Wednesday 21 June 2017

Phone Sex Jobs - Help!

When I first started looking for phone sex jobs from home, I was utterly confused at how the industry worked and what I should actually look for within a company. Not only was I scared of what the callers would actually say but I certainly did not want to be ripped off and not paid for the hard work that I had put in - this in fact was my biggest fear. After I did my intensive and sometimes very boring research, I found that LiveLines appealed to me in a big way. Firstly, when I called the office, they actually picked up the phone and secondly, their friendly nature and experience of taking calls put me at ease straight away. Obviously, you can say that now I am very biased! However at the time I was not and I just desperately needed to earn money, just to pay for the basics of life.

I always love to point out to new operators what they should definitely look for when it comes to applying for a phone sex operator job within the UK. There are some crucial basics that every PSO operator should know before they start taking calls for a phone sex company and I have listed them below. Make sure that your work is safe, there is nothing more upsetting and deflating than working exceptionally hard and not receiving payment for all of the calls you took.

Make sure the Company is reputable:
I'm not saying that every NEW company is dubious but to work for an established company can give you that level of security that a new company cannot. You can always check out the longevity of a company by looking them up on the Companies House website. A company with a long trading history shows that the directors in charge ensure that their duties are always carried out and this normally equates to their clients and operators being paid correctly and on time.

Do your research
There are quite a few phone sex companies within the UK, each have their own unique working way when it comes to their Operators. Dissatisfied Operators normally voice their opinions and if a company has too many of these "opinions." It could mean that there is trouble brewing in the background. However with that said, every single company has an Operator or Operators that are unhappy with the job and they can translate this into a problem with the company. So although reviews are great, I would approach with caution and an open mind.

Does the Company have clear terms?
We always ensure that there are clear terms laid out for every Operator that applies with us. With regards to terms, we mean what is expected of you as an Operator, the pay details and the working hours. Also, it is good to note the companies regulations when it comes to taking calls. Without clear, written terms and lots of information about your phone sex operator job, how will you know what you are letting yourself in for? It is also good business practice to always give your operators clear terms because then everyone knows where they stand and pay rates cannot be confused. It is always really important to know the rates of pay, these should be available to you before you apply for the job.

Is the Company busy?
Normally you can get a good feel of this by doing your research. Operators will gladly tell you if a line is busy or not. If the line is not busy then your earning potential will be greatly affected. I am glad to report that here at LiveLines, we are exceptionally busy and we continue to show growth which is somewhere that we definitely want to be. The people that work in the office are always excited when we hit a new record in terms of calls and minutes and this is often celebrated as it is very hard work to continually grow your business.

Can you speak to members of the team?
There is nothing worse than calling a company and you cannot speak to anyone. It is scary enough to apply for a sex chat job, but when you cannot speak to a real human that anxiety can intensify. Our offices are open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and we do have a 24 hour Supervisors line that Operators can use. It is so important for us to keep in contact with our Operators so that they can voice any concerns to us or ask any important questions.

Does the company offer you training?
Every job requires some sort of training even if it is very brief. Our training is automated and done over the telephone. It covers everything that an operator needs to know from the regulations to how you log on and off the service. I would be very surprised if a company did not offer an operator training before they log on for the first time.

Does the company hold a licence?
All Premium Rate providers needs to hold a licence or be registered with the Phone Paid Services authority in order to operator premium rate services within the UK. If an company does not hold a licence it is a massive red flag and I would not take any calls for this type of company. Although the licence is not a guarantee for you the operator, it does show that the company you work for is compliant and in line with the regulations.

When working from home and not coming to a place of work, it can always be a gamble at choosing the right company to work for. We are very passionate with our business and we have been here for over 20 years providing a good service to both our callers and operators. If you would like to apply for a adult chat line job please visit

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Phone Sex Operator Jobs - Key Qualities you need

Phone Sex Operator Jobs are easy jobs from home, allowing you to earn money in a flexible way. However, there are still some qualities and skills that you need in order to to be a successful Chat Line Operator. As with any job, your skills count. If you work in a vet's practice and you can't stand animals - it is not going to be a career match made in heaven! The same applies with PSO work. If you can't stand picking up the phone or if you don't think that your telephone voice is very good, then maybe phone sex is not the best choice for you. Although this is an easy way to make money, it does take commitment, focus and the ability to switch character when it's required. Most ladies become very successful adult chat line operators with very little effort, however it is always good to take into account some very basic skill sets or qualities that you do need when taking on this type of job.

