Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Phone Sex Operator Jobs - You choose how much you Earn!

Phone Sex Operator Jobs - You choose how much you Earn!

If you are anything like me, I'm busy. Every day I've got tons of "jobs" to complete and that is why when I found out about phone sex operator jobs, I jumped for joy. Working from home allowed me to have that flexibility that most 9-5 jobs would not allow me to have. I could still attend my child's school assembly and then log back on when I returned home! Of course with every working from home job you do need to be self disciplined, if not you run the risk of basically not doing any work!

Phone Sex Operator Jobs from home allow you decide how much you earn. With LiveLines UK you can log on whenever you want 24 hours a day, times that suit you and work around your family. The flexibility that this gives you is literally endless. Many operators take calls when the kids have gone to sleep, when they are at school and of course when they are out with their friends. What kind of job gives you that type of freedom?!

When I first started logging on I found that I kept my own personal goals. When I beat these goals, I would set myself new ones and at all times these new goals improved my revenue amounts and weirdly enough, my self confidence. I now had the chance to work from home, earn money and at my own leisure. It really did feel liberating and I thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.

 Chat Line Operator Jobs UK

With phone sex operator jobs you really do choose how much money that you earn. If you only log on for 10 hours a week, then your earnings will probably not be as substantial as you would like them to be. However if you really pushed yourself hard and did 20-30 hours of log on time per week, your revenues will be very healthy indeed. Of course you need to be with a good phone sex company that has lots of traffic because without good traffic levels you could be sitting on line for hours without a call! This is where we are slightly different, every day our office staff work hard with new concepts, new websites, new adverts and fresh broadcasting, all in the effort to drive more traffic to our operators.

If you are looking for a good way to earn money from home and you do not mind talking about legal adult subjects then phone sex operator jobs from home may just be for you. If you want the freedom to take a holiday whenever you like, to log on whenever you like and to set your own personal goals then I would always advise of finding a way of working from home at your own pace. Of course nothing in life to too easy, otherwise we would all be doing it! Phone Sex does take a lot of imagination and you need to have a relatively good telephone manner. You also need to be self disciplined and make yourself log on, sometimes even when you do not feel like it! However with all that said, if you are genuinely looking to earn extra money, you can right here with us. We offer training, support and we have just introduced our new rewards system for all operators that log on at designated times. LiveLines UK has a genuine passion to see their operators thrive and with the correct environment and with healthy call volumes, you can do just that and liberate yourself from the tiresome 9-5 or even become a phone sex operator part time to top up your normal earnings.

As always to apply, it is easy and quick. Here is the link: www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply

If you would like to speak to us in person before you sign up, please telephone 01604824290 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Domination Phone Sex - For Chat Line Operators

The one question we always receive is, "Can you help me with Domination Sex calls." From a new chat line operators point of view Domination Phone Sex seems to be the most petrifying type of call! I'm here to let you know that Domination calls can be very rewarding and once you get used to them, they can give you really long call duration's.

Lots of men call sex lines to experience a domination call. Normally they have not discussed this fantasy with their girlfriends and wives and calling us is really their only release. With this is mind it is good to know how to properly take these types of calls because they can be really beneficial for you. I have listed below some tips on taking domination phone sex calls, however it is always good to do your own research as well.

What is Domination

Normally, Domination refers to the female controlling the male using emotional, verbal, physical and even financial control. There are varying degrees to this, some men like soft domination whilst others like the full package. Normally the caller will tell you what he likes, if not then please ask him because if you go in too hard then he may just end of the call. Domination phone sex normally involves verbal and emotional control which if done correctly can really yield some good results.

Cum on Command / Cock Control

A big turn on for men calling the domination phone sex line is that they like to be "told" when they can cum. The longer you keep them waiting the more forceful their orgasm is. They like you to control their pleasure and the nature of this is that you are in total control of them. You can explain to him that he will not cum until you are completely satisfied or that they has to do certain "chores" before he can unload.


Verbal Humiliation 

Lots of men like to be verbally humiliated. They like to be called names such as "Sissy Slut" or "Pussy Boy." They also like you to ridicule their small cock or tell them that they are absolutely  ridiculous in bed. They might give you a degrading name to call them or they may just want to hear how pathetic they are generally in life.

