Wednesday 31 August 2016

Tarot & Psychic Jobs within the UK - what to look for?

Do you have a spiritual ability? Do you like helping people and offering them moral support? If so, you may be interested in becoming a Tarot, Psychic, Medium or Angel card reader for LiveLines UK. We are a friendly team of readers from all over the UK that read for people from all over the world, specifically the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. 

Tarot & Psychic Jobs within the UK, working from home can be scarce to find. You definitely need the following when applying for any reading job, even if you go into a call center to take calls. 

1. Ethical Company
The company you chose must be ethically minded. They must have certain regulations in place that protect both the caller and you, the reader. They must also be registered with Phone Pay Plus and have a good standing record within the industry. 

2. Enough Psychic & Tarot calls
Without calls, even if you are paid £1 per minute, you would not earn any money! This revenue making stream only works if you have enough calls to answer. With that said our operators are waiting 2-3 minutes between calls and this can reduce during very busy periods. 

Tarot & Psychic Jobs in the UK

3. Telephone Training 
All readers should be trained before they start taking calls and I am not referring to spiritual training but training on regulations and how the service works. Without knowing the basics, how can you take good calls! 

4. Payments on time
When you have worked your socks off, you want to know that payment will be made correctly and on time. LiveLines UK pays their readers every 2 weeks on a Friday either via BACS or Cheque. 

5. On-Line presence 
As with everything in this modern era, an on-line presence is essential. All of our readers have their own on-line profile (you do not need to send a photo) and the ability to let their callers write reviews. This is quite essential as an on-line profile really does generate lots of calls and repeat custom. 

Tarot and Psychic Jobs within the UK can be really rewarding. You will be assisting people from all over the world on so many varied issues. Our main aim with every single caller is to make them feel better, not to sugar coat but to provide them with support and guidance that may just help them in their time of need. 

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity to earn whilst helping people, please apply here using our handy on line application form; Psychic & Tarot Jobs - LiveLines UK or alternatively you can call our office team on 01604824290 (Monday - Friday 9am-5pm)

Before applying for our Tarot and Psychic readings jobs, you will need to have a spiritual ability. For example you may know how to read the tarot or angel cards. You may have a psychic or intuitive ability or you may even have medium skills. What ever skills you have whether professional or amateur, as long as they are genuine and your desire to help people is consistent, then we want to hear from you! 

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Chat Line Operator Jobs - Being nervous

Being nervous is part of the parcel when taking on a chat line operator job. In fact if you were not nervous or apprehensive then you may need to get in touch with your emotional side a bit more! When I first started taking phone sex operator calls, my hands used to literally shake with nerves however my impending gas and electric bill would not go away and my daughter always wanted the most up to date toy available. So keeping up with the Jones's was my goal and the only way my bills were getting paid was by finding a reliable job. When I found my chat line operator job, I was ecstatic, my money worries disappeared over night and I found that I had a new mission in life. With all this said my nerves were in two, I did not have a clue if I could actually do this and I was also worried about what other people would think. Well I would like to happily report to you that I never let a soul know about my phone sex job because well it was none of their darn business and yes my daughter now enjoys the most up to date toys (one spoilt little lady!)

When taking on a chat line operator job you may want to sit down and give yourself a good talking to. No one knows if they can take sex calls until they actually take their first few calls and even then your first few calls really are your worst! Sitting down and considering your options is always good when starting a new venture and this is no different.

Things to think about when becoming a phone sex operator:

1. Can you handle the adult chat?
Yes girls, you will be speaking dirty on the phone, it is part of the job. If you do not think that you could handle this then becoming a chat line operator would not be for you! With our company, LiveLines UK - all content of every call can only contain legal content. We do not allow illegal subjects to be spoken about on our service.

2. Can you dedicate the time?
Unless you are exceptionally lucky, most money earning ventures involves you putting in time. Phone sex operator jobs are no different and you need to realistically put in at least 20 hours worth of log on time per week. So you need to asses your week and ensure that you can fit in those log on hours!

3. Nervous disposition
We are all nervous when we first start taking calls. However if the thought of continually speaking on the phone freaks you out, then maybe chat line operator jobs will not be for you. You can however get over your nerves with good support and training from your chosen company.

4. Will your family support you?
Of course you do not have to tell a soul however your nearest and dearest will probably find out a long the way. Do you always want to be on edge in case your other half finds out? We always suggest that you speak this through with your partner just so everyone knows where they are.

5. This is a realistic revenue making opportunity!
If you think that becoming a phone sex operator will make you a millionaire over night then you would be sorely incorrect! Yes, chat line work does provide nice and healthy revenues however it will not make you mega bucks whereby you can buy a yacht! Be realistic with your ambitions!

6. Self Confidence
Like point 3, you do need a slither of self confidence to become a phone sex operator. If you do not believe in yourself (however small!) your calls will not be as great as they could be. Weirdly enough once you get started your self confidence naturally increases, you just need that small amount to start you off.

The most important thing to remember is that most callers are just as nervous as you.They are calling a sex line which is seen as a bit naughty within itself. You need to be there to entertain the caller, make him feel welcome and relax his nerves, so there is definitely a lot of psychology in play here. Most new operators that I train are very nervous and I always say that I could give them a thousand tips however nothing would be like actually taking your first few calls. Experience rids the nervousness regarding phone sex operator jobs and you too could easily put your voice talents to very good use and start earning money today within this very lucrative industry.

To apply to become a Chat Line Operator please visit 

Tuesday 23 August 2016

Phone Sex Operator Jobs - You choose how much you Earn!