Great Telephone Manner!
If the thought of putting on a polite telephone voice, makes you cringe then PSO work is not for you because this type of work is all about making the right impression on the phone. The caller only knows the sounds of your voice, so it better be upbeat and bubbly! You need to be able to communicate in a smooth way, whilst also have the ability to listen and to give your opinion when required. Nothing is worse than speaking to someone on the phone who has a terrible phone manner and that is true in any industry.

Fun and kind personality
If you sound like a sour puss on the phone, then do not expect long calls! Callers are paying to speak to ladies with a bit of something about them. If they want moody, they will speak to their long suffering wives. Phone Sex work is all about entertaining callers on the phone and this is exactly what we do with our bubbly personalities and kind characters. A bit of kindness always goes a long way and there is definitely no exception here. So be kind, fun and have a laugh on the phone!

Phone Sex Operator Job - Key Qualities

Good time management
Yes, you can log on when you want to but if you do not set yourself personal shift times you will never get into the habit of logging on when you need to. Logging on here and there, will not enable your repeat callers to be able to get back through to you with ease. If you set yourself, personal shift times, you will know exactly when you need to log on and your repeat callers will also know when you will be logged on as well. Time management is an essential skill when taking on this type of job.

Great Imagination
Your imagination really needs to be in tune when you take on an adult chat line job. You need to think of different scenarios that your callers will like, write them down so that you do not forget! Every time I log on, I have a different story planned. So for example, today I had skived a day off work because I was feeling so horny and I just had to speak to guys on the phone and later on I will be getting a Pizza and some wine because I just felt like I needed to treat myself. A great imagination is key to quality calls and good hold times.

Stamina and Drive!
Sometimes taking call after call can really make you tired and you need that stamina to carry on so that you can try to make the most out of every call. You need that drive to push yourself and ensure that you complete your personal log on times so that you can make the most money possible. You need to push yourself because it is easy with work at home jobs to be slack and not do as much work as you should do.

Works great in a team
Although you are working from home, you are still part of a team. Without our team of dedicated operators, the service would not function. So when you take good calls it really does have a positive effect for the whole team. When our hold times are good and our missed call % down, we are sent more calls. So when everyone pulls together, the service really is working at it's best. Considering yourself part of the wider team is essential for adult chat line operator work.

Starting your PSO Job, can be very nerving! You don't know what to expect and of course this is not your every day sort of job. As long as you are happy, interesting and you put lots of effort into your calls, they will be fine. The callers are just as nervous as you are so although you can get nervous before you take your first calls, most ladies do really well!

Having a phone sex operator job, can be fun, rewarding and a great way to earn money. The above key qualities will really compliment your time whilst taking calls and will ensure that you make as much money as you possibly can. Our live chat service is exceptionally busy and Operators are receiving calls every 1-2 minutes. If you are interested in joining a friendly team from home with a quick and easy set up process, please apply for your adult chat line job today using our online sign up process. 

Monday 16 January 2017

Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs - Burnout

As with any job, there comes a time when you think ... I just cannot go on! Unless you work with your favourite animal or you are doing your dream job (like reviewing 5 star hotels in the Caribbean), there may be times when doing your "job" can get very tiring. With Adult Chat Line operator jobs you really have to pace yourself, if you don't then you will burn out within a few weeks! When you burn out, your call quality declines quite dramatically. Your callers can tell that you are tired of saying the same thing over and over again and that your connection with them is not as authentic as it should be. This can happen when you take call after call and you do not give yourself a break. You do need to take a break, so that you can replenish your "phone actress" abilities and increase your call minutes.

When you first started my Adult Chat Line Operator job, after settling into my personal shift pattern, I really did push myself beyond my limits and I soon found myself sounding very bored on the calls. It wasn't until a very experienced supervisor told me that I had to slow myself down and the reason why, I then actually took notice and decided to change things slightly. I wanted to do as many hours as possible because I desperately needed the money, but I also wanted my calls to be good so that I made as much money as possible. I decided to hatch another plan, I would keep the same hours but I wouldn't stay on for as long and I would do shorter "stints" of log on hours so that my stamina would be kept in check.