Domination Fantasy Role Play 

Some callers like you to role play with them a particular domination fantasy. They may want you to be the Mistress that ties them up in ropes and whips them into submission. They may also like to be verbally abused at the same time. Most callers have very different domination fantasies and your role play should always be based on giving the caller what he wants to fulfill his fantasy. You can of course ask the caller about the role play before you start so you really get a good idea of where the fantasy is heading.

Mistress / Slave

Most domination calls require you to get into Mistress mode. A Mistress is almost a goddess, beautiful, intelligent, sexy and downright strict and domineering. A slave (the caller) wants to serve you in any way that he can. This could include oral sex, toe sucking, financial worship or even just doing your household chores. The main point to remember here is that you, the Mistress is always in control and your slave is literally that, a slave that is worthless to you until he begins to submit and do as he is told.

Incorporating other Fetishes

Some domination phone sex callers like to incorporate other fetishes within their call with you. This could include Mistress role play whereby Water sports is also incorporated. Or maybe the caller has a fetish with dressing up as a female himself whilst serving you. You really do have to be flexible when it comes to these types of callers because the caller may want to venture down many different avenues.

Once you have the hang of domination sex calls, your calls in this area should excel. Notably one of the best types of chat line calls to take due to their length and complex conversational areas, Domination really can provide you with some great revenue making calls. Again we can only write so much so you really do need to do your research. You can read some of the text on our own domination phone sex websites to give you an idea of what the caller sees before he dials.


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Phone Sex Operator Companies - The Hard Truth

Phone Sex Operator Companies normally have bad reputations and yes there are some very rogue ones out there but on the whole if a company has been established for quite a few years the chances are that they are paying their chat line operators on time and that the calls are there for operators to answer. Every now and again we check the reviews of all phone sex operator companies and we see the same unfortunate rhetoric time and time again and that is includes ourselves too.

The phone sex industry is cut throat, you receive profit on a pence per minute basis and therefore there is no room for errors and mistakes. Also a lot of quality control is relinquished as operators take calls from home and therefore the company cannot continually monitor quality and or easily catch up with the mistakes that are happening and everyone makes a mistake now and again! The hard truth is that not everyone is perfect and that includes the phone sex operator companies and the operators themselves. It is a very unique job and ultimately with this uniqueness there are bound to be pit falls along the way.

Sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side and ultimately as long as you are receiving the following from your phone sex company then you may just be in luck and excel at this great opportunity of working from home;

1. Payment on time - every time! Payment security is a must. If you've just put in 30 hours a week of log on time then you want to know that you will be paid on time.

2. Enough calls (traffic) - It doesn't matter how much you are being paid per minute, without enough calls, you will not earn enough money. So ask your company how long on average the wait times are in-between calls for their operators.

3. Accurate Statistics - Most sex line companies offer their operators "real time" statistics which shows the operator their log on hours and call stats. This for me is integral to the job because when I see my call times it really does push me to go that extra mile and break my previous goals. Also it ensures the operator that their calls are being calculated correctly.


4. Established Company - It is very hard for new companies to establish themselves in this quite saturated market, a lot do not make it. Therefore I personally would only go with an established company that had X amount of years trading history.

5. Contactable Staff - There is nothing worse that being with a phone sex operator company that you cannot get hold of! You may have a pay question, a call question or you may want to discuss your log on hours. It is too frustrating if you can never get hold of the people within the office.

6. Flexibility - In life we all have up's and down's and sometimes companies can get overwhelmed with the amount of issues that operators are experiencing. However it takes a professional company to allow flexibility and show empathy towards issues that operators may be facing.

7. Contract - Every phone sex company should really have a contract with each one of their operators as this sets out the terms of taking calls with their company. We, ourselves have clauses within our contract as this is a way that protects the quality we expect from each operator whilst they are taking calls for our company. We make it clear so that there are no surprises when an operator starts taking calls.

When seeking a job with a phone sex operator company it is imperative that you take the above points into account. Every single company has one or two disgruntled ex operators that will post bad reviews however there is always two sides to every story and more often than not the company does not get their articulated say in the matter. In any case as long as the phone sex company you chose is giving you the above basics when you join them, then your venture into this industry will be as peaceful and as lucrative as it can be!

As always we are recruiting as our traffic levels on the chat line service are increasing. To read more about being a phone sex operator with LiveLines UK then please do visit: www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply

Monday, 18 July 2016

Secrets of the Phone Sex Industry?