Phone Sex Operator Jobs - You choose how much you Earn!

If you are anything like me, I'm busy. Every day I've got tons of "jobs" to complete and that is why when I found out about phone sex operator jobs, I jumped for joy. Working from home allowed me to have that flexibility that most 9-5 jobs would not allow me to have. I could still attend my child's school assembly and then log back on when I returned home! Of course with every working from home job you do need to be self disciplined, if not you run the risk of basically not doing any work!

Phone Sex Operator Jobs from home allow you decide how much you earn. With LiveLines UK you can log on whenever you want 24 hours a day, times that suit you and work around your family. The flexibility that this gives you is literally endless. Many operators take calls when the kids have gone to sleep, when they are at school and of course when they are out with their friends. What kind of job gives you that type of freedom?!

When I first started logging on I found that I kept my own personal goals. When I beat these goals, I would set myself new ones and at all times these new goals improved my revenue amounts and weirdly enough, my self confidence. I now had the chance to work from home, earn money and at my own leisure. It really did feel liberating and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.

 Chat Line Operator Jobs UK

With phone sex operator jobs you really do choose how much money that you earn. If you only log on for 10 hours a week, then your earnings will probably not be as substantial as you would like them to be. However if you really pushed yourself hard and did 20-30 hours of log on time per week, your revenues will be very healthy indeed. Of course you need to be with a good phone sex company that has lots of traffic because without good traffic levels you could be sitting on line for hours without a call! This is where we are slightly different, every day our office staff work hard with new concepts, new websites, new adverts and fresh broadcasting, all in the effort to drive more traffic to our operators.

If you are looking for a good way to earn money from home and you do not mind talking about legal adult subjects then phone sex operator jobs from home may just be for you. If you want the freedom to take a holiday whenever you like, to log on whenever you like and to set your own personal goals then I would always advise of finding a way of working from home at your own pace. Of course nothing in life to too easy, otherwise we would all be doing it! Phone Sex does take a lot of imagination and you need to have a relatively good telephone manner. You also need to be self disciplined and make yourself log on, sometimes even when you do not feel like it! However with all that said, if you are genuinely looking to earn extra money, you can right here with us. We offer training, support and we have just introduced our new rewards system for all operators that log on at designated times. LiveLines UK has a genuine passion to see their operators thrive and with the correct environment and with healthy call volumes, you can do just that and liberate yourself from the tiresome 9-5 or even become a phone sex operator part time to top up your normal earnings.

As always to apply, it is easy and quick. Here is the link:

If you would like to speak to us in person before you sign up, please telephone 01604824290 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Phone Sex Operator Companies - The Hard Truth

Phone Sex Operator Companies normally have bad reputations and yes there are some very rogue ones out there but on the whole if a company has been established for quite a few years the chances are that they are paying their chat line operators on time and that the calls are there for operators to answer. Every now and again we check the reviews of all phone sex operator companies and we see the same unfortunate rhetoric time and time again and that is includes ourselves too.

The phone sex industry is cut throat, you receive profit on a pence per minute basis and therefore there is no room for errors and mistakes. Also a lot of quality control is relinquished as operators take calls from home and therefore the company cannot continually monitor quality and or easily catch up with the mistakes that are happening and everyone makes a mistake now and again! The hard truth is that not everyone is perfect and that includes the phone sex operator companies and the operators themselves. It is a very unique job and ultimately with this uniqueness there are bound to be pit falls along the way.

Sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side and ultimately as long as you are receiving the following from your phone sex company then you may just be in luck and excel at this great opportunity of working from home;

1. Payment on time - every time! Payment security is a must. If you've just put in 30 hours a week of log on time then you want to know that you will be paid on time.

2. Enough calls (traffic) - It doesn't matter how much you are being paid per minute, without enough calls, you will not earn enough money. So ask your company how long on average the wait times are in-between calls for their operators.

3. Accurate Statistics - Most sex line companies offer their operators "real time" statistics which shows the operator their log on hours and call stats. This for me is integral to the job because when I see my call times it really does push me to go that extra mile and break my previous goals. Also it ensures the operator that their calls are being calculated correctly.

4. Established Company - It is very hard for new companies to establish themselves in this quite saturated market, a lot do not make it. Therefore I personally would only go with an established company that had X amount of years trading history.

5. Contactable Staff - There is nothing worse that being with a phone sex operator company that you cannot get hold of! You may have a pay question, a call question or you may want to discuss your log on hours. It is too frustrating if you can never get hold of the people within the office.

6. Flexibility - In life we all have up's and down's and sometimes companies can get overwhelmed with the amount of issues that operators are experiencing. However it takes a professional company to allow flexibility and show empathy towards issues that operators may be facing.

7. Contract - Every phone sex company should really have a contract with each one of their operators as this sets out the terms of taking calls with their company. We, ourselves have clauses within our contract as this is a way that protects the quality we expect from each operator whilst they are taking calls for our company. We make it clear so that there are no surprises when an operator starts taking calls.

When seeking a job with a phone sex operator company it is imperative that you take the above points into account. Every single company has one or two disgruntled ex operators that will post bad reviews however there is always two sides to every story and more often than not the company does not get their articulated say in the matter. In any case as long as the phone sex company you chose is giving you the above basics when you join them, then your venture into this industry will be as peaceful and as lucrative as it can be!

As always we are recruiting as our traffic levels on the chat line service are increasing. To read more about being a phone sex operator with LiveLines UK then please do visit: