic awareness. If you learn how to read the cards, learn how to provide professional readings and really tap into your spiritual awareness then everyone technically can do a tarot reading job.

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Why do I need to practice?
Practice makes perfect and without practice and a sense of your spiritual world, you cannot become a tarot card reader, well not professionally anyway. All of our readers have had extensive experience before they read on our service. This includes reading for family and friends, going to their local spiritualist church and also doing professional readings for their own customers. Without this experience, you could not provide your caller with a genuine and insightful reading.

How do I learn to do tarot readings?
If you would really like a tarot job, you of course need to learn how to read the tarot cards. These cards are beautifully intricate and provide lots of detailed information when you read them correctly. To start with you need to buy some cards, these cost around £14.99 from Amazon and I would always use the Ryder Waite deck. Then your training starts! There is a fantastic website called which is free and really helpful. I also love a book by Skye Alexander called "The Only Tarot book you'll ever need." It is an amazing book and I would highly recommend this. You may also want to join a spiritualist church as they have very experienced readers, psychics and mediums that can help you on this fantastic journey.

Tarot Jobs UK

Where can I get a tarot job?
There are a few companies within the UK that can offer you a tarot job, as long as you have experience. Call levels do vary from each company, however I am happy to say that LiveLines UK have a good amount of calls and you are never waiting a long time to receive a call, which is very good news! To apply, please visit this link.  We will set you up in no time at all, you will receive telephone training and of course all of our support along the way.

It really is never too late to put your spiritual ability to good use. I've spoken to so many people from all over the world, offering them a psychic or tarot reading and providing them with some good support. A Tarot Job could be the way to really reaching your potential whilst earning money from home. As long as your ability is genuine, there is nothing stopping you from joining this amazing movement which is gaining momentum every day.

To APPLY with LiveLines UK and start your Tarot Job, please submit your application form here. 

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