Tuesday 30 August 2016

Chat Line Operator Jobs - Being nervous

Being nervous is part of the parcel when taking on a chat line operator job. In fact if you were not nervous or apprehensive then you may need to get in touch with your emotional side a bit more! When I first started taking phone sex operator calls, my hands used to literally shake with nerves however my impending gas and electric bill would not go away and my daughter always wanted the most up to date toy available. So keeping up with the Jones's was my goal and the only way my bills were getting paid was by finding a reliable job. When I found my chat line operator job, I was ecstatic, my money worries disappeared over night and I found that I had a new mission in life. With all this said my nerves were in two, I did not have a clue if I could actually do this and I was also worried about what other people would think. Well I would like to happily report to you that I never let a soul know about my phone sex job because well it was none of their darn business and yes my daughter now enjoys the most up to date toys (one spoilt little lady!)

When taking on a chat line operator job you may want to sit down and give yourself a good talking to. No one knows if they can take sex calls until they actually take their first few calls and even then your first few calls really are your worst! Sitting down and considering your options is always good when starting a new venture and this is no different.

Things to think about when becoming a phone sex operator:

1. Can you handle the adult chat?
Yes girls, you will be speaking dirty on the phone, it is part of the job. If you do not think that you could handle this then becoming a chat line operator would not be for you! With our company, LiveLines UK - all content of every call can only contain legal content. We do not allow illegal subjects to be spoken about on our service.

2. Can you dedicate the time?
Unless you are exceptionally lucky, most money earning ventures involves you putting in time. Phone sex operator jobs are no different and you need to realistically put in at least 20 hours worth of log on time per week. So you need to asses your week and ensure that you can fit in those log on hours!

3. Nervous disposition
We are all nervous when we first start taking calls. However if the thought of continually speaking on the phone freaks you out, then maybe chat line operator jobs will not be for you. You can however get over your nerves with good support and training from your chosen company.

4. Will your family support you?
Of course you do not have to tell a soul however your nearest and dearest will probably find out a long the way. Do you always want to be on edge in case your other half finds out? We always suggest that you speak this through with your partner just so everyone knows where they are.

5. This is a realistic revenue making opportunity!
If you think that becoming a phone sex operator will make you a millionaire over night then you would be sorely incorrect! Yes, chat line work does provide nice and healthy revenues however it will not make you mega bucks whereby you can buy a yacht! Be realistic with your ambitions!

6. Self Confidence
Like point 3, you do need a slither of self confidence to become a phone sex operator. If you do not believe in yourself (however small!) your calls will not be as great as they could be. Weirdly enough once you get started your self confidence naturally increases, you just need that small amount to start you off.

The most important thing to remember is that most callers are just as nervous as you.They are calling a sex line which is seen as a bit naughty within itself. You need to be there to entertain the caller, make him feel welcome and relax his nerves, so there is definitely a lot of psychology in play here. Most new operators that I train are very nervous and I always say that I could give them a thousand tips however nothing would be like actually taking your first few calls. Experience rids the nervousness regarding phone sex operator jobs and you too could easily put your voice talents to very good use and start earning money today within this very lucrative industry.

To apply to become a Chat Line Operator please visit www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply 

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