Thursday 27 October 2016

PSO Jobs with LiveLines UK - Crucial FAQ's

Everyday we have lots of lovely ladies applying for PSO Jobs with us, which is great because our fantastic callers have an amazing array of operators to speak to. There however some questions that we are always asked when ladies apply with us and I've put the most common ones below, to help you with your journey into the world of phone sex! Becoming a PSO is an amazing way to earn money from home whilst having that flexibility to fit the job around your life. Here at LiveLines UK, we run a very busy service with calls coming into the service 24 hours a day, so you can be assured that you will always be busy whenever you log on.

Crucial PSO Job FAQ's 

Do the Callers know my details?
Absolutely not! All of your details are confidential and we do not sell your details to any 3rd parties. We send you calls when you are logged on and the caller cannot trace your number through this method. Also if you look at it another way, if the callers knew your telephone number, how would we make any money! So we can assure you that callers do not know your personal details.

Why can I only take calls on a landline?
Currently (apart from USA Operators) all operators have to take calls on a landline, as transferring the calls to a mobile costs too much per minute. If you are an operator in the US, then you can take calls on your cell phone as the cost is the same to transfer the call.

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Does it cost me to log on to the service?
To log on, we give you a local telephone number to call. They are not premium rate or national rate. The same applies for our international operators. To log on and off takes less than 30 seconds and if you have free minutes on your mobile, you can log on and off through your mobile however the calls will always come through to your landline.

Can I work whenever I like?
Yes! There are calls coming into the service 24 hours a day. We take a lot of international traffic, so even at 3 am in the morning, you will be receiving lots of calls (if you are logged on!) We do ask all operators to log on for a minimum of 20 hours per week, just because we are very busy. If you cannot do 20 hours per week but you can do 15-16 hours per week, please telephone our team in the office before you apply.

Do you talk about illegal stuff?
No No No!! We only allow our operators to talk about legal content. If a caller does mention anything illegal, you are trained on how to terminate the call. Illegal content on the service is quite rare, as every caller knows that the calls are recorded.

Do you record all of my calls?
Yes. We are regulated in the UK and all of our calls that come into the phone sex service are recorded. Due to the regulations, we have to record all of our calls. We sometimes listen to calls for call quality and to ensure that operators are abiding by the regulations.

When are the busiest times?
Whenever you log on, you will receive calls. However the real hot spots are weekends (all day), dinner time from 4pm and anything after 9pm in the evening. Day times are really busy as well, especially during the lunch period. These are just the hot spots that we see, when ever you log on, your call volume will be healthy.

How do you Pay me?
For UK PSO Operators we can pay by either bank transfer or cheque. For International Operators we can pay by either PayPal or Direct Deposit. We pay every 2 weeks on a Friday. LiveLines UK will show on your bank statement.

What do I do if I want to stop my PSO Job?
All you have to do is call or email us and we will remove your details from the service.

Do I have to send in a photo of myself?
Definitely not. All we need is your voice.

How long has LiveLines UK been operating?
We have been operating since 2000 and since then our service has grown and grown. We are regulated by Phone Pay Plus and since 2000 we have ventured into different areas of Premium Rate Services alongside adult chat services.

There may be many more questions that you would probably like to answer, that may not be listed above. Our PSO Job handbook goes into great depth about the job. The link for the handbook is here:  

You can also contact our friendly PSO team in the office and we will be able to help you with any questions that you may have. To apply for a PSO Job with us, please use this link: 

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