We recruit new operators every single day and we have to do this for two reasons, firstly because the traffic levels are always increasing and secondly because operators come and go due to personal reasons. These issues require us to advertise consistently for new operators. With new operators we undoubtedly receive the cautious approach when applying to become a Chat Line operator which is often a good approach to take because there are some "rogue" companies out there that can exploit operators.

I am here to answers and dispel some "Secrets of the Phone Sex Industry." Lord knows I've been in it long enough to actually help new operators quell their fears and answer their questions. Of course if you are applying to work with us and you have any more specific questions to ask then please do telephone or email us and we can answer them on a personal level.

Secret 1:
Companies do not make millions every year as everyone thinks:
Back in the good old days where £1.50 per minute was charged for using a service, this may have been half true! However this has totally been over turned by the cheaper rates of 35p per minute in the present day. If you can imagine out of that 35p per minute, operator wages, technical equipment, overheads and network fee's have to be taken into account for. What you are left with is a very low amount per minute to work with. So I can conclude that yes the demand for services are there however the profit margin has decreased somewhat.

Secret 2:
You only make money with Phone Sex if you work hard:
This is definitely true! If you log on for a mere 5 hours a week then you will not fulfill the amount of minutes required in order to make a "decent revenue amount." The calls are there to answer, it really is down to you to log on and make sure that you take the calls.  Hardworking equates to high earning.

Secret 3:
Premium Rate Companies are highly regulated:
Any company that operates Premium Rate Services has to be regulated by the regulator Phone Pay Plus. This regulator ensures that certain standards are met whilst operating and advertising premium rate services. Alongside Phone Pay Plus the ASA takes a proactive interest within this industry and pays close attention to our advertising, ensuring that we are not misleading any callers. With these regulations in place it tends to weed out the "bad guys" or shortens their reign within the industry.

Phone Sex Secrets

Secret 4:
We do not target Vulnerable customers:
There is a misconception surrounding this industry and that is that we prey on vulnerable customers. Firstly that is technically impossible. We only have billing mechanisms that work when the customer makes the decision to use the service. Before any caller uses the service they are informed of all the costs associated with using the service. We advertise on all media streams and our advertising is not targeted at any group that is considered vulnerable.

Secret 5:
Phone Sex services are exceptionally expensive - NOT!!
Our highest price tariff for Premium Rate Phone Sex is 35p per minute which equates to £21 per hour and that is only if the caller chooses to stay on the phone for an hour. All callers have the freedom to choose how long they would like the call to last. We believe that 35p per minute is a very fair and affordable price.

Secret 6:
Phone Sex is not a Seedy way to make money.
We have all different types of ladies working on our service and they come from all walks of life. We have law students, nurses, career women, single mothers, young ladies looking for extra money and of course older ladies who are topping up their pensions. The variety of phone sex operators is huge and this shows you that not everyone thinks of this job as a seedy way to make money. In fact it is a much safer way than some other areas that women venture into.

Secret 7:
It's not all about the Sex Chat.
A lot of callers prefer to build up to the sex chat, they like to form a bond before venturing into hardcore phone sex. The best way to make money from sex chat is to keep the call clean for as long as you can. With this in mind, not every call starts off with the adult chat straight away, in fact a lot of callers just like to talk because they are lonely or bored.

Secret 8:
It's all Confidential.
Your details are kept confidential. Caller do not know your telephone number, address or your real name. All of your personal details are kept completely confidential. When you start taking calls you will use a made up character with a different name to yours.

Secret 9:
YES, we pay on time!
We have been operating phone sex services for nearly 20 years and I can happily let you know that every pay run has been completed on time. When you are looking at companies to work for, ask them about how many years they have been trading to ensure that you are going with a company that can guarantee your revenue payments are made on time.

Secret 10:
You CAN make money becoming a Phone Sex Operator.
Lots of ladies make a nice amount of money whilst taking chat calls. Weekly averages of earning are between £170 - £200. Remember this is a weekly average as some operators earn more because they log on for more hours and some operators earn less because they do not do as many hours. If you think of this as a serious job and put your hours in then your weekly amounts can be quite healthy.

As always we are recruiting new phone sex / chat line operators. We are a busy service, servicing men from all over the UK, Australia and the Caribbean. We absolutely love what we do and we always take great pleasure when a new operator starts with us and takes fabulous calls. To apply with us please visit www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply You will receive full training and support before you start.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Telephone Jobs from Home - Do they earn you money?

