Friday 19 February 2016

Difficult Tarot and Psychic Callers

Any Tarot and Psychic reader working from home will tell you about their fair share of difficult callers and unfortunately these type of callers come with the job. However as a new phone reader they can be quite off putting and you begin to question your spiritual abilities which can really lower your confidence. I am here to tell you not to let difficult callers affect your spiritual energy. We attract all sorts of callers, most are absolutely lovely and it really is a pleasure to read for them however a small percentage can be really difficult and it is always best to know in advance how to deal with them.

Here are my 5 different types of difficult tarot and psychic callers:

The Angry Caller: It doesn't matter what you say or how you say it, the caller responds in an angry way, sometimes they even start the call in an angry manner and they are just basically mad at the world. You will not a give a successful reading with this type of caller so it is best to perhaps listen to their gripes until they are worn out or if it is zapping your energy you can terminate the call. Angry callers are very rarely angry at you, it’s normally because they are facing huge issues within their life that they cannot cope with. However as readers we deserve to be treated with respect and should expect a calm and non aggressive caller on the end of the phone.

Difficult Psychic and Tarot Callers

The Testing Caller: These types of callers will not even tell you their name and are really there just to test you. Many people do not realize that we cannot guess lottery numbers, their full name etc.. We are given a gift which most people possess but do not tune into. Our gift is of future, past visions and what our spirit guides want to tell us. We can pick up on accurate information but only what the universe wants us to know. We are just a vessel for spiritual messages and insight. Testing callers can be quite hard to deal with however if you explain to them the above they should be able to realize that we are not guessing machines!

Depressed Callers: I speak to many wonderful callers who may be suffering from depression and no I am not a doctor so I do not diagnose! You can tell that life is really getting to them and they are seeking an outlet with us. With most depressed callers we can give hopeful messages and reassure them of the best and they leave us feeling much more positive than before. However there are a few Depressed callers that can really bring our energy levels crashing down. They almost persecute us because of the way they are feeling and although this is their stress release it is not helpful for us as readers. I always explain with this type of caller that I emphasise with what they are experiencing but I cannot help unless they try to relax themselves because spirit will not give me anything with this amount of negative energy.  

Moaning Callers: These types of callers moan about everything! From the cost of the service to the type of reading they are offered. Sometimes you just cannot please everyone and if I have a caller like this on the phone I politely remind them that we are the cheapest service in the UK and that all readers perform their readings differently and if they would like to choose another reader then they are more than welcome to do so. Moaning callers can really bring your spirit down because you feel that you are not doing your best for them, however 9 times out of 10 your reading offered is perfect it is just not what they were expecting!

Didn't like what they were told: These type of callers are fine with the reading except the part when you tell them what spirit is telling you. For example Amy wants to know if John is returning to her even though he is settled with a new family. I definitely will not lie to the caller and if my spirit guides are showing me clear cut visions of no this is not going to happen then I have to let Amy know. Of course I always tell her in a gentle way and inform her that of course she does have her own free will but ultimately I can only tell her what Spirit is telling me. This obviously then makes Amy unhappy because she wants to hear that wedding bells will be ringing very soon and unfortunately I just cannot lie to her. These types of callers can also zap your energy because you have to explain to them and validate why you said what you said, It is the correct and ethical way to let someone know what you can see (as long as it is not too detrimental to their mental well being).

I decided to write this post because I know that Difficult Tarot and Psychic callers are not addressed often enough and although we mostly have amazing callers there are a few that do try to make things quite hard. As long as you are doing your absolute best and treating each caller with respect then as a reader you cannot do any wrong. As spiritual messengers we are only there to tell people what we receive, we do not make things up and we definitely cannot lie and I think that as long as we stick to those 3 basic principles then we are on the road to pleasing as many callers as we can.

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