Friday 16 December 2016

Being a Tarot & Psychic Reader - Is it Busy Online?

When you become a Tarot and Psychic reader for LiveLines UK you will see how exceptionally busy we really are. We take calls from all over the world, specializing in countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland and of course the UK. Every month our traffic levels increase and we are always innovating and releasing new brands, which our customers really love. We are always asked about our traffic levels and if we are busy by prospective readers and these questions should definitely be asked because without a healthy volume of calls, you will not earn enough money - it doesn't matter what the rate is per minute!

I can honestly say that our Psychic and Tarot service is going from strength to strength. With over 10 years worth of established repeat custom from callers all over the world, we really must be doing something right. We are so passionate about providing our customers with ethical, positive and non judge-mental readings that we continually recruit new and experienced readers to join our friendly team. We know that being a tarot or psychic reader, working from home can be lonely at times, especially when you receive a difficult or hard caller to deal with. We get this and that is why we want to offer support to all of our readers out there that are doing a fantastic job and we are really blown away at your devotion and hardworking ethos.

So in a nutshell, yes when you have a psychic or tarot job with LiveLines UK, you are going to be inundated with calls and quality calls. Callers that want to speak to you personally for an up to date reading, without any rush and they can do this because the rate we charge them is very low in comparison to most other companies. The only way that you can ever earn any money with these types of services is by generating minutes of talk time on the phone and you can only do that with generous amounts of calls.

Tarot Psychic Jobs UK

When you apply for a tarot and psychic job with us you will be surprised at the amount of calls that you actually receive. As I am writing this, our readers are waiting approximately 1-2 minutes between calls which is very good for a Friday afternoon. During the early hours of the morning this wait time decreases even more. When our readers are kept busy, they are happy readers! No one likes logging on and not receiving any calls because ultimately it dampens your morale and your ability to provide high quality readings, which is what all of our callers expect and want.

We are always looking for experienced, compassionate and naturally gifted readers to join our team, here at LiveLines. Not only do we look at this as a service but as a way of providing normal people with a spiritual reading that will really enrich their life. We are totally passionate about our psychic and tarot service and coupled with exciting new ideas and innovating billing methods, we are always growing and improving in every area that we can.

Applying for a psychic and tarot job with us is a easy process, it is straight forward. We need quality readers and you expect lots of calls and to be paid on time and that is exactly what we have to offer. Even though it is nearing the Christmas period, we are working right up to Christmas and our service is open 365 days a year, so why not apply today and put your spiritual abilities to the best test possible? You will be interacting with people from all over the world on a personal 121 basis, offering them comfort and hope in their times of need.

To apply and become a psychic and tarot reader working from home, please click here.  If you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our team in the office, who will do their best to assist you in any way that they can. Let's read for as many people as we can so that everyone has the chance of experiencing the positives of receiving spiritual counsel within their lives. 

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