Thursday 5 January 2017

LiveLines - New Help Desk Feature!

Firstly, I hope that you had a fantastic New Year and that 2017 brings you everything that you wish for! I love January because it is like a fresh start, it is time to push aside any negative thoughts and really get down to business. With this in mind, we know that excellent communication with all of our Operators is imperative if we want to continue to build our successful services. Without our dedicated Operators, our services would not run as smoothly as they do now, so we really do thank you for your very hard work!

We have set up a new Help Desk feature which will enable Operators to contact us even when the office is closed. The Help Desk is manned from 6am-11pm seven days a week and you can contact us about anything from wages, shifts, holidays and even feedback! We want to be more proactive and be in contact with our Operators more frequently because we believe that communication can really help, especially when you are working on your own from home.

To contact the Help Desk, please email: 

LiveLines UK - Help Desk & Support

Opening the Support Help Desk is just one of the ways that we are improving communication. Soon you will be able to text into our support team and they will be able to answer any queries that you may have. The Help Desk feature is especially helpful for our international Operators who may find it hard to contact us during normal office hours, due to the different time zones. So, please do start emailing us your queries and we will respond ASAP. Please remember to include your PIN and PASS number with your email. 

What's Next? ........

We have so many exciting projects and services lined up for 2017 which will really benefit all of our Operators. We have a great team of technical geniuses that really do push the boundaries with their technical know how and they have some amazing ideas that will compliment every service that we offer. The new SMS service is in it's last testing phase and will be released within the next week, this service definitely has a different twist to it, which in my eyes makes it an industry first. 

Of course we are still heavily recruiting new Operators for work from home jobs because our traffic levels are incredibly high. Although we did not miss many calls over the Christmas period, we still want to reduce the amount that we did miss because every missed call, is an unhappy caller. We always monitor our Operator levels very carefully because we never want to inundate the services with Operators, so we do have spates of heavy recruitment but generally speaking there is normally a healthy flow of new Operators joining the service. 

Keep posted, for more exciting updates! 

Are you looking for a Work from Home Job?

Currently, we have two positions. Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs and Tarot and Psychic Jobs, working from home with flexible hours to suit you. You will receive full training, support and ongoing help from our recruitment team with great rates of pay, paid every 2 weeks on a Friday. We also accept international Operators with direct connections to USA, Australia and Canada. If you live in another country we can accept you via Skype, if you have a UK landline telephone number on your Skype account. To find our more information about our Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs, please visit 

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