Of course Telephone Jobs from Home can cover a whole spectrum of telephone jobs so for the sake of this blog I am referring to Chat Line Operator telephone jobs. When we are recruiting heavily for new operators we are always asked the same question, " Does this job actually make you money?" My answer is always, "Yes, as long as you Log on and take calls!"

With this type of telephone job from home you are paid per minute and not per hour. We would of course love to pay our operators per hour however our billing mechanism does not make it viable. Basically we charge our customers per minute to use the service and therefore we have to pay operators per minute as well. With this in mind the only way to make money from becoming a Chat Line operator is to take the calls and build up your minutes on the phone. With this said there are lots of calls to take, in-fact that is why we are always recruiting because our traffic levels fortunately and thankfully are always increasing!

How do you earn Money with our Telephone Jobs from Home:

We have two fantastic opportunities, the first job requires a knowledge of how to read the tarot cards or you need to have a natural psychic ability. The second job does not require any experience, only the will power to make money using your voice and of course I am referring to becoming a Phone Sex operator. There are many tips I could give you in order to become very successful when making money from home and I've listed just a few below to get you started;

Telephone Jobs from Home

You HAVE to Log On
With this type of job if you do not log on then quite simply you will not earn any money! With both Chat Line operator work and Tarot / Psychic work you are paid on a pence per minute basis so you need to take calls in order to build your "minutes." You should organize your own shifts times so that you get used to logging on at those particular times.

You MUST promote yourself
You need to give your PIN number out to every single caller as there is always a chance that the caller will turn into a repeat caller and they earn you lots of money. Some Chat Line operators only take repeat callers, they are too busy for new callers to get through to them. These operators earn a lot of money.

You MUST see this job as a sales job
You cannot be flippant about this type of job, once committed to it you need to really put in 100% effort. Technically you are selling your voice and therefore you must ensure that you are taking each call in a professional manner and believe that every call has the potential to earn you a lot of money. I treat each call the same my ethos in that, this call will make me money, it will last 5 minutes + and he will call me back again. With this type of determination my calls tend to be a. professional and fun and b. they last quite a long time.

You NEED an interesting Story / Character
As per my earlier posts, you really need to pay attention to your phone sex character. She needs to be interesting, sexy, fun and most of all do something that gives you lots to talk about. Currently my character is studying at university, she is doing her History degree which she is finding immensely interesting. This actually fits in with my real life because I adore History and I research on different eras quite thoroughly so I can actually talk about it with my callers also. Perhaps you have a passion for cooking, sport, horse riding etc.. Make sure you incorporate this within your calls.

You NEED to set yourself Goals
If one week you earn £170, set yourself a goal so that next week you will try to earn £220. If one week you do 20 hours log on time, try to do 23 hours the next week. Setting personal goals for yourself keeps you on your toes and it keeps you focused and on the ball. This job really is self regulating, only you can make it work for you. The calls are there, you just need to put your heart into making the right amount of money for you.

So back to the original question, "Telephone Jobs from Home - do they earn you money?" From an experienced operator I would definitely say YES. However this is always down to the individual operator and how much he/she is willing to put into the job. I believe the majority of our operators all work very hard and we are very proud of the operators that time and time again pull the line and always put in that extra bit of effort, it is outstanding.

If you would like to apply with us, please visit our new application website here. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What are PSO Jobs in the UK?

PSO Jobs in the UK are Phone Sex Operator Jobs. PSO is an American term and one that is catching on quickly here within the UK. Whenever I hear a new operator say, "I'm applying for a PSO Job." I know that they have been reading the American forums! Although our services do differ from the American ones, as operators basically we are doing the same thing - speaking about sex on the phone. 

If you are looking for a PSO Job in the UK, then look no further. LiveLines UK Jobs are always recruiting new and talented phone sex operators to work from the comfort of their own home. Although sex chat is relatively easy to do, there are some phone sex secrets that all new PSO operators should know about.

It won't make you a millionaire but it does make you money:
That's right girls, if you think that you'll be frequently buying from Chanel with your phone sex earnings then unfortunately you will be sorely disappointed. As much as PSO work does provide you with a healthy income, it is a realistic one and one that you have to log on and actually work to make the money.

The calls do contain Sexual Chat:
Some ladies have a misconception that they will only take "clean calls." We do not want to mislead anyone so here goes. Nearly 90% of all calls end up in sexual conversation. This is why the caller is paying a premium to call! You need to be OK with the concept of speaking about sex on the phone before you can apply for a PSO Job in the UK.

