Wednesday 30 March 2016

Phone Sex Operator - I'm not earning enough money!

OK so you've dreamed of becoming a phone sex operator, it will make you lots of money right? Well yes it can but only if you do it correctly! When I first started doing sex chat I was doing it all wrong, making silly mistakes that cost me dearly with my calls. However I was a newbie, young and quite inexperienced at sex chat! This all changed when a manager once spoke to me and told me to buck up my calls because they were too short. Of course this scared the s*it out of me because I desperately needed this job so I decided to do something about it.

From a personal note, if you are not making enough money out of sex chat then you are making mistakes because this is a high demand industry and even rocks during recessions. So my friends buckle up and take these tips on board because I'm here to tell you what crucial mistakes to avoid whilst you journey through your phone sex career!

Pick a Good Busy Company
Some companies may promise you the world, however if they do not have high traffic levels then you will NOT make money. Without calls, you will not earn. As it happens LiveLines is extremely busy and we average calls every 1-2 minutes for each operator. This is good news if you are taking sex calls for making money.

Log On!!!
There is no point in logging on for 5 hours a week and expect to earn tons of money. Firstly your regular callers cannot get back to you and secondly you won't receive many calls because you are only logged on for 5 hours! Set yourself personal shifts, for example if the kids go to bed at 8pm make your personal shift 8.30pm-11pm Monday - Friday. Or if your kids go to school / nursery make sure your log on hours are when they are at school. Don't skimp on your hours, don't put it off and make it work to your advantage. Treat this as a real job with you performing real shifts that are flexible around your life.

Your Attitude!
If you answer every call with a boring "hello" and you sound half asleep then your calls are going to be dreadful. You need to answer each call like a fresh daisy. You have to be happy, in tune with what the caller is speaking about and of course acting sexy as well. If he wants boring he will call his Gran. You are different, you are an experience - keep it that way, even after your 50th call.

Your Character!
If you are Jane the stay at home single Mum that is fine. However if you are Jane the stay at home single Mum that adores war documentaries, loves to party on a Saturday and has a fetish about roast dinners then yes Jane does sound more interesting and this is the kind of character that you want to use. You've got to remember that the caller really does not want to speak about himself (if he does this is unusual), he doesn't want to tell you that he is 50 and is divorced, instead he wants to listen all about you - this is what he is paying for! So ensure that your character is interesting, it is a MUST!

No Sex yet!
A lot of ladies rush into the sex chat because that is what they think callers like. YES THEY DO! However this will not make you a lot of money. If you start talking about big dicks before the first minute your call will last approximately 2 minutes. You need to lead the call, be bubbly and talk about yourself before mentioning sex. Sometimes of course this method will not work but on the majority of calls it will work and your call times will last much longer. So leave the sex until at least the third minute of the call!

Your regular callers
Some operators earn loads of money just from repeat callers and it really bumps up their weekly revenue amount. You need to give your PIN number out to every single caller. I normally say, "You sound absolutely lovely, this is my PIN number and I am back on tomorrow at 7 pm." You need to promote yourself as much as you can as this will definitely increase your revenue.

Of course practice always makes perfect and my calls are totally different from when I first started. If you do feel that you are not making enough money from being a Phone Sex operator then you really need to sit yourself down and find a method that increases your calls because the calls are there and the callers want to speak to you!

Sunday 6 March 2016

Abusive Phone Sex Callers

Yes my friends abusive phone sex callers are a reality and one that puts many would be operators off taking chat line calls. However I am here to tell you abusive phone sex callers can be turned into callers that can be quite profitable for you and there really is no need to fear the dreaded abusive caller.

I learnt very early on how to deal with these adorable men and it turned out to be an easy formula that works time and time again. Unfortunately for us chat line operators we cannot gauge or predict who will be on the other end of the phone so we have to arm ourselves with formulas or ways that can make the call easier but also profitable for us, because that is why we are all here right?

Why do abusive callers ring?
Well it's either because they are deranged, they do not like females or they are drunk and for each reason we can apply the same amazing protection formula which should help us to seamlessly deal with these pesky types of callers.

How often do you receive abusive callers?
Not very often. In fact I wish they would call more because they make me laugh and the calls are normally very long in duration. I would say that you receive an abusive call around once every 2 months and some vary in their abusive degrees.

Do abusive callers affect you?
A resounding NO! You have to remember that these callers only know the sound of your voice. They do not know where you live, what you look like or even what your real name is! If you are being hurled abuse, who cares because he doesn't know the real you anyway!

Phone Sex - Abusive Callers

Can I terminate an Abusive caller?
YES! If you feel that an abusive phone sex caller is making you feel uneasy then yes you can terminate the call and you probably will do this with your first few callers however I definitely would suggest that you try my tips because it will help you to make money from these types of callers.

Top 5 Abusive Phone Sex remarks and my answers:

1) He calls you a dirty slag: My answer: "Yes you are correct. In fact I'm the biggest slag you've probably ever spoken to and the people in my town know me as the local bike because I've slept with so many men. You are not telling me anything I do not know darling."

2) He tells you that God will never love you: My answer: "Unless you are Jesus which I doubt very much due to your aggressive manner, you and no one else can tell me if God loves me but thank you for your input."

3) I bet you are just a fat old hag: My answer: "Thank you for your observations. Since I was 18 I've been pilling on the pounds and I am now a mega size 24 and counting. I love my roles of fat and since you can see me so clearly over the telephone I hope that you appreciate them too!"

4) You are shit at Phone Sex: My answer: "I'm sorry that I cannot get your tiny 2 inch dick to work. Perhaps you need to lay off the drink and then maybe you might be able to perform with it. You may then be able to please a woman which is what you should be able to do but are clearly lacking with that skill."

5) I bet you are just a dole scrounging single mum: My answer: "Thank you for taking an interest in my finances and relationship status but I can assure you that unlike yourself I take my work very seriously and I haven't been claiming benefit all my life like your dear self. Have you tried the job center recently? I hear they want toilet cleaners perhaps you should try because I think that you would have the perfect credentials."

Please note there is nothing wrong with being a toilet cleaner in fact it is a job that needs to be done! However in the context of an abusive call it comes across beautifully.

Of course there are more than 5 ways that an abusive phone sex caller likes to portray his unsuspecting chat line operator target! The main way to combat any sort of abuse is either to cleverly use wit or to be just as abusive. I like to use wit because let's face it most abusive people cannot string a sentence together let alone understand wit and this leaves them in a state of confusion which prompts them to either end the call or extend the call!

Which ever type of caller you receive always make sure that the caller never sees your emotions. If he calls you a dirty slag and you start breaking down then his goal have been achieved. Always have the upper hand, lead the call and disregard what you sound like.

I am a big believer in always treating every caller with respect but of course there are some exceptions and these guys are the exception! I will say however that abusive sex line callers are quite infrequent and in any line of work you are going to experience some sort of behavior towards you that you will not favour or enjoy. The best way to deal with anyone disrespecting you is to shrug them off and forget about them because let's face it they must have something wrong with them to muster so much hatred energy just to be abusive! I'd rather make myself a cup of tea and start on a good book!

This post is not supposed to put you off becoming a Chat Line operator instead it is to show you that real life can happen on these types of services and that the best way to overcome them is really just to forget them and move on!

P.S. I would always try to squeeze every minute out of an abusive caller. His time is your revenue so try to get as many minutes on the phone as possible!

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