Thursday 11 February 2016

Psychic and Tarot readings: No Connection Made

If you've ever experienced that heart thundering moment of absolutely no connection within a psychic / tarot reading then you know exactly how it feels to give that awful statement of, "sorry I am not making a connection with you."

This is the pivotal moment when you double question your skills and wonder if you've really got what it takes to do these wonderful readings. Let me inform you now that if any reader tells you that they always make a connection with every caller, then they are simply not telling you the truth. No one human being can translate with every customer / caller that is sent in their direction, it is impossible.

So this little post is to inform all of our amazing psychic, medium and tarot readers not to give themselves a hard time if they get one of those "blank moments." It is impossible to escape and you wouldn't be human if you made a firm connection with every single caller.

Psychic and Tarot Readings, No Connection Made

 Below are my top 5 reasons why we sometimes cannot make a connection:

Bad energy: If the customer is anxious, upset, angry or agitated then this can affect their vibrational energy which in turn can make it quite hard for you to read for them. Sometimes it can be difficult for a customer to minimize their frustrations with the world. To help with this you can ask them to spend a minute or two to really focus on the issue at hand and perhaps some deep breathing may help also to calm their emotionally energy.

Customer in a hurry: Nothing is worse than giving a reading to a customer in a hurry. It really is off putting and although the customer doesn't realize it, it is probably placing an energy block within the reading that is making it hard for you to pick up on his/her issues. If I receive a customer like this I like to explain that good and accurate readings need time and positive energy and of course I do this in a polite and courteous manner.

Reader Focus: If you've had a bad day, the kids were late for school, the council tax is late being paid or you've just had an argument with your better half then you know that your spiritual alignment will be slightly off. Stress can really interrupt our reading and connection abilities and sometimes the best thing to do is not log on, relax for an hour (even meditate) and then go back on line fresh as a daisy. Stressed readers do not make good connections.

Emotionally Cold Customers: Some customers do like to test us, they call me and say, "Hi I would like a reading please." I ask for their name and their response is, "You should know that." Unfortunately I am not God and thus I cannot just tell him/her their name. Being Psychic is about seeing and feeling future and past events. Being a Medium is about connecting to spirit and reading the tarot cards is receiving guidance from the universe through the cards. None of these equate to guessing people's name, the lottery numbers or what they have just had to eat!

Complex Customer Issues: Sometimes a caller can have a really difficult and complex situation that is hard to get to grips with. Within the reading the customer is stating around 10 different names and adding them into the equation and darting from story to story. Sometimes with this type of complex reading you energy is just being used up trying to grasp what the issue actually is. Sometimes the best way to deal with this situation is to just offer psychic advice instead of a full reading.

There are of course other reasons why we cannot make a connection, sometimes we just cannot and there is no further explanation as to why. However my main point is that even if you do get two or three of these types of calls, do not let it affect your confidence within your readings. Politely inform the customer as soon as you can that you cannot make a connection. This way you are being ethical to the caller and to yourself. With this said it is never too late to keep your spiritual abilities finely tuned and if you feel that you are telling lots of customers that there are no connections being made then you should really practice on family and friends before you do this type of work in a professional sense.

If you do have a genuine spiritual ability and would like to join our team of readers, please apply here and we will contact you to arrange a telephone training session. 

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