Tuesday 3 May 2016

What are PSO Jobs in the UK?

PSO Jobs in the UK are Phone Sex Operator Jobs. PSO is an American term and one that is catching on quickly here within the UK. Whenever I hear a new operator say, "I'm applying for a PSO Job." I know that they have been reading the American forums! Although our services do differ from the American ones, as operators basically we are doing the same thing - speaking about sex on the phone. 

If you are looking for a PSO Job in the UK, then look no further. LiveLines UK Jobs are always recruiting new and talented phone sex operators to work from the comfort of their own home. Although sex chat is relatively easy to do, there are some phone sex secrets that all new PSO operators should know about.

It won't make you a millionaire but it does make you money:
That's right girls, if you think that you'll be frequently buying from Chanel with your phone sex earnings then unfortunately you will be sorely disappointed. As much as PSO work does provide you with a healthy income, it is a realistic one and one that you have to log on and actually work to make the money.

The calls do contain Sexual Chat:
Some ladies have a misconception that they will only take "clean calls." We do not want to mislead anyone so here goes. Nearly 90% of all calls end up in sexual conversation. This is why the caller is paying a premium to call! You need to be OK with the concept of speaking about sex on the phone before you can apply for a PSO Job in the UK.

PSO Jobs in the UK

Some calls can be boring!
I've had three hour conversations with callers who love to speak about their train spotting hobby and as much as it was clocking up my minutes I was completely bored out of my brain. Not knowing much about trains I had to pretend that this was something I was actually going to get involved with and the caller (s) loved it. Additionally I've spoken about sport, news and council tax for hours +. You need to be prepared for these types of calls.

Abusive Callers - Yes they are out there
My favourite caller is an Abusive Caller, they tend to be slightly unintelligent and it really makes my day to wind them up with highly sarcastic remarks (with these abusive types my customer service skills are highly reserved.) However as a new PSO operator you need to know that they do exist and that you may come across them within your calls. So you can either terminate the call or wind them up and entertain yourself at the same time!

You need to sound FUN!
You are an entertainer on the phone, that is the professional term anyway. Therefore if you sound like you've just got out of bed after a wine filled evening, your professional voice will be sorely lacking. If the caller wanted a boring and attitude filled woman he would phone his ex wife. When he phones a phone sex service he is looking for a different type of female, one this is free, fun, happy, glowing, sexy and above all .... INTERESTING!!

You are selling your voice
Whoever told you that PSO work was a piece of cake, obviously only took 2 calls. When you are on your 20th call and you've had every type of "john" on the phone you need to take a breather and reflect on whether you are still giving your very best service. Your voice is the only aspect that the caller knows about you so make sure that it is in tip top condition.

It's and Excellent way to earn money from home
If you are anything like me when it comes to family life, I know there needs to be a delicate balance between being there for your kids whilst also earning money. PSO Jobs are quite a handy way to earn whilst you are working from home and it fits nicely with the family / work balance. Again it is a realistic job with realistic earning potential and if you join our team, the sign up process if very easy and all you have to do to become a PSO operator is apply here. 

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