Tuesday 13 December 2016

Lonely Callers at Christmas time

OK, so when you take on an adult chat line operator job you do not think about the emotional side of the job. You think about what type of callers you will receive, if you can actually take the calls and of course how much money you can make. Those are the basic questions that ran through my head when I joined. However what we do not think about is all those callers that you speak to that are calling because they are painfully lonely. Every year around Christmas time we receive a massive amount of callers that are very lonely and depressed and when they speak to a lady on the end of the phone that will listen to them and show them compassion, it really does make them feel better.

We are providing a crucial service to customers all over the UK that hugely benefit from speaking to women on the phone. Sometimes just a friendly hello or the ability to listen to their problems can really make a difference. We know that lots of callers use our service over the Christmas period as our calls increase greatly. Even on Christmas Eve, Christmas Night and New Year's Eve, our call volumes are exceptionally high and this is solely down to people calling us because they are lonely, depressed or bored. I am not saying that we are a counselling service, however we do offer a service which allows us to speak to people with dignity, respect and give them something special to think about.

Adult Chat Line Operator Jobs at Christmas

The Christmas period does not always go to plan for everyone! We always think of Christmas as an amazing time spent with lots of friends and family, consuming loads of food and drink! However we have to remember that some people do not always benefit from these enjoyments and they can turn to us in their time of loneliness. So if you are taking calls this Christmas period, firstly we would like to thank you because it is going to be very busy and secondly please keep in mind that not every caller you will speak to wants to dive straight into sex. Some callers will want to talk and they will want a sympathetic ear, someone to listen to them compassionately and give them the respect that they deserve.

We know that taking calls at Christmas can be hard because of family and friends visiting and that is why we have increased the rate for your talk time over the festive period. For more information, please log on and listen to the message on the log on line, which will give you more details are about the festive rates.

If you are interested in becoming an adult chatline operator, we are taking on ladies right up to the 23rd December. Even if you would like to apply after this date, we will contact you to book you in for your telephone training as soon as we can. It is great to work over Christmas because you have such a variety of callers, the rates are higher and it is very busy so we welcome any new ladies that would like a phone sex operator job with us! To apply, please visit www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply

Benefits of an Adult Chatline Job with LiveLines UK
* Paid every 2 weeks on a Friday
* Great rates of Pay
* Very busy services, calls every few minutes
* Real time statistics
* Apply from the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA
* Full training & support
* Quick & easy apply process 

APPLY NOW: www.livelinesukjobs.co.uk/apply

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