PSO Jobs in the UK

Some calls can be boring!
I've had three hour conversations with callers who love to speak about their train spotting hobby and as much as it was clocking up my minutes I was completely bored out of my brain. Not knowing much about trains I had to pretend that this was something I was actually going to get involved with and the caller (s) loved it. Additionally I've spoken about sport, news and council tax for hours +. You need to be prepared for these types of calls.

Abusive Callers - Yes they are out there
My favourite caller is an Abusive Caller, they tend to be slightly unintelligent and it really makes my day to wind them up with highly sarcastic remarks (with these abusive types my customer service skills are highly reserved.) However as a new PSO operator you need to know that they do exist and that you may come across them within your calls. So you can either terminate the call or wind them up and entertain yourself at the same time!

You need to sound FUN!
You are an entertainer on the phone, that is the professional term anyway. Therefore if you sound like you've just got out of bed after a wine filled evening, your professional voice will be sorely lacking. If the caller wanted a boring and attitude filled woman he would phone his ex wife. When he phones a phone sex service he is looking for a different type of female, one this is free, fun, happy, glowing, sexy and above all .... INTERESTING!!

You are selling your voice
Whoever told you that PSO work was a piece of cake, obviously only took 2 calls. When you are on your 20th call and you've had every type of "john" on the phone you need to take a breather and reflect on whether you are still giving your very best service. Your voice is the only aspect that the caller knows about you so make sure that it is in tip top condition.

It's and Excellent way to earn money from home
If you are anything like me when it comes to family life, I know there needs to be a delicate balance between being there for your kids whilst also earning money. PSO Jobs are quite a handy way to earn whilst you are working from home and it fits nicely with the family / work balance. Again it is a realistic job with realistic earning potential and if you join our team, the sign up process if very easy and all you have to do to become a PSO operator is apply here. 

Tarot Reading Jobs UK - Could you do it?

It is quite easy to apply for a Tarot Reading Job in the UK but the main question is - Could you do it? Lots of people start reading the tarot cards from a very young age, either their family member has a reading ability or the person in question has an utter fascination with the cards. Learning to read the tarot cards is quite an easy process however actually having the spiritual ability to interpret their meanings and applying them to a specific question or general reading is something quite unique and special.

Tarot Reading Jobs in the UK - Things to think about:

You NEED a Spiritual Ability.
Without a genuine spiritual ability, you will not be able to conduct professional readings. Hardened tarot and psychic customers are able to "see through" fake readers and not only is this unethical but this will also affect your calls.

You NEED Practice
You need to practice on your family and friends before you conduct professional readings. You're ability needs to be in tip top condition before you start reading for customers. You're readings need to be fluid, compassionate and 100% professional.

You NEED a Compassionate Personality
Without a compassionate personality you will not be able to bond with the callers. Callers do want professional readings however they also want to unload their problems with you and for this you will need to have a compassionate personality in order to empathize with their situations.

Tarot Reading Jobs UK

You NEED Patience
Sometimes callers have so many issues that they want to tell you that you have to be really patient and listen to the callers before you can even start the reading. Without Patience, you will become very frustrated with the callers.

You NEED a good deck of cards
Many of our Tarot Card readers use the same deck of cards that they originally started with when they were practicing on friends and family. They feel a very strong connection with these cards. A lot of our readers use the Ryder Waite deck as these are easy to use and seem to give great insight during readings.

You NEED Personal Space
When conducting readings you need a calm, quite and relaxed environment. You will not be able to give accurate and professional readings with kids screaming in the background or the TV blaring. Your space needs to be tranquil and relaxed. You could also add incense and candles whilst reading as this provides a very spiritual ambiance.

Tarot Reading Jobs in the UK can be very rewarding, you will normally be reading for people from all walks of life, providing them with insightful readings whilst also listening to any problems that they may be facing. This can be especially rewarding when a customer thanks you for making them feel better or more positive as a lot of customers like to call it. Here at LiveLines UK Jobs we are always recruiting dedicated, spiritual tarot card readers within the UK that can provide professional readings with a compassionate mind. Our tarot and psychic brands reach as far as Canada, Australia, USA and the Caribbean. Working within our friendly team really will put your spiritual abilities to the test whilst also providing you with excellent earning potential. We have Tarot Reading Jobs in the UK, apply here - the process is simple.