Adult Chat Line Job - Burnout

So, if you are an existing operator or you've just started your Adult Chat Line Operator Job, please take into consideration the following so that you do not experience Burn Out whilst logged on. It really is in your benefit to keep yourself paced so that your calls will be long in duration because it is all about generating minutes on the phone, this is the way to make money!

Burnout is very common with new adult chat line operators, they want to do their best and get in as many hours as possible but it can also be detrimental to their call times. So always take your time and set yourself realistic log on times and patterns that suit you, around your life. It is always easy to get carried away in the first few weeks of logging on and this is great but it is exceptionally hard to keep this up and that is why we always advise to pace yourself so that you do not experience burn out and quit altogether.

Adult Chat Line Jobs are a fantastic way to earn extra money from home. Using your voice to make money can be very lucrative and the good news is that we have lots of calls to ensure that you generate as many talk minutes as you can. Most of the office staff (minus the men!) have been where you are now, taking phone sex calls from home. We know the pitfalls, we know the tricks and we know how to make as much money as possible, Its great to be able to log on line, when you want to, knowing that you can make money when you want to. If you do want to sign up with us today and start your PSO adventure, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the knowledge to make your journey as successful as possible. Apply for your Adult Chat Line Operator jobs here.

Friday 13 January 2017

Automated Training for Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs

Here in the office we've had one amazing brain busting idea! We have set up a new Automated Training line that will ensure that each and every Adult Chat Line Operator will receive a smooth training session at any time they choose. Receiving telephone training before your start your PSO Job is essential. Without decent training, your call duration's can be very short and this will affect the money that you make. Automated telephone training is also excellent for our international operators that sometimes find it hard to book in a time for their training due to the time difference. Of course, we will be in constant contact with all new applicants and we will offer ongoing support and help in any way that we can, however the initial how to training session will be on the phone with my automated voice.

The telephone training is exceptionally easy but a definite necessity. We tell you how you log on and off, how to make your introduction messages and also the regulations as well. This information is crucial and one that every Adult Chat Line Operator should know off by heart. As the telephone training will be automated, you can now replay the training whenever you like. So if you forget something or you want a refresh, you can just dial the training line and get up to date with the information you require. The main benefit from automated telephone training is that you can do it when it suits you. Before we had very limited training sessions in the evening and we know that it is best to get the training completed when the kids are in bed and basically when you have 20 minutes to yourself. The automated line allows you to complete your PSO Job training when you want to.

PSO Jobs

We understand that automated training does not compliment the full sign up process and that is why our friendly recruitment team will still be there to assist you with any queries or questions that you may have. We've got the experience to make your Adult Chat Line Operator Job as pleasant and as profitable as it can be and we do not want any operator to miss out on crucial advice and support.

2017 is going to be one innovative year that will hugely benefit our new and existing operators, we are so excited about the positive changes that will be happening within LiveLines UK. We are always pushing the boundaries so that we can provide the very best Jobs for our operators. Remember, if you have any ideas that you think will help our operators, pleas provide your feedback and email our new help-desk,  .

Is 2017 the year when you will start a brand new venture? Where you can work from home on a flexible basis that suits you? Why not research into our at home jobs that actually provide a decent income that are paid to you every 2 weeks on a Friday. We are heavily recruiting Adult Chat Line Operators, our call volumes are increasing drastically and we need happy, chatty and broadminded ladies that are willing to entertain our callers on the phone. To apply, please visit:

Thursday 5 January 2017

LiveLines - New Help Desk Feature!

Firstly, I hope that you had a fantastic New Year and that 2017 brings you everything that you wish for! I love January because it is like a fresh start, it is time to push aside any negative thoughts and really get down to business. With this in mind, we know that excellent communication with all of our Operators is imperative if we want to continue to build our successful services. Without our dedicated Operators, our services would not run as smoothly as they do now, so we really do thank you for your very hard work!

We have set up a new Help Desk feature which will enable Operators to contact us even when the office is closed. The Help Desk is manned from 6am-11pm seven days a week and you can contact us about anything from wages, shifts, holidays and even feedback! We want to be more proactive and be in contact with our Operators more frequently because we believe that communication can really help, especially when you are working on your own from home.

