Wednesday 21 December 2016

LiveLines UK - New Services!

We are always looking at ways to evolve and produce high quality services that our customers love and this is exactly what we have planned for 2017. Our technical and design team have been working really hard to produce some highly innovative services that will benefit both our customers and operators alike. In the last few months we have been really busy, we have changed payment providers which has enabled a smoother check out process for our customers and we have set up new SMS check out receipts for our customers so that they always have their PIN numbers available to use. Our technical guys have also found a solution which allows us to divert our live calls to operators within the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland. This was an incredible technical breakthrough because we now have operators from all over the world taking calls for us and speaking to our global base of customers. On the billing side, we have also introduced Pay For It, for our adult customers. With Pay For It, customers can check out using their smart phone, in a smooth and easy process. This has converted a lot of callers and the repeat custom is very high with this billing method.

In early 2017, we will be launching a new SMS service which will allow our existing customers to answer text messages on our adult service. This is an excellent way of earning extra money in between calls and the expected SMS volumes will be very high. Once this service is established we will then be opening this job to people who are looking for texting jobs only, as well. It really is an amazing service, it works very well and we think that our customers will really enjoy using it. Please stay tuned for further information on this job, we will be releasing further details in the New Year.

LiveLines UK - New Services 2017

We do have other new services that will be launched in March / April time in 2017. These are still being developed and they will offer further opportunities for our existing operators and for new people looking for flexible jobs, working from home. We are so excited that the number of services we offer are growing. It is always great to see a new service, flourish and establish its self and which also allows our operators the ability to earn more money. Our management team are constantly banging their heads together and generating new ideas and concepts. We want to grow and become a technically advanced company, offering a range of interactive and revenue making services that benefits everyone who is involved with LiveLines UK.

Once again we would like to thank our very hardworking and enthusiastic operators for their exceptional work over 2016. We know that working from home can be flexible but also challenging and we hope to provide you with even more support in 2017 with the introduction of more office staff and a bigger dedicated recruitment team. We believe that this will benefit all of our operators who call us with queries or questions that they need to ask.

If you are interested in a tarot or psychic job or an adult chatline operator job, you can still apply. We are training new operators all over the Christmas period which happens to be one of our busiest times of the year! These jobs are flexible with great rates of pay and are paid every 2 weeks on a Friday. If you would like to join our team, please apply here. We will book you in for a convenient time for your telephone training and once this has been completed, you can then log on and take your calls.

If you do have any further questions about the services that we offer, please telephone us using the following numbers.

UK: 01604 824290 AUSTRALIA: 02 4312 7220 (option 3)USA: 347-943-0209 (option 3)CANADA: 647-313-3077 (option 3)FRANCE: 0444 88 0477 (option 3)

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