Friday 30 September 2016

Tarot / Psychic Readers - You are doing a great thing ....

Everyday we receive calls in the office from customers who ask us to pass on their thanks for the amazing reading that they have just received. This really gives us such a sense of pride and all readers out there should understand the immense satisfaction that we bring to so many customers. With your spiritual skills you are bringing joy to so many customers, helping them with issues that they dare not tell anyone else. If you are providing ethical readings, then you should really pat yourself on the back because without your services, a lot of people would suffer in silence and not have an outlet for their problems.

There are of course ethical guidelines that all readers must follow when doing any type of reading, including tarot and psychic telephone readings. I have listed below the top 5 ethical guidelines that will enhance any reading that you perform on the phone.

Always Listen
Listening is a great quality of most readers. However really listening is a skill to be mastered, especially in this society. Most people call psychic lines because no one will really listen to them. So before you read, clear your mind and become receptive to your callers question or issue.

Do not judge
Judging is part of our human nature and we often do it without realizing. However when conducting a psychic or tarot reading we must push that instinct aside and be neutral within our reading. When we cast judgement it can impair the outcome of the reading or even worse, can offend the customer.

 Be Calm and Kind
There is nothing worse than receiving a reading from an uptight reader who is emotionally cold. You may have a great gift but unless it's delivered with compassion and a relaxed nature then you really are not doing the customer justice. Calmness and Kindness is an essential reader trait and should be shown on every reading conducted.

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Give Support
Many customers call psychic lines because their situation has reached an impossible point and they feel that they have no one else to turn to. With customers who feel like this, we must give them emotional support and listen to their problems. Not only does this enhance your reading together but humanly it is the right thing to do. If you feel that your caller needs more support, always recommend that they speak to their doctor or the Samaritans.

Never give False Hope
Giving false hope to customers can have devastating results. It is not ethically correct and does not leave you in good stead as a competent reader. Always truly show the customer what you see, but keep in mind how that information could affect the caller. Always keep in line with the regulations that you have been informed of and try to leave the caller feeling positive without giving false hope.

With all of the above points taken into consideration, please realize that when you give tarot and psychic readings, there is always a human on the end of the phone, intently taking in everything that you are saying and quite often you are providing them with some of the best emotional support that they have received in a long time. So well done, if you are a reader that reads professionally, you are providing so much help to customers that you may not even be aware of how much you are enriching their lives!

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