To contact the Help Desk, please email: 

LiveLines UK - Help Desk & Support

Opening the Support Help Desk is just one of the ways that we are improving communication. Soon you will be able to text into our support team and they will be able to answer any queries that you may have. The Help Desk feature is especially helpful for our international Operators who may find it hard to contact us during normal office hours, due to the different time zones. So, please do start emailing us your queries and we will respond ASAP. Please remember to include your PIN and PASS number with your email. 

What's Next? ........

We have so many exciting projects and services lined up for 2017 which will really benefit all of our Operators. We have a great team of technical geniuses that really do push the boundaries with their technical know how and they have some amazing ideas that will compliment every service that we offer. The new SMS service is in it's last testing phase and will be released within the next week, this service definitely has a different twist to it, which in my eyes makes it an industry first. 

Of course we are still heavily recruiting new Operators for work from home jobs because our traffic levels are incredibly high. Although we did not miss many calls over the Christmas period, we still want to reduce the amount that we did miss because every missed call, is an unhappy caller. We always monitor our Operator levels very carefully because we never want to inundate the services with Operators, so we do have spates of heavy recruitment but generally speaking there is normally a healthy flow of new Operators joining the service. 

Keep posted, for more exciting updates! 

Are you looking for a Work from Home Job?

Currently, we have two positions. Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs and Tarot and Psychic Jobs, working from home with flexible hours to suit you. You will receive full training, support and ongoing help from our recruitment team with great rates of pay, paid every 2 weeks on a Friday. We also accept international Operators with direct connections to USA, Australia and Canada. If you live in another country we can accept you via Skype, if you have a UK landline telephone number on your Skype account. To find our more information about our Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs, please visit 

Wednesday 21 December 2016

LiveLines UK - New Services!

We are always looking at ways to evolve and produce high quality services that our customers love and this is exactly what we have planned for 2017. Our technical and design team have been working really hard to produce some highly innovative services that will benefit both our customers and operators alike. In the last few months we have been really busy, we have changed payment providers which has enabled a smoother check out process for our customers and we have set up new SMS check out receipts for our customers so that they always have their PIN numbers available to use. Our technical guys have also found a solution which allows us to divert our live calls to operators within the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland. This was an incredible technical breakthrough because we now have operators from all over the world taking calls for us and speaking to our global base of customers. On the billing side, we have also introduced Pay For It, for our adult customers. With Pay For It, customers can check out using their smart phone, in a smooth and easy process. This has converted a lot of callers and the repeat custom is very high with this billing method.

In early 2017, we will be launching a new SMS service which will allow our existing customers to answer text messages on our adult service. This is an excellent way of earning extra money in between calls and the expected SMS volumes will be very high. Once this service is established we will then be opening this job to people who are looking for texting jobs only, as well. It really is an amazing service, it works very well and we think that our customers will really enjoy using it. Please stay tuned for further information on this job, we will be releasing further details in the New Year.

LiveLines UK - New Services 2017

We do have other new services that will be launched in March / April time in 2017. These are still being developed and they will offer further opportunities for our existing operators and for new people looking for flexible jobs, working from home. We are so excited that the number of services we offer are growing. It is always great to see a new service, flourish and establish its self and which also allows our operators the ability to earn more money. Our management team are constantly banging their heads together and generating new ideas and concepts. We want to grow and become a technically advanced company, offering a range of interactive and revenue making services that benefits everyone who is involved with LiveLines UK.

Once again we would like to thank our very hardworking and enthusiastic operators for their exceptional work over 2016. We know that working from home can be flexible but also challenging and we hope to provide you with even more support in 2017 with the introduction of more office staff and a bigger dedicated recruitment team. We believe that this will benefit all of our operators who call us with queries or questions that they need to ask.

If you are interested in a tarot or psychic job or an adult chatline operator job, you can still apply. We are training new operators all over the Christmas period which happens to be one of our busiest times of the year! These jobs are flexible with great rates of pay and are paid every 2 weeks on a Friday. If you would like to join our team, please apply here. We will book you in for a convenient time for your telephone training and once this has been completed, you can then log on and take your calls.

