Thursday 5 May 2016

Telephone Jobs from Home - Do they earn you money?

Of course Telephone Jobs from Home can cover a whole spectrum of telephone jobs so for the sake of this blog I am referring to Chat Line Operator telephone jobs. When we are recruiting heavily for new operators we are always asked the same question, " Does this job actually make you money?" My answer is always, "Yes, as long as you Log on and take calls!"

With this type of telephone job from home you are paid per minute and not per hour. We would of course love to pay our operators per hour however our billing mechanism does not make it viable. Basically we charge our customers per minute to use the service and therefore we have to pay operators per minute as well. With this in mind the only way to make money from becoming a Chat Line operator is to take the calls and build up your minutes on the phone. With this said there are lots of calls to take, in-fact that is why we are always recruiting because our traffic levels fortunately and thankfully are always increasing!

How do you earn Money with our Telephone Jobs from Home:

We have two fantastic opportunities, the first job requires a knowledge of how to read the tarot cards or you need to have a natural psychic ability. The second job does not require any experience, only the will power to make money using your voice and of course I am referring to becoming a Phone Sex operator. There are many tips I could give you in order to become very successful when making money from home and I've listed just a few below to get you started;

Telephone Jobs from Home

You HAVE to Log On
With this type of job if you do not log on then quite simply you will not earn any money! With both Chat Line operator work and Tarot / Psychic work you are paid on a pence per minute basis so you need to take calls in order to build your "minutes." You should organize your own shifts times so that you get used to logging on at those particular times.

You MUST promote yourself
You need to give your PIN number out to every single caller as there is always a chance that the caller will turn into a repeat caller and they earn you lots of money. Some Chat Line operators only take repeat callers, they are too busy for new callers to get through to them. These operators earn a lot of money.

You MUST see this job as a sales job
You cannot be flippant about this type of job, once committed to it you need to really put in 100% effort. Technically you are selling your voice and therefore you must ensure that you are taking each call in a professional manner and believe that every call has the potential to earn you a lot of money. I treat each call the same my ethos in that, this call will make me money, it will last 5 minutes + and he will call me back again. With this type of determination my calls tend to be a. professional and fun and b. they last quite a long time.

You NEED an interesting Story / Character
As per my earlier posts, you really need to pay attention to your phone sex character. She needs to be interesting, sexy, fun and most of all do something that gives you lots to talk about. Currently my character is studying at university, she is doing her History degree which she is finding immensely interesting. This actually fits in with my real life because I adore History and I research on different eras quite thoroughly so I can actually talk about it with my callers also. Perhaps you have a passion for cooking, sport, horse riding etc.. Make sure you incorporate this within your calls.

You NEED to set yourself Goals
If one week you earn £170, set yourself a goal so that next week you will try to earn £220. If one week you do 20 hours log on time, try to do 23 hours the next week. Setting personal goals for yourself keeps you on your toes and it keeps you focused and on the ball. This job really is self regulating, only you can make it work for you. The calls are there, you just need to put your heart into making the right amount of money for you.

So back to the original question, "Telephone Jobs from Home - do they earn you money?" From an experienced operator I would definitely say YES. However this is always down to the individual operator and how much he/she is willing to put into the job. I believe the majority of our operators all work very hard and we are very proud of the operators that time and time again pull the line and always put in that extra bit of effort, it is outstanding.

If you would like to apply with us, please visit our new application website here. 

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