If you do have any further questions about the services that we offer, please telephone us using the following numbers.

UK: 01604 824290 AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220 (option 3)USA: 347-943-0209 (option 3)CANADA: 647-313-3077 (option 3)FRANCE: 0444 88 0477 (option 3)

Monday 19 December 2016

Why do people call Psychic Lines?

Why do people call Psychic lines? It is a very good question because answering this question gives you the potential to improve your readings and really give every customer an exceptional experience, every time they call. I've often pondered this question myself and over the years I have come to some probable conclusions. So lets dive in and see exactly why I think our customers call psychic lines and why they call back so frequently. Some of the reasons will shock you and some will be the standard, "Ah, yes I thought so."

Every time I look at our live screen and see call after call, knowing that every caller is really receiving a most honest, welcoming and truly personal psychic or tarot reading, it really makes me feel very good. With that said, I always believe that there is room for improvement in every situation and if you do have a psychic tarot job with us now, you can always improve your readings, even after years worth of experience. Having a spiritual gift is one amazing benefit however in order to put that gift to real use, you need to know how to connect to people, how to make them feel at ease and also to give them realistic hope and insight into their current situations.

Why do people call psychic lines?

They are spiritually in tune 
Many psychics and tarot readers cannot read very accurately for themselves. It takes one exceptional reader to read for an another experienced psychic and many of our readers do that on a daily basis. Some of our customers are also well researched about the spiritual side of life and their treat is to fully immerse themselves into a psychic reading with a dedicated and reliable psychic or tarot reader.

Love Issues
I would say by far that this is the most common reason why people call psychic services. Facing a relationship problem especially if the relationship is somewhat toxic, can be really frustrating and a psychic or tarot card reading can really alleviate some of those anxieties that can be created when dealing with a love issue. So many people stay in controlling or "bad" relationships and they sometimes need a friendly person to speak to who can give them some non judgmental guidance. Lots of callers dial our service because they are experiencing confusing love problems, controlling partners, partners that are not faithful or even issues with their ex partners.

Why do people call Psychic Lines?

Social Avoidance
Yes it is true that most people nowadays come home from work, lock the door and do not speak to another soul, unless they live with them. When our social skills break down, we find it harder to explain our feelings and fears and without a way of releasing these pent up emotions we normally end up very depressed. However, if the caller can explain their feelings, even if it is by phone, to a willing and listening psychic then that can take away some of the burden that they may be carrying. If we lived in a society 100 years ago with the same social interactions, then there would be no demand for psychic lines, however we are now more socially avoidant and there is definitely a demand for psychic services because of this.

This goes without saying. To think of people feeling lonely makes me very upset. In this day and age, no one should feel lonely or be alone. However it is unavoidable and some people will suffer this to some degree. At 4am in the morning when callers from the UK are still calling through, they are normally either very lonely or they are calling because they have something troubling them, like a love issue. Love and relationship problems can make us feel very lonely indeed, especially if there is no one you can confide in and tell them all of your fears about a relationship. This is where our psychics and tarot readers really flourish, because providing a lonely person with a sympathetic listening ear can really help to resolve and anxiety or frustration that they may be facing in their lonely hour.

So many people have heard about psychic and medium services yet they are not quite sure what they are all about. As our service is relatively affordable, they tend to give it a go just to see what it is all about and most of the time they have very positive readings which leads them onto a love journey for psychic services! I know of many first time callers that just wanted to see what all the fuss is about and they really enjoy their experience with our readers. Curiosity callers make up a lot of our late night callers and sometimes they call in with their friend on the phone as well.

There are many, many reasons why people call and speak to our readers. Some people are going through such emotional times that they will do anything to speak to a normal, nice, considerate and spiritually enriched person on the phone. We are really providing a service which helps so many people and that is why it is imperative that when you apply for a psychic or tarot job, that your spiritual skills are very genuine and that your personality gives time for people that are really suffering and need someone to listen to their issues.

If you would like to use your skills and become a reader with us, please use our online application form which can be found here.  We are recruiting, experienced readers with a passion for providing professional and caring readings to people from all over the world. We operate an exceptionally busy service with calls 24 hours a day. For more information, please visit our applications website